What is a CrêPe Pan?

A Kaminsky
A Kaminsky
Mushrooms are frequently used as crepe fillings.
Mushrooms are frequently used as crepe fillings.

A crêpe pan is a frying pan for cooking crêpes. Crêpes are the French version of very thin pancakes, although most cuisines have a version of this food. The pan often has shallow, sloping sides and may be coated with a non-stick finish so the pancake can be turned and removed from the pan easily. This pan is the most straightforward way to cook crêpes.

One innovative variety of crêpe pan has also come on the market: the upside-down crêpe pan. This variety looks much like a regular pan, except what someone would call the underside is actually the top. The pan is dipped in a shallow pan of batter and then placed on the stove. It helps make a very thin crêpe, which cooks in less than a minute, meaning more pancakes can be cooked in a shorter time.

An electric crêpe pan also does a nice job with this dish. This type of pan has a ready-light indicator that lets the cook know when the pan is hot enough and also when the crêpe is done. One version looks very similar to an upside-down pan.

Crêpes are a versatile food that can be used as a sweet or savory dish, depending on the fillings. Some eat them for breakfast, sprinkled with sugar or spread with jam, while others fill them with chicken and serve with a cream sauce for an elegant main dish. Recipes using crêpes are available online and in most cookbooks.

A standard crêpe pan will typically cost about the same price as any other similar sized piece of cookware. An upside-down pan will typically be more expensive, and an electric pan will often be quite pricey, depending on the manufacturer. They are available almost anywhere kitchen supplies are sold, or online.

Crêpes are versatile and not difficult to make. Any moderately experienced cook should be able to tackle them with success.

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    • Mushrooms are frequently used as crepe fillings.
      By: daffodilred
      Mushrooms are frequently used as crepe fillings.