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What is a Camouflage Skirt?

Susan Grindstaff
Susan Grindstaff

A camouflage skirt could generally be any type of skirt made using camouflage fabric. Camouflage apparel is an outgrowth of the popularity of military type fashion. In most cases, a camouflage skirt would be worn with coordinating blouses and jackets. Fabrics that work well with camouflage are various types of khaki cotton and cotton knits.

Camouflage was not originally developed as a fashion type fabric. It was developed for use by soldiers and hunters so they could blend into outdoor environments without being seen. Hunters also typically wear bright orange jackets until they come upon their prey. This is a safety measure to ensure they can be easily identified by other hunters.

Some camouflage fabrics are made for desert environments.
Some camouflage fabrics are made for desert environments.

True camouflage is usually a blend of earth-toned colors in shades of green, brown, and tan. The print often depicts forest foliage or jungle print. It is usually a medium weight fabric made of blended polyester and cotton. Another type of camouflage fabric is made for desert wear and is done in shades of gray.

Camouflage fabric that is used in fashion is sometimes similar to that used by the military, but more often the word “camouflage” is used simply to describe the fabric print. In the fashion industry, many different types of fabric have camouflage print. For instance, a camouflage skirt could be made of sheer fabric with a drop lining. Some of these camouflage skirts are peasant style, gathered tightly around the waistline, and becoming very full at the hem. To achieve this look, only very soft, lightweight fabrics are used.

Most of the time, a camouflage skirt will be made in a more tailored, military design. Using a very form-fitting silhouette is a direct contrast to the casual nature of the camouflage fabric. Skirts of this type are usually either short or fall just below the knee. Sometimes, the longer versions have split front openings to reveal part of the upper leg.

Some camouflage skirts are slightly full, with large roomy pockets. This type of skirt is sometimes referred to as a safari skirt, and typically falls either just above or just below the knee. They are usually worn with bush jackets and boots.

Camouflage fabric is used for many different pieces of clothing. In addition to skirts, camouflage is often used in making jeans, shorts, dresses, and tops. Camouflage jeans are often cargo style, with large, loose pockets on the side of each leg.

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    • Some camouflage fabrics are made for desert environments.
      By: george kuna
      Some camouflage fabrics are made for desert environments.