What is a Call Logger?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

A call logger is a device or software program which is used to record calls. Call loggers are used by many companies which provide service over the phone, and they can also be used to log personal calls, or for the purpose of recording professional calls such as consultations with lawyers and accountants. Many companies make call loggers, and there are entry-level versions which can be used at home as well as much more extensive systems designed for commercial use.

Call loggers can be used to warn telemarketers not to call again.
Call loggers can be used to warn telemarketers not to call again.

There are some legal issues involved with using a call logger. In some areas, all parties to a call must be aware that it is being recorded. This is why people sometimes receive an automated message which says that “this call may be monitored or recorded” when they call service hotlines. In other areas, only one party needs to be aware of the fact that the call is being recorded, and it is important for people to know that phone calls may be legally recorded without their knowledge.

The most basic call logger simply records the call as it is made. More advanced call loggers may interface with a computer program to document the phone call and any actions taken by a technician during the call. For example, if a customer of the phone company calls to add a service, the call logger would record the request and the technician's action on the computer. Some call loggers automatically generate transcripts, and can be programmed to send recordings to backup databases so that they will be permanently on record.

Companies and working professionals may opt to use a call logger to protect themselves from liability. With a call logger, disputes over “he said/she said” conversations can be eliminated, because there's a recording of what everyone said. Call logging software can also work with call monitoring software which allows a supervisor to listen in on calls, which can be useful on training or in sensitive calls in which a third party might be useful as a witness.

People sometimes use call loggers at home, especially if they think that they will be involved in legal proceedings. For example, people fighting debt collectors can use a logger to record calls which may be used to challenge collection techniques or to dispute claims made by the debt collectors. Likewise, people may record calls warning telemarketers not to call again so that they have a record of the fact that they asked the telemarketers to stop, so that they can use the recording to bring suit if necessary.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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