What is a Chain Link Fence Estimator?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

A chain link fence estimator is a calculator tool used for determining supply needs for building a chain link fence, usually offering an estimate on cost, as well. Numerous websites have chain link fence estimators people can use to plan out fence building projects. Home and garden design software can also have built in fence estimation tools, and people may be able to access them at a hardware or home supply store, getting assistance from staff members while they pick up fencing supplies.

Raw materials such as the steel wire used to weave the fence fabric must be considered when estimating the cost of a chain link fence.
Raw materials such as the steel wire used to weave the fence fabric must be considered when estimating the cost of a chain link fence.

A chain link fence is made up of stretches, straight unbroken lines of fencing running from end to end, gate to corner post, and so forth. The fence requires corner posts, as well as regular fence and gate posts. The cost of the fence depends on how many stretches are present and how the fence is laid out. Small steps, like moving a gate to the corner of a fence instead of putting it in the middle, can change the cost. The chain link fence estimator will ask people about the total length of the fence, how many stretches are present, and the number of corners and gates.

With all of this information, the calculator can return an estimate on the supplies needed, including the total length of fencing required, how many poles are needed, the hardware, and so forth. Concrete for setting the posts may be included in the estimate, depending on the design. By connecting with a site selling hardware supplies, the chain link fence estimator can also provide a rough estimate on the price of the materials. This may not match with the price paid, depending on where the supplies are purchased.

People preparing to build a chain link fence can take advantage of a chain link fence estimator to make sure they get all the supplies they need in one trip, and to figure out how much to budget for the project. It is important to rough out a design for the fence, taking special note of the locations of corners, gates, and other features, before using a chain link fence estimator. Leaving features out may result in a skewed estimate. Making changes while the fence is installed will also alter the final price.

Such tools do not include labor costs, and usually will not estimate how long the fence takes to build, as people work at different rates. When people approach a contractor or fencing specialist for a quote, the total estimate will include labor costs and will thus be higher than that provided by a chain link fence estimator.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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