What Is a Bacon Donut?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett
Bacon can add a savory flavor to donuts.
Bacon can add a savory flavor to donuts.

A bacon donut is a fried dough item that in some way incorporates bacon. Bacon is often used as a topping for this type of food, but it could be incorporated into filling or the dough itself. Using bacon in dessert items is common in several combinations, including chocolate and maple flavors. One of the most common flavor combinations for a bacon donut is maple frosting with bacon strips on top. Several restaurants are famous for bacon donuts, but no specific restaurant can claim to be the true originator of this combination.

Bacon donuts are often topped with maple syrup.
Bacon donuts are often topped with maple syrup.

In its most general definition, a bacon donut is any fried dough item resembling a donut that makes use of bacon. That said, bacon is most commonly found in donuts in only a few flavor combinations. Bacon on its own is rarely the topping used for donuts. Instead, a sweet frosting or filling is typically paired with the meat.

The most common bacon donut is a simple bar or ring donut with maple frosting and strips or pieces of bacon on top. In some variations, actual maple syrup is incorporated into the donut in some way. Bacon is typically placed on the donut in such a way that the frosting holds the pieces of meat in place.

One interesting and rare variation on this basic maple bacon donut involves filling a donut with maple cream and bacon. The bacon is often ground up into very small pieces before being mixed with the cream. This filling is usually made with a different recipe than frosting, though these donuts may still be frosted.

A bacon donut can also be created from a plain glazed donut and bacon. One popular concoction involves cutting a glazed donut in half like a bagel and then creating a layered sandwich with bacon and other ingredients. Some people put hamburgers and bacon between donuts, but cream and other sweet ingredients can be used as well.

Baking bacon into a donut is fairly uncommon but could conceivably result in a desirable product. Likewise, alternative donut flavors, such as chocolate, could be used. The preference for maple and bacon flavors together is likely a result of the practice of pouring maple syrup on pancakes and bacon at breakfast.

It is also possible to make a bacon donut out of non-traditional bacon. Turkey bacon can be used, as can vegetarian variations. Some donuts of this type cater to special allergies, removing gluten or other problematic ingredients entirely. When made at home, it is possible to create bacon donuts that specifically address any diner's health problems.

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    • Bacon can add a savory flavor to donuts.
      By: Kelpfish
      Bacon can add a savory flavor to donuts.
    • Bacon donuts are often topped with maple syrup.
      By: Bert Folsom
      Bacon donuts are often topped with maple syrup.