What Happens If a Country Loses Its Most Important Documents?

It's one thing to feel the awkwardness of going back to an ex's house to retrieve something after you've broken up, but it's a whole other story when it's an entire country that has to face that kind of embarrassment. It happened to Fiji in 2010, when the South Pacific island nation admitted to a major slip of sovereignty. Apparently, Fiji had misplaced its official Independence Order, which had been presented by Prince Charles in 1970. Fiji had been under British rule since 1874 and gained its independence 96 years later. Fiji first realized that the Independence Order was missing in 2005, and after a five-year search, the republic had little choice but to ask Britain for another copy. The whole incident was more an embarrassment than a constitutional crisis, since such documents are merely symbolic tools rather than legally binding paperwork.

Fantastic Fiji:

  • Fiji is made up of more than 330 islands and 500 islets, though only 110 of the islands are inhabited.
  • The art of walking over hot stones originated in Fiji and is still one of the country's most popular tourist attractions.
  • Remnants of British rule can still be seen throughout Fiji, including the Union Jack on the nation's flag and the popularity of the sport of rugby.
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