What does a Cosmetology Instructor do?

Haven Esme
Haven Esme
Nail care maintenance is taught by a cosmetology instructor.
Nail care maintenance is taught by a cosmetology instructor.

A cosmetology instructor teaches budding cosmetologists all the facets of hair and nail care maintenance. They provide the educational and creative insight cosmetology students need to be successful in the beauty industry. A cosmetology instructor is a person who has a certification as a licensed cosmetologist as well as the professional ability to teach others how to become a cosmetologist. They help others learn how to perform manicures, pedicures, and various hairstyles.

The first thing a cosmetology instructor does is develop lesson plans. Lesson plan development is both a technical and educational aspect of the job. Cosmetology instructors who want to make their class exciting for students must create and develop innovative lesson plans that allows the perfect balance of teaching and exploration.

Cosmetology instructors also have the job of being a counselor. When counseling, they recommend personal and educational development options to their students. They are also there to help their students plan their future career path.

The most important thing that a cosmetology instructor does is give lectures. They must know how to communicate effectively with their pupils and be an effective teacher. The instructor normally uses different visual aids during the lecture. Doll heads are often used to demonstrate proper hairstyling techniques. Actual students are also used to demonstrate makeup application.

Cosmetologists are also required to make sure safe practices are occurring under their watchful eye and that the physical and psychological welfare of their students and potential clients are ensured. This requires constant supervision of cosmetology students. The most difficult part of being a cosmetology instructor is making sure the students are using the proper techniques when they offer services to patrons.

Each country has their own individual criteria for licensing someone for cosmetology. The instructor is the one that ensures a person will be able to pass any examination that is required to receive their cosmetology license. Every certified cosmetologist has a great instructor to thank.

Cosmetology instructors play an integral role in the fashion industry because they provide the necessary expertise to help those in the industry look their best. It's important that cosmetology instructors have an interest in fashion and a desire to want to share their experience with others. Essentially, they help others go down the same journey they traveled in order to become successful cosmetologists.

Instructors of cosmetology work in a variety of settings - private institutions, beauty salons, and colleges. Outside of general classroom settings, cosmetology instructors can also develop careers in salon management because they understand how to manage numerous stylists.

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Can a licensed cosmetologist instructor train someone to become a nail tech?


In order to be a licensed cosmetologist,you must first learn all the phases of beauty culture in your cosmetology book. You will apply this information in a practical training program along with your theory.

There are two parts to the test: practical and theory. You must complete the hours mandated by the state in which you are going to be licensed in. Check the state licensing website. After completing your hours you must pass both parts of the test.

The theory test will be multiple choice and there is more than one test so you will have to cover what your teacher tells you. Take lots of notes and rewrite them along with taping index cards in your home. Connect answers with other words you are sure to remember. Find a good teacher. Good luck.


I think that this is great idea, to brainstorm different ideas together as professionals.



I would suggest contacting instructors and scheduling meetings. You can explain to them that you would love to have a brainstorming session and you have great ideas that could enhance the classroom. Don't be shy. Share what you've learned with others.


How can I network with other instructors to share and learn new classroom ideas that will be exciting for the students?

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    • Nail care maintenance is taught by a cosmetology instructor.
      By: Valua Vitaly
      Nail care maintenance is taught by a cosmetology instructor.