What is a Duct Tape Wallet?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Duct tape is one of the most versatile types of tapes. It is most often black or silver and made of vinyl and other fabrics. The uses for this tape are numerous and there are even contests yearly to find the most innovative creations with the tape. One easy thing to make, well within reach of the skills of most people, is the duct tape wallet, which is durable and may provide an interesting talking point or fashion statement.

As the name suggests, a duct tape wallet if made out of duct tape.
As the name suggests, a duct tape wallet if made out of duct tape.

Essentially, the duct tape wallet is comprised of strips of tape combined in various ways to create a money holder. Wallets may also feature holders for credit cards, driver’s licenses and even change. There are numerous instructions for how to make a duct tape wallet, and these tend only to differ by the amount of extra pockets desired.

The simplest duct tape wallet will be slightly larger than the size of the average paper money of a country. In the US, this would mean the first strips of tape used must be about 8.5 inches by 7 inches (21.59 cm by 17.78 cm). This is accomplished by adding strips together until the size is reached, and usually takes several pieces of tape. Once the desired size is reached, the wallet is folded in half and the sides are taped to create a pocket for money.

Note that usually no exposed adhesive exists in the finished duct tape wallet. Leaving tape exposed would render the wallet useless because pressure from the wallet sitting in a pocket would result in money or other things sticking to the tape. However, some instructions suggest leaving part of the tape exposed and not double taping it when making credit insert sections.

It isn’t always necessary to create a duct tape wallet. If people are short on time or creativity they can purchase them too. Price on these wallets varies and they're usually easiest to find online. Some argue that buying a duct tape wallet is cheating, and misses the point because they aren’t any less expensive than other wallets made of cheap materials. Yet for those who want to the fashion statement without the work, such wallets can usually be purchased for less than $20 US Dollars (USD).

Uses for duct tape keep expanding, and people may find not only a duct tape wallet or two for sale, but may also find duct tape purses. The ingenuity doesn’t stop at money containers, and one fascinating creation is the duct tape prom dress. These may be the perfect accompaniment to the fashionable duct tape handbag.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

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You can *buy* duct tape wallets? News to me! I've never seen one for sale, even at craft fairs where you can buy just about anything! If I had a craft booth, I'd have them for sale, or do little mini-workshops for kids to make one.

I remember a good episode of the Mythbusters, when they pretty much made everything they would need to survive on a desert island out of duct tape. They made shoes, hats, hammocks, shelters and even a big "Help" signal. It was pretty fascinating, seeing what all they could do with the stuff.


I knew a couple of guys in high school who made duct tape wallets. They usually used them when they went hunting, so they wouldn't mess up their good wallets if they dropped them in a creek or in the mud or something.

My friends said they were cheap and if they messed up one, they could just make another one for practically nothing. They carried them a good portion of the time at school, and even made them in shop class, once they showed the shop teacher how to do it. He was thrilled with the idea and had all the students make them as a small, introductory project.

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