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What Does a Demonstrator Do?

Whitney Leigh White
Whitney Leigh White

There are several different duties that a demonstrator must perform. What type of demonstrator that a person becomes will determine his or her exact job duties will be. No matter what type, he or she still performs the main duty of promoting products to consumers by demonstrating to them how they look, work, feel, sound, and/or taste. As a demonstrator shows a product to consumers, he or she also persuades them as to why they should purchase it. Models as well as food, how-to, and in-home demonstrators are the most common.

Many times, people do not think of models as product demonstrators, but that is exactly what they are. Models usually demonstrate what clothing looks like on the human body, including jewelry and other types of accessories. From the runway to a photo shoot, models must be able to change in and out of different clothes or accessories and demonstrate how the products function. There are even some animals that perform modeling duties for a variety of pet-friendly products.

Demonstrators may show how to prepare certain recipes.
Demonstrators may show how to prepare certain recipes.

Food demonstrators usually work at grocery stores and they are responsible for greeting customers and getting them to try the food product on display. Many times, this type of demonstrator will provide consumers with a sample of a food or drink product, or even a coupon. Food demonstrators are responsible for answering any questions consumers may have about the product on display, which means that they must conduct research on their products. Most companies that employ food demonstrators will train them and provide them with any necessary knowledge needed to successfully be this type of demonstrator. People who desire to make a long career out of being a food demonstrator should obtain a degree in either a science or marketing field.

How-to demonstrators often show how products work within hardware or home improvement stores. Like food demonstrators, a how-to demonstrator is usually responsible for setting up displays and attracting consumers to view the product being exhibited. Many people do not know how to operate different hardware products, but, after seeing a demonstrator show them how, they then choose to purchase the product. These types of demonstrators are often employed by manufacturers of power tools so that new products can be introduced to the public in a how-to demonstration method. How-to demonstrators are very effective at increasing hardware or home improvement stores’ profit levels.

The in-home party demonstrator is another form of demonstrator who represents a company and its products. The demonstrator works as an independent consultant for the main company, and often receives a discounted price on the products that he or she represents. He or she earns money by having workshops or parties in the homes of the consumers where the products can be both demonstrated by the model and can be manipulated by potential buyers.

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    • Demonstrators may show how to prepare certain recipes.
      By: yanlev
      Demonstrators may show how to prepare certain recipes.