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What is a Cordless Speakerphone?

Erika Peterson
Erika Peterson

A cordless speakerphone is an accessory that is used to carry on a telephone conversation without holding the phone to an ear. A speakerphone is designed to be used for short distances in a home, car or office environment. It allows one or more people near the speakerphone to hear and participate in a phone call conversation. A cordless speakerphone is convenient to use during a meeting or while completing another task.

A cordless phone does not need to plug into the wall. It uses wireless technology to power the speakerphone from the base unit. The base unit plugs into the wall. While the first speakerphones were corded, today there are many cordless speakerphone options.

A cordless speakerphone.
A cordless speakerphone.

One of the most widely used cordless speakerphones is integrated into the modern day cellular telephone. This type of speakerphone is loud, and it makes hands-free conversations easy. Many people use a cell phone cordless speakerphone when they are driving or when on hold for a long period of time.

A cell phone cordless speakerphone works with the touch of a button. It uses the phone’s speaker to transmit the call into the air. This type of speakerphone works in the same way as other speakerphones, whether corded or cordless.

While both corded and cordless phones may have a speakerphone option, a cordless speaker phone is a common accessory that is included with a standard cordless phone. A cordless phone can have a simple speakerphone for everyday use or an advanced speakerphone that is built for office use.

A cordless phone and speakerphone unit includes a base unit and additional handsets. The base unit and the handsets both have the ability and use of a speakerphone. Each phone can be placed in a different room or location in an office for individual use.

A cordless phone and cordless speakerphone systems offer digital answering. Digital answering is a private and reliable way to receive messages. Similar to a cellular phone, digital messages are retrieved with a phone call, and the caller is the only person who can hear the message.

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    • A cordless speakerphone.
      A cordless speakerphone.