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What Does a Business Intelligence Developer Do?

Meghan Perry
Meghan Perry

A business intelligence (BI) developer is, in effect, a data expert. A strong background in computer science and programming usually is required for this job. Working with software and databases are two of the main duties of a business intelligence developer.

Looking for BI solutions is one of the duties of a BI developer. This means that planning for these solutions is one aspect of the job. After the planning is complete, the developer must design the BI solutions, then monitor whether the solutions are effective. If there are problems with the solutions, the developer must troubleshoot to find out what the problem is and then fix the problem.

A business intelligence developer works with software and databases.
A business intelligence developer works with software and databases.

Business intelligence developers also are responsible for designing and building online analytical processing (OLAP). They work with both multidimensional and relational databases. BI developers also apply data mining algorithms and create and design tables.

In addition to working with databases, the developer also writes queries and designs reports. Designing and creating tables is another aspect of the job. Creating a warehouse database to store large amounts of data and ensuring that the operating processes are functioning properly is another part of the job. In addition, someone in this position might also review manufacturing systems to ensure that they are running correctly.

Business intelligence developers not only deal with programming, they also handle issues that might affect users. For example, they translate applications, but they must make sure that these applications are presented in a manner that is user-friendly. They might also diagnose and repair problems that users have with specific applications.

In addition to designing and repairing applications for users, a business intelligence developer might recommend software solutions for either individuals or businesses. The recommendations should be legitimate, because another part of the job of a developer is to test and monitor different types of software. If the software needs minor changes or adjustments, the developer is responsible for that as well.

There are different skills that a business intelligence developer must have to perform the job effectively. Programming skills are important, as are time management skills. Computer skills are not all that are necessary — skills in mathematics and a background in analytics are important, because all of these skills are used on the job. For most business intelligence development jobs, a bachelor's degree is required, and certification in different types of programming might be necessary. A degree in computer science is the most common for business intelligence developers.

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Hi, I want to become an excellent BI developer in the future, but the more information I study, the more questions I have, maybe you can help me. For example, I have studied the article what is a business intelligence developer and for example in that article it says that BI should know and be able to do testing and at the same time this article says that BI should help with database design, as far as I understand. The comments say that BI should provide consulting services. And some of my friends say that BI serves as an intermediary between the client and the customer. It is very difficult to understand. What should a BI do? Or does his responsibilities vary from company to company?


@Nefertini - Some business intelligence developer positions may also require previous experience with specific business intelligence tools and software.


Consulting work is another option for business intelligence developers. Companies that provide consulting services often offer this type of service to their clients and need to hire business intelligence developers so they can do so. Some previous consulting work is usually desirable, though, in order to land this type of position.

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    • A business intelligence developer works with software and databases.
      By: Monkey Business
      A business intelligence developer works with software and databases.