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What Is a Chocolate Fundraiser?

K.C. Bruning
K.C. Bruning

A chocolate fundraiser is a means of raising funds for not-for-profit organizations such as schools, youth groups, or sports teams. Typically a company will provide the chocolate wholesale and in bulk. The fundraiser is responsible for ordering the candy, maintaining inventory, and making sales. Many organizations that use this method of fundraising will make it an annual event.

Several different kinds of companies provide chocolate fundraiser materials, from name brand candy companies to organizations which are solely in business to supply and facilitate the sales. Most companies will have a suggested sales price for each bar. They will also often note what kind of a profit can be made per box if it sells at the suggested price. Some companies also offer perks such as free shipping.


The chocolate is often sold in boxes of several bars, depending on the type of candy and the company. Some come in one flavor, though mixed packages are also common. A wide array of choices is available for chocolate fundraiser events. Most organizations will sell multiple flavors in order to increase the number of sales. Some companies also offer different kinds of chocolates, though bars tend to be the most popular.

Selling fancy chocolates can be a good fundraiser.
Selling fancy chocolates can be a good fundraiser.

There are several ways candy can be sold for a chocolate fundraiser. Popular methods include standing in front of stores, and grocery stores in particular, or selling door-to-door. Chocolate may also be sold at special events or through friends and family.

Several factors may be considered while selecting candy for a chocolate fundraiser. The goal is to determine which product is most likely to appeal to the targeted customer. Some factors to consider include sales price, quality, and the appeal of brand names. Fundraisers do absorb some risk, as unsold candy cannot be returned to the company.

It is also advisable to determine which flavors are most likely to be popular. Buying equal amounts of each flavor does not usually reflect the actual sales potential. Plain candy tends to attract the widest customer base, while novel flavors may attract people who would otherwise not be interested in buying.

Though the chocolate fundraiser has traditionally been one of the most common food-related fundraisers, the companies that provide the candy often offer other kinds of snacks to use for sales. Some offerings include lollipops, popcorn, and beef jerky. There are also multiple companies which provide raw cookie dough for fundraising purposes.

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    • Chocolate.
    • Selling fancy chocolates can be a good fundraiser.
      By: Fotoschuh
      Selling fancy chocolates can be a good fundraiser.