What is a Day Bed?

Shannon Kietzman
Shannon Kietzman
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A day bed is a type of bed that resembles a couch. The back of the “couch” also serves as the headboard for the bed. It is different from a futon in that a futon does not have a headboard and is constructed differently. The back portion of the futon is actually the mattress, which is folded to form the shape of a couch. In order to be used as a bed, the futon is unfolded. The mattress of a day bed, on the other hand, does not fold.

In order to convert a day bed to a full size bed, some come equipped with a trundle that fits beneath it when it is set up to look like a couch. If the bed needs to be larger in order for guests to sleep on it, the trundle is pulled out from beneath. Usually, the trundle is on wheels in order to make it easier to pull out from beneath the bed. It can then be popped up in order to be at the same level as the main portion of the day bed. Using a linkspring, the trundle portion can be easily connected to the main portion in order to make a king size bed. Alternatively, the trundle can be left separate in order to create two twin size beds.

Most people consider a day bed to be a more comfortable alternative to a futon, because it uses actual twin size mattresses. However, this bed usually takes up more space than a futon and is a more permanent fixture in a room. Nonetheless, it only takes the space of a standard twin sized bed.

The day bed is used most often by individuals who wish to create a guest bedroom that is also an office or serves some other purpose aside from simply being a bedroom. When the bed is set up in its couch form, it does not take up much space and can be used as a couch in the room. When guests arrive, however, it can easily be converted to a bed to accommodate guests. In general, the day bed is considered to be a more classical approach to serving this need than a sleeper sofa or a futon.

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You know, I was curious about day beds and looked them up and, historically, they are more like chaise lounges than what we call day beds.

Day beds actually have no place in our society anymore. The things they call day beds now are really more like couches with no back cushions. I'm saying you can lie on a couch, you know?


Anon, that is totally true. lol


Shouldn't it be called a night bed because, after all, it is at night it is used as a bed.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing