What is a Beverage Whisk?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

A beverage whisk, sometimes called a mini whisk, is a small whisk, usually made of stainless steel, that is meant to stir individual drinks. You might use one to add some extra foam to a serving of eggnog or to evenly mix ingredients in a mixed drink. They are not all that common outside of the bartending or culinary world. Many bars serve drinks with swizzle sticks, usually made of plastic or wood so customers can stir drinks on their own.

A beverage whisk can add some foam to eggnog.
A beverage whisk can add some foam to eggnog.

The beverage whisk essentially looks like a tiny whisk on a skinny handle. The handle itself is often long enough so that drinks in tall glasses can be mixed. At the bottom of the handle, a tiny whisk helps churn the drinks with the turning action of the person preparing the drink. Beverage whisks are much more effective in mixing drinks than swizzle sticks.

Beverage whisks is a small whisk that usually has a long handle.
Beverage whisks is a small whisk that usually has a long handle.

You shouldn’t merely think of the beverage whisk as only for alcoholic or mixed drinks. A little whisk like this can fit into mugs to foam up hot chocolate or warm milk. In fact if you’re a fan of café au lait or lattes, you can use the beverage whisk to add extra foam to your warm milk. Since the whisk is so small, it will fit into virtually any glass and mixing can be accomplished without slopping drinks outside of the glass.

Using a beverage whisk is easily learned. If you can rub you hands together, you’ll quite easily find a good whisking technique. Merely insert the handle portion of the whisk tightly between the palms and roll the whisk pack and forth with a hand rub motion. A minute or even thirty seconds of whisking will thoroughly mix most beverages.

Some people would like to try out this tiny beverage whisk but don’t know where to find one. Probably the best place to find a beverage whisk is at a good kitchen supply store. If you don’t have one nearby, you can easily order these whisks from a number of online sites.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

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For beverages that don't require a lot of mixing, I actually just use a stirring spoon. If I need some air in my drink for a froth or more serious mixing, then I go with a ball whisk. It looks cool and works very well.


@donasmrs-- Well all whisks are just kitchen tools with steel wires at the end. They come in different shapes and styles but mostly do the same thing.

For drinks like the one you mentioned, I recommend a cocktail whisk. It's sort of like a round balloon whisk except that the handle is much longer and the balloon wires at the end are small enough to fit into a large glass. So it's great for mixing drinks quickly.


I need a beverage whisk for a convenient way to make lassi. This is an Indian yogurt drink made with plain yogurt, mango pulp and sugar. There are also salty versions without fruit. Most people have tried this at Indian restaurants, it's very popular. It's also an excellent snack, treat or dessert because it's full of protein and vitamins. I've been having it frequently lately but I want to make it without using a mixer. I'm tired of washing my mixer every day and plain lassi is very easy to make since it doesn't have pulp.

I just want a beverage whisk that will whisk and mix the drink in the glass itself. What's they best type?

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