What does a Video Producer do?

Patrick Roland

A video producer works as a coordinator on film and game productions much the same way a general manager controls a sports team. In the field of video, the producer is equally as important as the actors or director to the success of a project. From film producer to music video producer and even video game producer, there are many different types of producers. Each type of producer performs a very different job.

A video producer might work on video games.
A video producer might work on video games.

A film producer has the most managerial role of all producers. The biggest responsibility of a film producer is securing funding for a picture. Before most decisions are made, the producer solicits investors in order to ensure there is enough money to create a movie. After that, each production is different, but a producer normally is in charge of everything from choosing a script to hiring a director, choosing actors, suggesting edits and marketing. When the shoot is happening, it is the producer's job to ensure that all of the various parts of a film shoot come together seamlessly, such as coordinating food, shooting locations and transportation for the crew.

Some video game producers focus primarily on family-friendly games.
Some video game producers focus primarily on family-friendly games.

A music video producer has more of an artistic blend of duties than a traditional film producer does. This video producer is still responsible for hiring a crew, but the finances usually are handled by a record company. Music video producers help decide how a video will look by structuring the video to appeal to the music's market. After the shoot is complete, he also is responsible for adding special effects and editing the video. His artistic decisions and opinions weigh much more heavily than that of a film producer.

A video game producer has a combination of styles to ensure a video game is created. An external producer handles the financial and managerial duties of a producer. He works with a publisher to get funding, ensure the production team has all of the members it needs and deals with business-level troubleshooting. An internal producer works closely with the creative and technical teams to ensure that a game has its story and play worked out but also is technically sound. He also handles interpersonal dilemmas between members and sets goals for the team.

A video producer comes in many different types, each with different responsibilities. From film to music video to video game producer, each presents a different set of challenges. No matter the obstacles, each is in charge of helping put out a successful piece of entertainment.

Video producers might make short films for online distribution.
Video producers might make short films for online distribution.

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If you want to become a video producer, your best bet is to get started with independent productions.

Look up the appropriate websites for your area where people are looking for film crew.

Even if you aren't going to get paid for it, you'll still be able to start putting your name to things, and start getting meeting the people in the industry. Be nice to everyone, you never know who's going to be in a position to give you a big break one day.

But mostly, learn and be useful to people and eventually you'll work your way up to where you want to be.


Video producers are the unsung heroes of popular media. They have their fingers in every step of the process, and it is often only by the love of a producer that films or video games ever get made.

If they don't care about it, no one else will. Even directors might come and go, particularly those attached to films that take a long time to get to the actual filming stage. The producer has to stick by the project through all that.

In my opinion it is one of the more interesting jobs as well, with many producers getting the chance to experience all aspects of a video production.

I'm sure video producers' salaries are more than enough to compensate for the lack of fame that comes their way. But, I think more people should look to the producer to predict whether or not a film is going to rock.

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