What does an Insurance Technician do?

Laura M. Sands

An insurance technician provides administrative assistance to an insurance broker. A few of the daily tasks performed in this position may include reviewing applications from new clients, gathering additional client information as needed, and processing and underwriting existing client claims. An insurance technician must also maintain correspondence with clients, answer client questions and concerns, and keep client files updated as needed.

Insurance technicians take photographs of damaged vehicles to include in the accident report.
Insurance technicians take photographs of damaged vehicles to include in the accident report.

The details of an insurance technician job description may vary according to the precise segment of the industry a person works in. For instance, the day-to-day duties of a marine insurance technician who handles issues relating to policies for sea vessels, sea ports and other types of marine policies will likely differ greatly from someone working as an insurance technician for a school district, who may have to process worker’s compensation claims, manage retiree accounts and maintain accurate billing reports to be presented to district personnel. Regardless of the type of insurance handled, however, a technician’s supportive role is crucial to the daily flow of operations at a particular company or in an insurance department.

Insurance technicians process workers' compensation claims.
Insurance technicians process workers' compensation claims.

After an insurance claim has been appropriately filed, an insurance technician is also responsible for gathering important information in helping to decide whether the claim will be paid or not. This includes an official accident report, photographs of the damaged vehicle or property, as well as pertinent repair receipts. A technician must then make sure that claims are covered by the policy issued and that payments are made in a timely manner for items that are covered.

Just as an insurance technician has a role in working with new applicants, a technician must also remain in contact with clients to notify them of policy changes and renewals. It is also a technician’s job to handle customer inquiries and complaints. These duties are largely carried out by telephone, fax, email and postal mail, so a technician must have strong organization, customer service, and written and verbal skills.

An insurance technician works directly with clients, but client types may vary. Some may work with individual clients, while others may work with corporate clients or government agencies. A technician is also charged with knowing the latest laws affecting the industry she or he works in, as well as making sure that clients are aware of and understand any legal changes that may affect a policy.

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