What is a Cordless Speaker?

Ken Black

A cordless speaker is one that does not use wires to connect is to the rest of the sound system. These types of speakers are very popular with stereo systems that have to cover a broad area, or where wires would be difficult to hide. A cordless speaker can be manufactured for indoor or outdoor use, and some may be suitable for both.

Cordless speakers may be used as part of a home entertainment system.
Cordless speakers may be used as part of a home entertainment system.

In order to work, the cordless speaker needs a transmitter at the point where the signal is being produced, usually a stereo system. This transmitter often uses a radio frequency to transmit to the speaker, which is remotely located. The cordless speaker can then turn those signals into audio sounds, much like a radio would.

To receive the sound, the cordless speaker must first be equipped with a receiver. Sometimes, these are located internally. In other cases, they are small pieces of equipment on a short wire. This is especially true for outdoor wireless systems, where range is more important.

The sound quality of a cordless speaker can generally be as good as good as a speaker using a wire. Each model is different and lower-end models are likely to give a lower quality sound. For that reason, it is good to research and review different models. If possible, it is a great advantage to listen to them before you buy.

Outdoor speakers tend to run slightly more expensive than indoor speakers, but they offer more durability. It is never recommended to use an indoor cordless speaker outdoors. This is clearly marked on the packaging in most cases. Outdoor speakers can look like regular speakers, or may be made to look like other outdoor objects, such as rocks. This offers yet another way to entertain without the unsightly look of cords and speakers.

Cordless speakers should be available most places where high-end audio equipment is sold. It may even be possible to find them at discount stores as well. However, going to a store that specializes in audio is often the best way to find speakers that are of good quality.

Due to the wide range of quality and their use indoors and outdoors, cordless speakers can be find at a wide range of price points. They may be found for as little as $40 US Dollars (USD). Most tend to run between $100 USD and $400 USD. Professional quality models will run much higher. They also usually come packaged in pairs.

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