What Does an Executive Chauffeur Do?

Marlene Garcia

An executive chauffeur transports business professionals or dignitaries to meetings, social events, restaurants, and other destinations. As a professional driver, an executive chauffeur might work for a private individual, a government agency, or corporation. Some chauffeurs are self-employed, while others work for private limousine companies. Other duties handled by an executive chauffeur might include running errands, helping clients with luggage, and keeping a vehicle clean and in good working condition.

Many executive chauffers work for limousine companies.
Many executive chauffers work for limousine companies.

Some luxury car rental firms provide drivers who speak more than one language to assist foreign dignitaries or international business executives who need transportation. An executive chauffeur working in this area might also accompany the client throughout the day to serve as a translator. If a visiting dignitary requires security services, an executive chauffeur with a law enforcement background typically handles the driving.

Executive chauffeurs can work for corporations or private households.
Executive chauffeurs can work for corporations or private households.

Drivers might work for the entire family of an executive and live in quarters at the family home. These chauffeurs’ duties might include taking children to school and driving them to after-school activities. Private household chauffeurs typically handle all transportation needs of a family, with some running errands when not behind the wheel.

A corporate executive chauffeur might work exclusively for a company by providing transportation to upper level management. The driver commonly delivers executives to the airport and picks them up when they travel. He or she provides similar services for visiting clients on business trips. If a large group of clients arrive on business, a van might be used to transport them from the airport to their hotel.

Most limousine companies hire chauffeurs over a certain age for insurance reasons. They typically check driving records for accidents and traffic violations to ensure safety. Some chauffeur rental companies require drug testing and driving courses for employees. In government agencies, additional testing and certification might be necessary to obtain a chauffeur’s job.

Drivers should have good people skills and the ability to interact with all types of people. They must be courteous and able to stay calm when driving in heavy traffic. Punctuality represents an important trait for professional drivers who are responsible for getting executives to meetings or conferences on time. Patience is also an asset because chauffeurs might spend long hours waiting while the client tends to business.

The salary for an executive chauffeur might vary between a driver who is self-employed and a person working for a private company. A corporate chauffeur might receive a benefit package that includes health insurance, pension, and paid vacation. Tips from clients typically add to a chauffeur’s base pay.

Chauffeurs may be hired by teens attending prom.
Chauffeurs may be hired by teens attending prom.

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