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What is a Blue Jean Purse?

K T Solis
K T Solis

Most people have blue jeans in the closet that are so worn-out they are falling apart. Some have blue jeans that don't fit them anymore and are destined for the thrift store. Instead of throwing out a pair of old blue jeans, consider making them into a blue jean purse.

A blue jean purse is a purse made from denim fabric. These purses can be found in discount stores, department stores, fine boutiques, and online stores. Many of these purses are even handmade.

Some people make blue jean purses and sell them at flea markets.
Some people make blue jean purses and sell them at flea markets.

A person can buy a small pocket-size purse or a large handbag. These denim purses range in price according to the type of purse purchased. Designer purses may cost substantially more than a basic purse at a discount store. Despite the various prices, this type of purse can be worn with a variety of outfits and is perfect for women of all ages.

If someone would like a blue jean purse but would rather not pay high prices for one, it's possible for her to make her own. She simply needs a pair of cast-off jeans to make the purse. First, she should cut the legs from the jeans and sew the bottom closed. Next, she can cut material from the legs so that she can fashion a purse strap. If she doesn't want to use denim for the handle, she can use a pretty scarf for the strap. The purse strap can be sewn or glued to the purse.

The interior of the purse can be lined with colorful fabric. A blue jean purse can be decorated with paint, fake jewels, embroidery, ribbons, or patches. A person can even add fabric to make pockets for keys, a cell phone, and other important items.

Making a denim purse is an excellent craft to introduce to teens as well. Teens will enjoy this simple craft that requires only a minimal amount of sewing. They can use their creativity to design a distinctive purse unlike any other.

Blue jean purses can be purchased at online auctions.
Blue jean purses can be purchased at online auctions.

Some people sew blue jean purses and sell them at places like flea markets or online auctions. When deciding to turn this craft into a business, a person should consider the cost of materials before manufacturing purses to sell. In order to make a profit, the craftsperson will need to charge an adequate amount for each purse so that the business is worth continuing.

Whether someone decides to make a blue jean purse for her own personal use or to sell to the public, it is a fun craft for anyone to make. Just by grabbing an old pair of jeans, a needle and thread, cloth scraps, and decorative items, a craftsperson can fashion a one-of-a-kind accessory that will last for years.

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Discussion Comments


By the time I got old enough to carry a blue jean purse, they were out of style. Everyone was carrying purses made from the parachute material. I had a blue one made of that stuff and I put everything under the sun in that bag. They would stuff, no doubt.

Seems like denim purses made a comeback a few years ago. I remember seeing them in some local stores. By that time, I had graduated to carrying a crossbody wallet bag made of ripstop nylon that is nigh on to indestructible. I had stopped carrying all my worldly goods in my purse. It was hurting my back.

The denim purses I saw were very “distressed” – to say the very least. They were pretty beat up looking and I probably wouldn't have wanted to carry it anyway, if I'd been in the target audience for it.


Blue jean purses were *the* purse of choice in the 1970s. Everybody carried one. I had a small one. Denim was huge anyway, and a denim purse was just what all the teenage girls carried. They were roomy and took a lot of punishment. Washing them only improved the way they looked.

The other nice thing about a blue jean purse was that it wasn't very expensive. They were usually $10 and under. Denim is not expensive fabric, and the purses were marketed heavily to teens, so that made sense. The coolest ones had blue jean pockets on the outside and the bronzed metal zippers, just like Levis. I'll bet all my older girl cousins carried one, and most of the high school girls at church had them. They were ubiquitous.

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    • Some people make blue jean purses and sell them at flea markets.
      By: JackF
      Some people make blue jean purses and sell them at flea markets.
    • Blue jean purses can be purchased at online auctions.
      By: Ana Blazic Pavlovic
      Blue jean purses can be purchased at online auctions.