What Does a Hijab Model Do?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

A hijab model wears this traditional Muslim headcovering in photoshoots, on the catwalk, and in other settings. She can model the hijab itself as well as other garments designed to coordinate with it. Modeling opportunities for women who wear the hijab or are willing to model it are available in many nations, particularly those with a large Muslim population. As with other models, there may be height, weight, and look requirements for specific jobs.

A hijab model may wear the Muslim headcovering in photoshoots.
A hijab model may wear the Muslim headcovering in photoshoots.

Women may wear the hijab for a variety of reasons, and numerous companies make a range of products for Muslim women who wish to cover their heads. A hijab model can show off different styles, including various methods to tie and wear scarves for different occasions. These include garments designed for athletics, policework, and other high activity careers where more conventional scarves might be prone to slipping.

Historically, some companies used mannequins to model their hijabs. Live models provide a more realistic appearance and give potential customers an idea of how the product might appear on them. Print models focus on still photography for magazines, billboards, and similar settings. Other models may focus on catwalk appearances, modeling hijab styles live for audiences. Some participate in instructional diagrams and videos that offer step by step guidance for various styles.

Muslim fashion designers and firms doing business in Muslim nations may hire hijab models for high fashion to show people how the garments look with a hijab. In this case the hijab model is not specifically modeling the headscarf, although it will be coordinated with the outfit and may be fashionably tied or fastened. Instead, she's modeling clothing while wearing the hijab to demonstrate a complete outfit.

It is not necessary to be a Muslim to work as a hijab model, although many models are and some firms do prefer Muslims. Styling teams assist models with putting on their garments, securing them, and making sure they meet the designer's specifications as well as any religious requirements. While it can help to have a knowledge of Islamic tradition regarding modesty and women's garments, this is not necessarily required.

A career as a hijab model can involve travel to different locations for shoots, runway appearances, and other events. The amount of pay varies by job, and may include free garments as part of the compensation. These models need to remain physically fit, and may need to pay special attention to their faces and hands, since these features can be highly visible when modeling hijab. Runway models typically need to meet height requirements, while these may be relaxed for print and video models.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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