What Does a Motorcycle Instructor Do?

K. K. Lowen

A motorcycle instructor teaches people how to ride motorcycles, but instructors also may engage in a number of other activities and have many other duties. In addition to physically teaching students to ride a motorcycle, instructors may teach in a classroom setting. Motorcycle instructors may have a duty to inform students about proper safety procedures and techniques when riding a motorcycle, basic motorcycle maintenance, and educate students about laws and regulations related to the use of motorcycles.

Man working on motorcycle.
Man working on motorcycle.

What a motorcycle instructor does is partially determined by where he or she works. Some instructors may be employed by a school or other instructional organization. Other instructors may be privately employed or self-employed. Instructors working for a motorcycle school may teach only riding or just teach in the classroom, depending on the size and style of the school. Some privately employed or self-employed instructors may focus solely on teaching people to ride a motorcycle, while others may offer courses on safety, maintenance, and other topics in addition to riding lessons.

Some motorcycle instructors focus on the classroom portion of training, including legal and safety concerns.
Some motorcycle instructors focus on the classroom portion of training, including legal and safety concerns.

A motorcycle instructor may be solely a riding instructor, teaching students how to ride a motorcycle. Depending on the pre-existing skill level of the students, some instructors must start with the most basic principles, including how to start the motorcycle and which way to lean on curves. Some students may already have some motorcycle knowledge, allowing the instructor to quickly go through or skip some rudimentary information. One of the main duties of motorcycle instructors teaching at any level is to answer questions thoroughly to ensure the safety of their students.

One of the duties that some motorcycle instructors may have is to teach in a classroom. Many instructors educate students using techniques that may include written manuals, diagrams, pictures, discussions, and lectures. A classroom motorcycle instructor may inform students about laws and regulations, including national, states, and local laws. Instructors also may teach students about safety precautions, proper riding habits, traffic rules, and basic motorcycle riding theory.

At many motorcycle schools, a certain amount of classroom instruction will take place before any actual motorcycle riding. Some schools may require only a brief safety course, while others may require thorough classes before road lessons begin. Additionally, instructors may be required to give and grade written examinations to ensure that students understand the information before riding their motorcycles.

There may be other duties in a motorcycle instructor’s job description. Some instructors may teach about motorcycle repair. Other individuals may become motorcycle instructor supervisors. A head instructor may manage a school, oversee other instructors, or be in business for themselves. A motorcycle instructor also may train new instructors.

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