What do I Need for Outdoor Dining?

Autumn Rivers

Many people enjoy taking advantage of their yard by dining outside, but certain equipment is typically needed to make this possible. One of the most important items is outdoor furniture, such as a table and chairs. Outdoor dinnerware is also often desirable, as not everyone wants to use the same kind that they typically use indoors. Finally, outdoor lighting is another element of dining outside, as are products that can make the exterior more comfortable. This may include heaters, misters, or fans, depending on the climate.

Picnic baskets are convenient for informal outdoor meals.
Picnic baskets are convenient for informal outdoor meals.

Often, outdoor patio sets include a table and at least four chairs so that the typical family can enjoy outdoor dining in comfort. There are various styles of tables available, as they usually range from the rustic look of wood to the more modern style of glass. You should choose based on the look and feel that you are going for, with the knowledge that wood usually offers a natural atmosphere, while glass tables usually offer a more elegant feel. Chairs also come in various materials, with the most common being wood, metal, and wicker. Fortunately, most come with cushions that make them comfortable to sit in, which means that you do not have to give up comfort during outdoor dining.

Outdoor furniture is important when preparing for outdoor dining.
Outdoor furniture is important when preparing for outdoor dining.

If you do not want to use the same glass plates and cups that you typically use indoors, know that outdoor dinnerware is also available. This type of dinnerware is usually plastic and durable, so that plates, bowls, and cups are unlikely to break if dropped on a concrete or brick patio. It is usually ideal for those who are wary of bringing glass outside, but do not want to use paper plates for outdoor dining, either. Thus, outdoor dinnerware is usually considered a compromise between traditional dinnerware and the cheaper kind made of paper. Most plastic dishes meant for the outdoors feature themes that center on outdoor dining, with picnics or barbecues heavily influencing the design.

Most people already have at least one light on their patio, but those interested in outdoor dining may want to add more. Lights can be installed around the yard or placed overhead, with an outdoor ceiling fan often fitting perfectly above the typical patio table. In fact, this kind of outdoor lighting can also provide a breeze, which is helpful when it is warm outside. Misters that emit a fine spray of water can also cool down outdoor diners, while outdoor heaters can be placed around the patio to warm them up when it is cold.

Most plastic dishes meant for outdoor dining are perfect for picnics or barbecues.
Most plastic dishes meant for outdoor dining are perfect for picnics or barbecues.

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You don't have to look very hard to find bright, festive outdoor dining tableware. Almost every major retail store as a good seasonal selection. The plastic plates and bowls are perfect for outdoor dining and it is fun to mix and match different colors.

We sit down to eat at our outdoor dining table as many nights as possible in the summer. I always keep a citronella candle lit to help keep the bugs away and enjoy watching the birds and listening to the sounds of summer.


We enjoy eating outside as much as possible when the weather is nice. I always watch for end of the season patio furniture clearance sales. You can get some nice looking pieces, for great prices at the end of the season.

I purchased my first big set all at once, but since them have added other furniture pieces that complement the main set. It is easy to do with all the different styles and choices of cushions and pillows that are available. It is nice to come home after a busy day and eat our evening meal outside and relax in comfortable chairs.

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