What does a Bank Manager do?

Tiffany Manley
Tiffany Manley
A bank manager helps to hire and train employees, including drive-thru staff.
A bank manager helps to hire and train employees, including drive-thru staff.

A bank manager is responsible for many activities within the branch of a bank. He or she might be responsible for staffing and other types of human resources management, marketing products and services to customers, bringing in new customers and resolving customer complaints. Various skills make these tasks easier, such as human resource training, customer service skills, basic bookkeeping skills and computer knowledge.

Staffing and management of employees is a key component of a bank manager’s job. Each manager is responsible for hiring his or her tellers, loan consultants, loan processors, receptionists and other personnel. Not only must he or she find a prospect who has the right qualifications, he or she must also find the person who possesses the right personality traits and other characteristics to fit in at the bank.

In addition to hiring individuals, a bank manager must also train employees. This might mean delegating the training to another employee or an outside firm, developing new training programs or a combination of both. Many times, training is ongoing, so the manager must be aware of advances in human resources in order to keep his or her employees happy and satisfied. Other aspects of this type of work might include overseeing the bank’s accounting paperwork, setting staff policies and settling staff disputes.

For the bank to stay profitable and have the ability to continually provide great products and services to its customers, a bank manager must market goods and services to his or her customers. Many times, customers are not aware of all of the services available to them, and creative marketing is a great way to inform them of the benefits that await them. Each manager must know his or her client base and what is important to that area so that he or she can adjust marketing to meet those needs. An area full of budding small businesses but no college students would not have as much of a need for college student checking accounts as a town that has several colleges.

In addition to keeping the current customers happy, a bank manager must develop marketing campaigns that bring in new customers. This might help the bank become more profitable, which usually is the goal of the bank manager. Many times, this marketing coincides with the marketing of new products and services to current customers.

A bank manager also might be responsible for resolving customer complaints. Possessing great customer service skills can make this easier. The manager should be able to make the customer feel as if he or she is being heard and validated while correcting the issue with what might be considered a positive outcome for both the bank and the customer.

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As a respected officer of the bank, she should only access your accounts as needed to assist you with your banking needs. If you feel uncomfortable working with this individual you can always switch banks. A bank is a bank.


My husband's ex-girlfriend from 20 years ago is a bank manager for the bank that we deal with. Does she have the right as a branch manager to access our accounts, to be nosy, and who can I complain to?

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    • A bank manager helps to hire and train employees, including drive-thru staff.
      By: Sheri Armstrong
      A bank manager helps to hire and train employees, including drive-thru staff.