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What is a Candy Wrapper Bracelet?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

A candy wrapper bracelet is a bracelet made out of candy wrappers which are folded to create square links. When the links are joined together, a zigzag shaped, a colorful band is formed. The colors and effects depend on the types of candy wrappers used. Gum wrappers and gift wrap can also be used to create candy wrapper bracelets.

There are many step-by-step online tutorials on how to make bracelets out of candy wrappers. Some of these have photographs that illustrate exactly how to make a candy wrapper bracelet. The basic method is to first fold the wrapper lengthwise into accordion-type creases. Creases that are already in the wrappers usually don't affect the outcome of the bracelet. The wrapper is then folded in half many times until it is a small square link with the color showing on the outsides of the piece.

Chewing gum wrappers can be used to create bracelets.
Chewing gum wrappers can be used to create bracelets.

Two ends of one link are inserted into the two ends of the next link and so on until the bracelet is big enough. A single band makes a basic bracelet. Cuff style candy wrapper bracelets can be made by creating several bands. It can take about 30 - 45 candy wrappers to make one band. The candy can be removed from the wrappers and stored in a plastic bag or jar.

The craft of making jewelry from candy wrappers is at least a few decades old. The craft is coming back again since it's a good way to recycle food wrappers and used foil gift wrap that often isn't accepted in basic recycling programs. A candy wrapper bracelet can be quite attractive if the colors used are well thought-out.

Some candy wrapper bracelets have a colorful, comic book look to them while others don't even look like they're made out of paper. Shiny bracelets can be made by using foil candy wrappers or foil gift wrap. Some people add a tassel or other accessory to their hand-crafted candy wrapper bracelet. Belts, choker necklaces and even clutch purses can also be made using the same candy wrapper bracelet linking method.

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    • Chewing gum wrappers can be used to create bracelets.
      By: blende40
      Chewing gum wrappers can be used to create bracelets.