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What Does a Security Administrator Do?

M. West
M. West

Security administrator jobs involve a composite of security manager duties and security advisor duties. The role of this professional, sometimes referred to as a security analyst or security information engineer, is to oversee the safety of employees, as well as to ensure the security of information. Such duties include protection from physical dangers, such as arson or assault, in addition to prevention of business dangers, such as fraud or industrial sabotage. Since the security needs of various types of businesses and organizations will differ, the duties of this professional will vary to meet the requirements of the client.

A security administrator’s job description is broad, addressing all facets of potential security risks. These professionals are involved in planning security policies, as well as directing and ensuring compliance with their implementation. They order the installation of electronic security systems, outdoor lighting, and alarms, in addition to providing armored vehicles and escorts to transport money. Other security administrator duties include investigating all manner of crimes committed against the client, and also investigating the background of newly-hired personnel. Since they are responsible for the safety and privacy of classified materials, they notify clients of security vulnerabilities and devise plans for handling, storing, and destroying such records.

Providing armored car services may be one aspect of a security administrator's job.
Providing armored car services may be one aspect of a security administrator's job.

Knowledge and skills needed to equip these professionals for their role encompass a wide range of areas. Security administrator requirements involve in-depth expertise in computer security, such as virus protection, content filtering, and firewall. Knowledge is needed in security strategy, risk assessment, and policy development, as well as audits. These professionals must understand business practice and intellectual property, in addition to information management and data classification. Also required is a good grasp of security hazards of every variety, along with measures and procedures that address them.

Qualifications for a security administrator include education, experience, and temperament. A bachelor’s degree in public administration or computer science is needed, as well as regional certifications in various areas of security expertise. Candidates for this position must have a minimum of five years of experience in the role of a senior manager, where they deal with issues involving management, administration policies, and security. Since the nature of these jobs involves dealing with highly sensitive information, candidates must have the character traits of being ethical and trustworthy. As the most successful security administrators are those who can prevent incidents rather than rectify them, candidates with proactive capabilities to foresee potential problems and address them are good prospects.

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    • Providing armored car services may be one aspect of a security administrator's job.
      By: qingwa
      Providing armored car services may be one aspect of a security administrator's job.