What is a Brick Floor?

Lori Kilchermann

A brick floor is a floor that has brick as its covering. Typically brick tile, the brick is laid down in a bed of mortar and arranged in a pattern. The brick is durable and will last much longer than a carpeted or a vinyl tiled floor. Maintenance is easy with a broom and a dust pan. A brick floor rarely needs to be washed, but can be with a mild detergent and water.

Shag rugs can add a soft texture to hard flooring.
Shag rugs can add a soft texture to hard flooring.

A brick floor is often a good choice for a mud room or a laundry room. Its rough texture makes it nearly slip proof when walked on with wet shoes. Due to the bricks coloration, it also makes a very attractive kitchen floor. The brick floor can be created with brick tiles that are less than one-half inch thick. This allows full-size bricks to be cut into many smaller tiles and fewer bricks can cover a large area.

When choosing a brick floor for a new construction bathroom, thought should be given to the climate in which the home is being built. In colder climates an in-floor heating system is often used to eliminate a cold floor. By placing hot water hoses under the brick floor, the floor is warm to the touch when exiting the shower or bath tub. This cures the startling cold feet experience in the winter season.

Care should be given when young children are in the home. The brick floor is hard and could injure a child if he or she happened to fall on it. When brick is used in a home with small children, it is best used in a utility room or laundry room that is not frequented by the children. Many home owners place a soft runner or rug in the areas that may be traveled upon by children.

Brick flooring is different than ceramic tile in that ceramic tile is typically smooth. brick is usually rough to the touch and is used in smaller sizes than ceramic tile. The smaller size makes it less friendly to wheeled objects rolling across it. Those families with handicapped members or rooms which may have wheeled carts used extensively may wish to reconsider the brick. The brick layer can also set the brick deeper into the mortar to create a smoother finish.

For the ultimate in durability and for a fashion statement, the brick floor is a very wise choice. Careful planning for the areas used as well as the style of brick make the finished product a unique feature to any home. Ease of maintenance and classic style appeal to many homeowners.

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