What is a Coffee Enema?

Tara Barnett

A coffee enema is a procedure in which coffee is introduced into the body rectally. More standard enemas use saline solution to cleanse the body, but it is thought by some that the caffeine in coffee provides a more complete cleanse. Coffee enemas are performed much the same way as saline enemas, using the same equipment and procedures, with additional precautions needed due to the caffeine in coffee.

Ground coffee.
Ground coffee.

Coffee for a coffee enema can be prepared like normal coffee, although French presses are highly recommended. Most practitioners use only organic coffee, and it is not a good idea to use flavored or decaffeinated coffee for these purposes. With a French press, boiling distilled water is poured over the grounds and left to cool and steep for one hour. At this point, it is usually lukewarm or cool and ready to use. It is important never to use coffee that is above body temperature because this can cause internal damage.

A reusable enema kit.
A reusable enema kit.

It is possible to give yourself a coffee enema, but many colon cleansing experts also offer coffee enema services. For home enemas, a reusable enema kit can be purchased from most drug stores or pharmacy sections, and these typically include instructions and slightly variable equipment. Most kits include an enema bag, tubing, and an insertable tip. Devices to control the liquid flow into the rectum are also common. It is simple to perform a coffee enema using the directions for a saline enema, and no special precautions are needed.

Unlike a colonic, an enema does not involve multiple introductions of fluid into the body. Rather, the liquid is made to flow into the rectum until the recipient feels full, and then it is eliminated fully. Some people recommend allowing the water to sit in the bowels for up to 15 minutes. The urge to eliminate can be overpowering for people who have not had an enema before, and so it is important to be close to the facility designated for elimination when the coffee enema is performed.

The purported benefits of coffee enemas are numerous, but most are unproven. Like all enemas, coffee enemas are said to get rid of blockage, remove toxins, and promote intestinal functions. The caffeine in coffee is also said to stimulate the liver and dilate the bile ducts. Whether enemas work to provide long-term health benefits, recipients of coffee enemas almost report feeling lighter, cleaner, and somewhat stimulated by caffeine. After the initial discomfort of the enema itself, the experience is usually reported to provide a feeling of well being to those who endure it.

A coffee enema cleanses the colon.
A coffee enema cleanses the colon.

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I tried a coffee enema once but I wasn't too happy about the results. For some reason, I felt sick and tired for several days after the enema. My wife thinks it was coffee enema detox, but I don't believe in detoxification. I'm not going to do a coffee enema again. I don't think it's suitable for everyone. A good old soap enema works for me.


@fBoyle-- When a friend mentioned that he uses coffee enema, I thought that it was a weird idea. I enjoy drinking coffee but using it rectally didn't sound safe. However, I was open to the idea and decided to give it a try when I was suffering from constipation one time.

I can tell you from personal experience that a coffee enema is absolutely safe. Just make your coffee enema lukewarm and not hot. Use regular, pure coffee without additives and flavorings. And use a lubricant while inserting the enema to prevent irritation.

Coffee causes mild cramping in the colon, that's how it works as an enema. So don't be scared when cramping occurs.

Are coffee enemas really safe? Has anyone tried one?
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