What Is a Drawing Room?

Troy Holmes

A drawing room is a private room that is meant for entertainment purposes. These rooms are designed for formal functions or dinners. Historically, this type of room was known as a parlor where elite political functions where held in a home. Some examples included dinner parties and black-tie events.

Drawing rooms are often a good place to enjoy a cup of coffee with one's breakfast.
Drawing rooms are often a good place to enjoy a cup of coffee with one's breakfast.

The drawing room should include appropriate accommodations for guests to gather and socialize. These rooms were a popular feature in the Victorian homes found in the United States during the early 18th century. Today these rooms typically include audio and video entertainment equipment.

The size of a drawing room depends on the home and entertainment needs of the household. Large drawing rooms are typical for estates and huge plantations. The rooms typically include ample lighting and windows, which make them a pleasant place to socialize.

A drawing room is a great place to unwind and relax after a stressful day. It is typically located in an isolated area of a home free from noise and disturbance. This type of room is also good for writing or reading books because it is quiet.

Many drawing rooms include large windows with beautiful panoramic views. This provides majestic scenery for the guest during diner parties. It is important to ensure the room is open enough to allow groups of people to mingle without feeling cluttered.

Drawing rooms are often called morning rooms because they are a great place to enjoy the morning sunrise with a cup of coffee or breakfast. The room should be in an area of the home that is tranquil and elegant. This provides a feeling of oasis within a home.

The furniture motif of a drawing room should be formal and artistic. This is the opportunity for the homeowner to put his personal style into a room. It should include paintings and artwork. The room needs properly spaced seating with end tables that can hold drinks and small plates for social events.

Another term for a drawing room is a withdrawing chamber. It is a place for a guest to enjoy cocktails and conversation within a home. Historically it was termed a withdrawing room because it was a place to have a private conversation that was more isolated from the other parts of the home.

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