What is a Blush Brush?

M.R. Anglin

People, especially women and those in theatre, often use makeup to accentuate their appearance or to make a statement. A person’s cheeks are often the focus of attention as proper color on the cheeks and face can give the person a rosy, sun-kissed appearance. A blush brush is a type of brush that is used to apply blush, or rouge, to the cheeks. Proper application of the makeup will accentuate the apples of the cheeks and help to enhance the face’s natural structure. The use of different blush brushes can help a person achieve the look they are seeking.

A woman has blush applied to her cheeks with a blush brush.
A woman has blush applied to her cheeks with a blush brush.

A blush brush is essentially a set of bristles on a stick, much like a paintbrush. In fact, some professional makeup artists use paintbrushes to apply blush. The bristles of a blush brush can be soft or coarse, and can also vary in size and shape. They can be made out of natural hair or synthetic hair. The texture, shape and composition of a blush brush will affect the way that the makeup is applied.

When choosing a blush brush, pay attention to how well the brush is made.
When choosing a blush brush, pay attention to how well the brush is made.

Depending on the person and her makeup preferences, she can use a soft, fluffy brush or a slightly coarser brush. A softer brush will pick up less makeup and will provide a softer layer of color on the face. On the other hand, a coarser brush will pick up more color. One should also remember that the texture of the brush will be felt on the face. If the brush is too coarse, it may be uncomfortable when applying makeup.

A blush brush usually comes in two shapes: domed and slanted. These different shaped brushes can be used to apply blush in different ways. A domed brush is commonly used to apply color evenly over the cheek area. In order to add definition to the cheeks, a slanted brush can be used. Slanted brushes are normally used to apply makeup along the cheek line in order to define the shape of the cheek. Properly used, this technique can accentuate cheekbone and facial structure.

When choosing a blush brush, it is important to pay attention to how well the brush was made. Improperly made brushes may lose their bristles. The bristles on a properly made brush should be securely adhered to the handle so that they will not fall out and end up on the face. In addition, the handle should be easy to grasp and not too long or too short. Finally, the bristles should not be too rough for the face.

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