What is a Car Bra?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Car bras are detachable covers that are used to protect the grill and hood of the vehicle. Sometimes referred to as a bonnet, this cover is manufactured in several different models using material that will not scratch the paint job, but will effectively block bug splatters and the dings that sometimes result from small debris found along the road. Because the automobile bras can be removed at will, they do not interfere with access to the engine or washing the car from time to time.

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Woman shopping

There are examples of the car bra that are produced for just about any type of vehicle. In addition to the automobile bra, there are also truck bras. A truck bra serves the same purpose in protecting the grill and hood of the truck, and is also easily removed when necessary. Because of the wide range in designs of popular vehicles, the car and truck bra are available in a number of different sizes.

Along with providing grill and hood protection, a car bra is also helpful in preventing damage to the paint job during a long road trip. While there are limited advantages to using a car bra when driving around the city, the real benefit comes into play when using a highway system for a long distance drive. It minimizes the chances for airborne insects to litter the surface of the hood and possibly create small scratches in the paint. The bra is also thick enough to limit the damage that can be done by loose gravel being kicked up by tires or minute amounts of various materials falling out of another vehicle and possible scratching the paint.

The process of attaching a car bra is relatively easy. Many models provide simple hooks that make it possible to secure the bra along the grill and bumper, as well as under the front fenders. Some models of the bra are also made with magnetized material that adheres to the metal of the hood and grill, making it less likely that the car bra will shift or slip out of place during a road trip. All models can be removed for cleaning or replacement as needed without a great deal of effort.

While the mass produced car bras will fit just about any type of car or truck, it is also possible to order a custom one. A customized bra is more specifically matched to the contours of the vehicle, and can also include color schemes and designs that are not available with the mass produced versions. Auto supply shops often carry several models of the car bra, and normally have contact information for vendors who offer customized products.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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Agree they look tacky and are just a god awful thing to buy.


Car bras remind me of the the 1990's when things like the car bra were actually popular and added and degree of "coolness" to your vehicle. Long since has it been since the likes of a car bra were anything remotely close to being popular. In fact there was a lot of issues with the car bras even coming loose and becoming traffic hazards for other drivers on the road.

I personally think that they should be outlawed and people should get over the fact that insects are going to ruin your paint job eventually.

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