What Does an Implementation Specialist Do?

Nick Mann

A career as an implementation specialist is fitting for a person with an in-depth knowledge of computer software and sound interpersonal skills. These individuals are responsible for learning about a software program and conveying that knowledge to relevant company personnel. Essentially, an implementation specialist works as a liaison between software engineers and actual users. Consequently, some common job duties include learning computer software programs, testing those programs, developing training materials, installing software and instructing relevant individuals on its use.

An implementation specialist may train fellow employees to use their computers more efficiently.
An implementation specialist may train fellow employees to use their computers more efficiently.

Before the specialist can perform his job and help others, it's necessary for him to first learn how to use a computer software program himself. At this stage, he will familiarize himself with a program and learn how to use all of the tools, gadgets and extra features. Since he is the trainer, he must have an in-depth understanding of the software before any other steps can be taken.

Testing software is another important aspect of this job. To minimize user confusion and make a program as efficient as possible, an implementation specialist must thoroughly test it. Some things he may look for are simple navigability, an intuitive layout and ensuring that the program is glitch-free. Basically, he will want to make sure that the program accomplishes its goals without any complications. This practice requires him to think like an average user would.

Developing training materials is perhaps the most important duty of an implementation specialist. To make the learning process as simple as possible, he may use a variety of techniques, including instructional booklets and presentations. Producing helpful training materials requires breaking down complex information into easily understandable lessons.

In most cases, this specialist will also install software onto multiple computers within a business. This may only take a short time for smaller businesses, or considerably longer for large businesses with many staff members. It's his job to make sure that the software is installed correctly and no computer problems occur during the installation process.

In addition, an implementation specialist must also instruct the necessary individuals on how to use software programs. In most cases, he will spend time going over training materials with a group at first. He may perform a presentation and demonstrate the fundamentals. Afterward, he will usually provide one-on-one training and extra assistance for individuals experiencing difficulty. This aspect of the job requires a person with excellent teaching and communication skills.

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