What is a Desktop Charging Station?

Ken Black

A desktop charging station is a tool that can be used to organize a variety of electronic devices that need charged periodically. Such charging stations are often used for portable music devices, cellular telephones, PDAs and possibly even computers. Several types of desktop charging stations exist, including those that simply organize cords, those that house multiple-outlet power strips, and those that have their own power supply for charging multiple devices.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Many materials may be used to make a desktop charging station, and choosing one is often based on a buyer's preference. A mahogany charging station offers a more traditional look, which would go well with a more classical office setting. A plastic, silicone or metal desktop charging station may be the choice in a more modern office look, and are usually cheaper. No matter what type of material chosen for the station, function is often the top consideration.

The cheapest of the desktop charging station varieties is simply the type that provide space for the electronic devices, and manage the wires. These stations have notches and snap tabs that help keep the wires in place, but have little other features in terms of functionality. Some more elaborate models may even hide the wires underneath a case or box of some sort, though these are a little more expensive because they require more material.

Similar to this base model of desktop charging station is the next step up. Some stations are large enough to hide a power strip underneath the outer casing. Thus, all the wires stay directly inside the station, which helps avoid the wire clutter that would otherwise be present. To house these power strips, the desktop charging station must be a little larger than the basic models. Further, they are usually slightly more expensive, but this depends on the materials used.

The top desktop charging station models have their own power supplies, which can be used to charge a variety of electronic devices. These are the only stations with an onboard electrical component, and therefore may cost a little more than all the others. They also offer the most convenience for the user. Many come with various types of jacks for electronics so that bringing the device's own charger and cord is not necessary.

If buying a desktop charging station that includes its own power, it is important to make sure the electronic devices are compatible with the unit. Most charging stations have documentation that lists the models of electronics compatible with them. If the voltage produced is too much for the electronic device to handle, it could cause permanent damage to the unit.

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