What Is a Cookie Dough Fundraiser?

G. Wiesen

A cookie dough fundraiser is a process by which a group or organization sells cookie dough to make money. This is typically done with the assistance of a third-party organization that provides the cookie dough, in exchange for a percentage of the profits made through sales. There are a number of different companies that can work with an organization to support a cookie dough fundraiser, often taking various percentages for sales made. Some companies also have variable rates so that the overall percentage of profit made by the ground conducting such fundraising increases with additional sales.

Chocolate chip cookie dough.
Chocolate chip cookie dough.

Many schools and private organizations have started using a cookie dough fundraiser as a means by which they can raise money. This is typically conducted by having members of an organization, or students at a school, approach others with an offer to sell them orders of raw cookie dough. Those who purchase the cookie dough typically receive it after a certain period of time, rather than immediately at the time of sale. The cost of the products sold during a cookie dough fundraiser can vary somewhat, depending on the company that provides the dough and a number of businesses have been established to provide this service to different organizations.

There are also some companies that use direct mailing for home delivery of orders placed during a cookie dough fundraiser. This allows an organization to more easily sell orders to customers, who then receive their cookie dough several weeks after the fundraising campaign is complete. The way in which a company that provides dough for a cookie dough fundraiser makes a profit during this process is by taking a percentage of the money made through sales. This means that businesses that work with fundraising organizations typically only make a profit if the campaign is successful.

Different companies can use a range of prices and percentages with organizations that hold a cookie dough fundraiser, including some businesses that use a sliding scale. As a group sells more orders of cookie dough, the company that provides it takes less of a percentage of each sale. Such systems usually have particular numbers that must be met to reduce the percentage the company takes, which ensures that the business still makes a substantial profit off of the cookie dough fundraiser. This allows organizations running such a fundraiser, however, to encourage members to sell more in order to increase overall performance and boost the percentage of each sale that is retained by the organization.

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