What does a Game Designer do?

Haven Esme

A game designer is an individual who designs the structure of a game including how it will be played and what the rules will be. He or she may create one or more of many types of games, including tabletop games, card games, and board games, but the most common type currently developed are video games. Over the years, as video games have gained popularity, game designing is dominated by complex games played on computers, electronic devices, and other gaming consoles. Video gaming has evolved into a substantial industry.

Game designers help create different kinds of games, including card games.
Game designers help create different kinds of games, including card games.

Individuals who are interested in becoming a game designer should have a passion for games, both digital and non-digital. Game designing requires the ability to come up with new ideas and concepts, and the ambition to make something enjoyable and fun. People who do this job need the capacity to think in the abstract and be multidimensional. This job should not be confused with a game programmer — an engineer who deals with the software related to the game — although many designers are programmers as well.

A handheld video game.
A handheld video game.

Creating any game is often a collaborative effort that involves the input, ideas, creativity, and problem solving of many people. Game designers work with different people that all contribute to the creation of a game through cooperation and compromise. They must also have good problem solving skills, which is essential to working out potential problems and bugs that occur when designing the game. Problem solving skills also help the designer create the rules and regulations for the game and craft goals and objectives for the player. People who design games must understand how to successfully craft problems, since the ultimate goal of most gamers is to solve problems in a game.

Some video games are designed to be appropriate for the whole family.
Some video games are designed to be appropriate for the whole family.

Many game designers have never had any formal training in game design prior to entering the industry. Having a degree in arts, graphics, and even engineering could be helpful, however. Individuals who want to make video games in particular should consider pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Courses that would be beneficial to this employment field include psychology, film and media studies, graphic design, and creative writing.

Today, many gaming fanatics consider game designing to be a dream job, and being a game designer can be fulfilling. Designers have the opportunity to see their work evolve into a reality, which can be very rewarding because games have the ability to bring immense pleasure to people.

Game designers must have excellent problem solving skills.
Game designers must have excellent problem solving skills.

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What are fonts?


@Ana1234 - It is definitely not that simple. Not if you want to make any money. You really have to understand the principles of game design and how to put one together. Even if you have the best workers in the world (and if they aren't experienced either, good luck with that) they won't be able to make something worth selling unless the idea itself is decent.

Plus, the market is saturated now. And there are thousands of high quality games that people can play for free. So, yes, a game designer career is probably within reach for more people now than it was before, but it's still really difficult and not something to do on a lark.


The time has never been better to be a game designer. Even if you have no experience or training, you can just make your own little games for smart phones and still make some money and build up some credit for them.

You don't even need to do the programming and design work yourself. There are plenty of people who want to get their feet wet and will do the work for less than the standard industry price (although you really have to pay them properly, don't be exploitative).

Basically, all you need is a bit of starting capital and a good idea and you can work as a video game designer.


This helped me with my art class.



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