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What is a Department Coordinator?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill

A department coordinator is a person who oversees the work and overall progress of a department within a company. This person may be responsible for a host of activities and projects, depending on which department he works in. He may also direct and advise other members of the department and keep them on track in order to reach company goals.

Any business or industry can have department coordinators. This job description can refer to any person who plans and carries out business objectives including marketing strategy, product launches, and sales goals. He or she coordinates these tasks by setting standards and objectives and mapping out a plan to obtain them.

Oversight of a specific department is carried out by a company's department coordinator.
Oversight of a specific department is carried out by a company's department coordinator.

The department coordinator does a number of primary duties throughout his typical day. He organizes information regarding his department and decides on attainable goals for his team that he'd like to reach within a specific time frame. Directing others, working alongside coordinators and upper management to achieve company-wide objectives, and keeping accurate records are other tasks he may complete on a day-to-day basis. It is also his job to check in with and answer to other department heads and higher-ups within the company to ensure things run smoothly between his department and others.

Most department coordinators have frequent meetings with professionals in other areas of the company to discuss upcoming events and projects. Each sector within a business must work together with all other departments in order to ensure that a common goal is made, and that there are clear and defined steps for each team to work on. Without extreme cooperation between department heads and coordinators, the business would not survive.

Department coordinators must be highly organized and have an extreme attention to detail. They must also be adept at working with others and managing both people and tasks simultaneously. It is also helpful if a department coordinator has an understanding of other sectors within the business that may directly correlate with his own. These can include financial aspects, sales, marketing, or customer relations.

Since department coordinators direct and guide others, leadership skills are also very important. This means that he must be able to motivate others as well as offer disciplinary guidance when necessary. A good department coordinator acknowledges employee strengths and offers steps for improving weaknesses.

Educational requirements for a department coordinator vary from company to company. Many obtain four-year degrees before entering the field, while others may begin working in a lower level office position and be promoted within the company. Any person who wishes to become a department coordinator should take classes in business, management or public relations and then begin networking with professionals in the industry of his choice.

Discussion Comments

I have never been a Department Coordinator, but my husband has acted as a Department Head. He is a school teacher, and the school is broken down by subjects; Math, Science, etc. Each department has a "Department Head", (head of the department) The head takes concerns to the principle and deans, and attends faculty meetings, and administrator meetings. I could be wrong, but it doesn't seem that different than a Department Coordinator that performs in a corporate setting.

A Department Coordinator is basically middle management; a liaison between the company supervisor, owner etc., and the employers. In a sense the Department Coordinator is a go-between. He or she attend corporate meetings and take back information to their department. They also see that the information is implemented.

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    • Oversight of a specific department is carried out by a company's department coordinator.
      By: BlueSkyImages
      Oversight of a specific department is carried out by a company's department coordinator.