What Does a Magician Assistant Do?

YaShekia King
YaShekia King
Jobs for a magician's assistant are unlikely to be posted publicly.
Jobs for a magician's assistant are unlikely to be posted publicly.

Magician assistants are individuals who help people to entertain the public using acts of illusion on stage. These professionals must be detail-oriented and enjoy working in the spotlight. A person who aims to become a magician assistant has to be ready to learn the details of the magic acts in which he or she is involved as well remain physically fit. He or she additionally has to build his or her acting skills and be willing to travel often.

A chief duty of a magician assistant is to learn his or her employer’s acts. He or she must practice using the tools and equipment needed to complete acts of illusion with his or her magician, such as coins, ropes, or playing cards. The assistant also has to master exactly where to stand or what particular task to perform during a variety of acts in order to make a magic show successful. As a result, this person should be dedicated, diligent, and good at following instructions. He or she needs to be trustworthy in order to keep show techniques a secret as well.

An individual in this field generally has to be in a good physical condition. This is necessary because a magician assistant often has to participate in physical-displacement acts such as sawing a box in half, which requires him or her to be flexible enough to squeeze into a small container. As a result, he or she needs to constantly exercise to stay in shape and remain energetic.

Another valuable task of a person in this vocational area is to sharpen his or her acting skills. For this reason, some magicians look for an individual who has had work experience or formal training in theater. Being able to use various expressions and body movements to capture an audience’s attention or to convince them of a certain situation adds value to any magic production. The magician assistant needs to be professional when working on stage as well.

Traveling also constitutes a significant requirement in a job position in this career area. An individual who helps a magician must be flexible enough to go to the venues at which the magician will perform. For this reason, having a vehicle or being able to use transportation arranged for him or her is necessary for someone who plans to become a magician assistant. This type of professional also has to be open to working nights and weekends, the times that magic shows often take place.

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    • Jobs for a magician's assistant are unlikely to be posted publicly.
      By: Africa Studio
      Jobs for a magician's assistant are unlikely to be posted publicly.