What Is a Countertop Bracket?

A. Leverkuhn

A countertop bracket is a piece that attaches a lateral countertop to a larger structure. These fasteners are made in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Their general purpose is to make a countertop secure when it is not built on top of an existing stable vertical structure.

Brackets for granite countertops are sometimes welded to support the weight of the granite.
Brackets for granite countertops are sometimes welded to support the weight of the granite.

Manufacturers often make countertop bracket models from steel or heavy metals. These may be painted, or simply machined to various specifications. Many of these designs are single pieces that provide an effective connection between perpendicular surfaces, where countertops emerge from vertical walls at right angles.

Countertop brackets offer support where there aren't base cabinets.
Countertop brackets offer support where there aren't base cabinets.

Homeowners or other buyers have a lot to choose from when they are considering using specific countertop bracket styles to support countertop pieces. While some of these brackets are ornate and meant for decoration, others are meant to be hidden, and are mainly functional. A hidden bracket may consist of a plate with a handy crossbar, where small and efficient planed metal pieces will hold the countertop in place without being seen from above or from the side.

Another major choice related to buying countertop brackets is that some models are angled whole pieces, while others are elegant combinations of thin steel ribbons. Ribbon type brackets will often have a thicker right angle frame, where thinner ribbons of metal wind their way around the interior space provided by this frame. Other bracket designs may feature a “gusset,” or other internal piece, that cuts a specific vector through the angled frame. Some brackets may also be adjustable in order to provide more versatility for complex projects.

Countertop brackets, and adjustable brackets in particular, should come with useful sets of hardware and fasteners. Instructions should be clear and easy to follow. Buyers should look for brackets and hardware sets that fit with the materials that they have chosen for their countertop. Most brackets will be compatible with wood, but some special designs may be needed for other types of countertops. For example, brackets for granite countertops may need to be rated for supporting more weight, and fastening methods may be different. Some brackets are even made to be welded or otherwise attached.

Those who are using countertop bracket pieces to shore up heavy countertops should always read available documentation for safe and effective use. It’s important to understand how these weight-bearing structures will support countertops over time. It’s also important to evaluate whether any sharp edges or other dangerous design elements might be perilous to the occupants of a home or property.

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