What Does a Batch Maker Do?

Marlene Garcia

A batch maker in the food industry operates machinery used to mix and blend ingredients used in mass-produced products. He or she typically measures ingredients and monitors temperatures used to bake or cook each batch. A batch maker periodically tests the mixture to ensure consistency in taste, texture, and color. The metallurgy industry also employs batch makers who operate equipment that grinds metal balls into powder.

A batch maker may be employed to mix flavors and additives into milk before bottling.
A batch maker may be employed to mix flavors and additives into milk before bottling.

Batch makers typically work in food processing plants where large quantities of food are mixed and cooked in a single process. The batch maker is responsible for quality control of each single ingredient and the end product. He or she makes sure the recipe is followed and the food cooked according to predefined temperature settings.

This person turns on mixers, blenders, and ovens used to make packaged food. The batch maker must be able to quickly identify any malfunction in equipment caused by clogs, leaks, or other mechanical problem, and make necessary adjustments. He or she reads gauges during the process to ensure each concoction is made properly.

Some batch makers do the actual measuring of each ingredient that goes into processed food. They might use precise scales to ensure the exact amount of salt or other flavoring in each blend. Batch makers also measure large quantities of ingredients via scales used in the food-processing industry.

A batch maker must be able to follow the precise sequence of steps used to produce the product. He or she typically is familiar with raw materials used in the food industry and how they interact with each other. The batch maker can identify subtle differences in taste or texture during production and make changes to correct inconsistencies.

Most people in this profession complete secondary school and receive on-the-job training. Others obtain a degree or certification in food services or a related field. Courses in sanitation generally prepare a batch maker for the sterilization process of equipment between each batch of food. Good math skills are required in this occupation.

In the metallurgy industry, this employee operates grinders that convert metal balls into metal powder. He or she inserts the raw material into special machines before flushing each batch with water. A metallurgy batch maker ensures filters are in place in the equipment to separate the water from powder before transferring the product onto drying trays.

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