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What Is a Curling Hair Dryer?

T. M. Robertson
T. M. Robertson

A great option for getting wavy curls without using a curling iron is to use a curling hair dryer. Several options are available, but they basically boil down to two different styles. One type features a spinning attachment that basically spins small sections of hair into curls. The other type is a dryer with a diffuser attachment that emits diffused heat, which naturally brings out curls in the hair. Spinning dryer styles tend to work well with all the different types of hair, while the diffuser dryer style works well with hair that already has natural waves and body to it.

When preparing to use a curling hair dryer, it's important to always start with clean hair. After the hair is washed, the next step is to add styling product to the hair. Any type of styling product can be used with the curling hair dryer. Examples include mousse, gel, hairspray, wax, and pomade. The styling product will give the curls staying power so they won't end up coming out as the day goes on.

Any type of styling product may be used with a curling hair dryer, including hair wax.
Any type of styling product may be used with a curling hair dryer, including hair wax.

Once the hair is prepared, it should be divided into sections — thicker sections for larger curls and thinner sections for smaller curls. As a general rule, the smaller sections will tend to curl better than the larger ones. Hair clips can be used to keep hair out of the way until it's needed. Now the hair is ready to curl using one of the two different curling hair dryer designs.

The first type of curling hair dryer uses spinning technology to spin the hair into curls. With this dryer, small sections of the hair are inserted through a tunnel on the attachment, where the dryer will then use cyclonic wind action to spin the strands into spiraled curls. This type of curling hair dryer gives the most prominent curls. Another major benefit for this type of dryer is that it works well on any type of hair.

For more gentle and wavy curls, a curling hair dryer with a diffuser attachment is often the way to go. The diffuser attachment is snapped on to the end of the dryer and used to create diffused heat. When diffused heat is used on the hair, it brings out natural curls and waves. This dryer works well with hair types that already have natural body and waves. The downside is that it doesn't tend to work well on really straight and coarse hair types.

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Discussion Comments


Can anyone recommend the best hair dryer that comes with a diffuser?

My hair is naturally wavy, but coloring and styling is leaving it kind of flat. I would really like to bring back some volume to my hair and think that one of those hair dryers that are professional quality would do the trick. The problem is that there are so many brands out there. Price really isn't a big deal to me, as I am willing to invest in something if it lasts a long time and does a good job. My hair will thank me in the long run.


@manykitties2 - I don't have the Remington spin curl hair dryer, but I do have something similar and it works great on fine hair. You will still need styling products though, as fine hair just doesn't hold styles without a lot of help.

I went through all kinds of hair blow dryers and brushes trying to find one that would help my hair, and the curl hair dryer really is a wonder tool if you are in a hurry. Another thing you can consider is getting a really loose perm. I know a lot of people who worry about the damage to their hair, but it is something to consider.


Has anyone used the Remington spin curl hair dryer? How did you find it worked on your hair?

I have pretty straight hair and I usually use a curling brush and hair dryer to get my hair to curl, with a lot of of styling products and effort of course. I really want to figure out a way to make my life easier in the morning and not have to spend a lot of time doing my hair.

What I use right now is a professional hair dryer and one of those really expensive round brushes. It does the trick but like I said, it just takes way too much work.

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    • Any type of styling product may be used with a curling hair dryer, including hair wax.
      By: takasu
      Any type of styling product may be used with a curling hair dryer, including hair wax.