What does an Electronics Assembler do?

Meghan Perry

An electronics assembler is generally responsible for putting together electronic components, such as computers or electric motors. It often requires knowledge of both engineering and technology. The position is most common in the manufacturing industry. Electronics assemblers often work on assembly lines.

Electronic assemblers read blueprints and work orders.
Electronic assemblers read blueprints and work orders.

Some of the more specific duties of an electronics assembler include reading work orders and blueprints and following production drawings, guidelines and other instructions. In addition, he or she also instructs other workers and explains procedures to them. In this way, communication is a key component of an electronics assembler job.

Electronics assemblers typically work on assembly lines and follow specific assembly instructions.
Electronics assemblers typically work on assembly lines and follow specific assembly instructions.

There are also very detailed duties that an electronics assembler must perform. Some of these include installing parts in certain relationships to one another and mounting assembled components, such as transformers. He or she must also be able to do things such as screwing, riveting or welding parts to secure them or join them to other parts. This often requires using equipment such as hand tools, power tools and other machines.

Using certain bonding procedures to connect wires, either to the circuit or between individual components or terminals, is also often a requirement of the job. After the parts have been assembled, the electronics assembler also often installs the finished product and attaches any necessary hardware. These duties are sometimes completed using either a microscope or a magnifying glass, because the wires might be too small or delicate to use just the naked eye. This part of the job requires good hand-eye coordination. In addition, robots or computers might be utilized to assist the electronics assembler.

Quality control is also often a part of electronics assemblers' jobs. For example, they must make sure that whatever they are assembling meets the standards of production. They sometimes must also maintain production time and write reports when production is completed. Finally, electronics assemblers might have to adjust and measure voltage and align parts.

Having a high school diploma combined with on-the-job training is one way to get into the field of electronics assembly. Some companies, however, might require specific certification. It has become more common for companies to require a diploma from a technical school as well. If someone wants to work for a government agency or in the aerospace field as an electronics assembler, years of prior experience are often required before that is a possibility.

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