What Is a Direct Sales Network?

G. Wiesen

A direct sales network is a group of individuals involved in or interested in direct sales, who work together to help each other and promote various values and techniques. This is typically started by individuals within a certain geographical area, and each network can be isolated or part of a larger national association. Such a network can often be advantageous for members by providing suggestions on direct sales methods, sharing of customer contact information, and growing opportunities. Someone interested in joining a direct sales network should be cautious, however, as some associations may be unscrupulous in nature.

Sales professionals gather to help each other and share values and techniques.
Sales professionals gather to help each other and share values and techniques.

“Direct sales” is a type of sales in which a person sells products directly to other people, often from his or her own home or by going door to door. This is frequently associated with products such as cosmetics, jewelry, and food storage systems or other kitchen appliances. A direct sales network is a group of individuals who are all separately involved in direct sales, who join together for mutual benefit and assistance. While a direct sales network can be made up of people who all sell the same types of goods, it is also possible for such a network to include sellers of many different products.

A direct sales network might be comprised of sellers within a niche industry, such as cosmetics.
A direct sales network might be comprised of sellers within a niche industry, such as cosmetics.

One of the advantages of joining a direct sales network is the assistance that members often provide each other. Becoming involved in direct sales can be difficult for some people, especially those without extensive sales experience. A direct sales network often provides a person with opportunities to meet other individuals involved in direct sales and gain suggestions or advice on selling techniques and potential markets to explore. This sort of assistance might not be as available among competing sellers within a network, which is why many networks are made up of direct sellers who offer different products and do not compete directly with each other.

While joining a direct sales network can be advantageous, care should be taken by anyone considering membership in such a network. Much like any other business venture, there are groups that use these types of networks to take fees from members, without providing much in the way of actual benefits or assistance. Anyone interested in joining a network should do research on that network, to ensure it is a legitimate organization. Someone can also start a direct sales network in his or her area, and starting such a network can be made easier with the assistance of national groups that connect different networks together.

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@Icecream17 - I think that you make a good point and this is probably why some people are hesitant to start a direct selling business initially. I think that there is potential for success, but I it depends on how realistic you are.

For example, I have had friends that loved a particular product line and thought it would be fun to sell the products through a direct sales party and get a little discount as well.

While having a passion is important for the product line the friends of mine that were most successful really worked their direct selling business like a business and not a hobby.

They developed business plans and created marketing strategies that went beyond the direct sales parties. It really depends what your objective is and how hard you are willing to work because the direct selling business does offer opportunities but it is not for everyone.

People that are successful in the network marketing business work really hard to get there.


I think that direct sales companies offer an opportunity for many people to earn some money and get discounts on the products. I always envied people that could make a fulltime income in a direct selling business. A lot of these people developed a large team of people working under them and earned a percentage of their sales in order to earn a full time salary.

It is not easy, but I take my hat off to those that have been successful in the network marketing business. It seems like a fun field but I think I am too shy to get into a direct sales business. I always wonder how people in this business get other people to buy from them besides their immediate family and friends.

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