What Is a Curling Iron Waver?

T. M. Robertson
T. M. Robertson
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A curling iron waver is a type of curling iron that produces waves in the hair instead of curls. These irons are also referred to as weavers and three-barrel curling irons. By placing small sections of hair in between the three barrels of the curling iron waver, a wavy curl is created. The most inexpensive irons have barrels made from aluminum, but these aren't recommended as they can cause damage to the hair. Irons made of high quality materials such as ceramic, tourmaline, Teflon®, or titanium are recommended more because they are gentler and won't cause damage to the hair.

With a regular curling iron, the hair is wrapped around a round barrel and allowed to curl into a spiral. When a curling iron waver is used, the hair is divided into small sections that are then placed between the two upper barrels and the lower barrel. The iron is then squeezed shut, producing a wavy effect. After a few seconds, the hair is released, and the iron is moved down the shaft of the hair to create a wave in the next section. This process is repeated until the desired effect is achieved.

The quality of a curling iron waver is usually determined by the material its barrels are made from. Cheaper versions are typically made of ceramic or aluminum, while the more expensive professional models are generally made of tourmaline, Teflon®, or titanium. Barrels made from aluminum are good conductors of heat, but they can damage the hair because they emit an uncontrolled heat that often dries out the hair and can cause breakage. These irons are the least recommended by hair-care professionals.

It's better to use a curling iron waver with barrels made out of ceramic, tourmaline, Teflon®, or titanium because all of these materials evenly distribute heat, in addition to helping prevent damage to the hair. Ceramic is known for being gentle and minimizing hair dryness and breakage. Teflon® is recommended to people who use a lot of products on their hair because it prevents build-up and allows the hair to easily slide around on the barrels. Tourmaline is a good choice for people who have frizzy hair because it emits negative ions that smooth down untamed hair. Titanium is lightweight and easy to use.

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    • Woman posing
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