What Is a Chinstrap Goatee?

Lee Johnson

A mixture of two types of beard, the chinstrap beard and the goatee, is referred to as the chinstrap goatee. The chinstrap goatee is basically a thin strip of hair running down the jawline from both sideburns and connecting up with the main goatee in the middle. This looks like the goatee literally has straps that stretch up the jawline towards the sideburns. Different styles of chinstrap goatee are possible, but most wearers opt for thin strips of hair for both the chin straps and the goatee, and the chinstraps generally follow the jawline neatly. Chinstraps can actually be used to shape a false jawline and add definition to the face.

Abraham Lincoln famously wore a chinstrap.
Abraham Lincoln famously wore a chinstrap.

Facial hair styles can be combined in many different ways, but the chinstrap goatee is one example of a fitting combination. The chinstrap section and the goatee section only meet at the lower part of the chin. This means that they fit together to create the well-groomed equivalent of a full beard, with a full-face effect but generally quite short hair. People who like the jawline defining aspect of the chinstrap and the general appearance of the goatee should consider a chinstrap goatee.

A combination of a chinstrap beard and a goatee is called a chinstrap goatee.
A combination of a chinstrap beard and a goatee is called a chinstrap goatee.

One key part of the chinstrap goatee are the chinstraps. Chinstraps can be worn alone, as a type of beard. This was worn most famously by Abraham Lincoln, who sported a bushy, thick chinstrap. Hair stretches around from one sideburn to the other, hugging the jawline along the way. Generally, most people prefer a thinner line of hair on the chinstrap, but some people still prefer a bushier, Lincoln-style beard.

Goatees are like the union between a little beard and a mustache; they generally form an oval shape that surrounds the mouth and chin of the wearer. Some people choose to grow a goatee specifically to conceal blemishes on their chin, and others just like the look that it gives. Again, it is possible to have both thick and thin goatees, but thin ones are arguably more popular. This could be because a thin strip of hair looks sophisticated and well-groomed, whereas a bushy, rag-tag mess of hair could make a person look apathetic.

Different variations on the chinstrap goatee do exist, but the common style is a thin strip of hair following the jawline closely and meeting the goatee at the chin. Thicker strips of hair can be used, but the chinstrap goatee may become difficult to distinguish from a full beard if it grows too freely. Some wearers decide to create more wild styles of chinstrap, more for design than shaping the jawline.

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