What is a Drop Shipper?

Erika Peterson

A drop shipper, which is usually a wholesale supplier but can be a separate business, is an important tool for many small businesses across America. These suppliers and drop shippers stock product in the inventory in warehouses across the country. Their on-site inventory is used by countless small businesses across the map.

A drop shipper will utilize warehouses to stock products.
A drop shipper will utilize warehouses to stock products.

One of the best things about a drop shipping business is the convenience that they offer to the small business owner, the manufacturer and customer. For the small business a drop shipper is an ideal organization to work with for easy product delivery for any type of retail business from large items like furniture to smaller items; such as, jewelry.

A drop shipper is usually a wholesale supplier; however, it can also be simply a business that specializes in drop shipping. This business acts as a storage place for inventory and products. It takes care of shipping and product delivery for numerous small businesses that are usually based on the Internet.

When a drop shipper prepares a product for delivery it includes the information of the appropriate small business on the packaging and receipt. This makes it appear to the customer that the product came directly from the business from which the purchase was made. This takes the inventory responsibility off of the shoulders of the small business and allows many people to run businesses on the Internet without an on-site inventory. In fact, drop shipping is ideal tool for a large amount of home based businesses that sell items on the retail market today.

Here is an example of how the drop shipping process works. First a small business owner lists a product or item in her store and the customer purchases the item in an online transaction. When that transaction is completed the business owner contacts the wholesale supplier or drop shipping facility and relays the information that is associated with the purchase. Finally, the drop shipper takes care of shipping and sends the product to the customer. The right labels and receipts are included, and the customer assumes that the product came directly from the business.

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