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What Causes Dizziness?

Garry Crystal
Garry Crystal

Most people suffer from it at one point or another — the room starts to spin or one feels strangely light-headed. These symptoms are commonly known as dizziness. They can be either harmless or a symptom of an underlying problem. The cause may be something as simple as standing up too quickly, or it could indicate a more serious infection.

Feeling dizzy is not an illness, but a symptom of something else. It is often the result of an inner ear infection, which is closely tied to the sense of balance; if there are problems with the inner ear, then one may feel dizzy. An inner ear infection can throw off the sufferer's coordination and balance, resulting in frequent dizziness.

Riding a roller coaster causes dizziness in many people.
Riding a roller coaster causes dizziness in many people.

There are many ailments that can bring about the symptom of dizziness, including heart circulation problems and irregular blood flow. High or low blood pressure can often make a person dizzy, as can several types of medication, like sedatives. Medical conditions like a stroke, Parkinson's disease, or other neurological problems can also lead to dizziness.

An inner ear infection can cause imbalance and dizziness.
An inner ear infection can cause imbalance and dizziness.

Blood flow is a major factor in bouts of light-headedness. If there is not enough blood flowing to the head, dizziness may result. For example, when a person stands up too quickly or has eaten a heavy meal, he or she may feel dizzy. This is because blood pressure has fallen sharply. In these cases, the condition should only be temporary.

Other ailments or illnesses that cause dizziness include low blood sugar, fevers and stress. A simple head injury can also be a cause. Depression and certain phobias, such as agoraphobia, can also cause a person to feel dizzy.

Resting may help relieve feelings of dizziness.
Resting may help relieve feelings of dizziness.

Anxiety or panic attacks are usually accompanied by a bout of dizziness. The room may begin to feel as if it is spinning when a panic attack occurs. This may be because breathing quickens, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood; when this happens, the blood vessels in the brain constrict, and not enough oxygen is delivered.

In medical terms, there are three different types of dizziness. These are classed as vertigo, syncope and non-vertigo non-syncope. Vertigo is classified as a spinning sensation of both the surroundings and the individual. Syncope is used to describe the condition felt when standing up too quickly. Non-vertigo non-syncope is when balance problems occur and dizziness may increase with movement.

Certain heart conditions may lead to constant dizziness.
Certain heart conditions may lead to constant dizziness.

Nearly 40% of Americans seek medical assistance at some point in their lives due to feeling dizzy. It is a very difficult symptom to diagnose unless there are accompanying symptoms. A common accompanying symptom is butterflies in the stomach. If this happens every time you see a certain male or female, then it is quite common and no medical advice need be sought.

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I was just walking around, when the room just started to spin around, in multiple directions, and I fell onto the floor. Is this normal? I hadn't gotten up quickly, and there was a slight pressure in my head.


In December of 2012 I found out I had h. pylori. I took the antibiotic treatment which was a 14 day treatment of six pills a day plus two acid pills. Well, I had terrible side effects and was so weak I could barely eat.

I called the doctor the second day and she suggested I take probiotics, which helped with my weakness but I felt terrible. Well, after treatment I would get a dizzy spell here or there but nothing major. I was super weak and two weeks after the pills, I woke up with no energy, was super dizzy and thirsty. Two days later I went to the ER because my head was spinning at school and I felt terrible. They checked my electrolytes and they were normal. They gave me some medicine and sent me on my way.

Well, since then, from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep, I have a drunk/tipsy feeling all day long with episodes of dizzy spells. I feel like I'm going to fall sometimes, or pass out. I’ve had an MRI done, and been to the neurologist with blood tests done for dizziness, been to the ENT, had all those tests done, thyroid tests, numerous blood tests, numerous doctor visits, EKGs and they can't find anything wrong.

I'm 27 years old with a two and four year old. I don't work because of this dizziness. I'm trying to get in the nursing program and I feel crappy. Not a lot of people know how I feel. I look so pretty and youthful but on the inside I'm crying.

I went to my doctor and asked if he can test me for Candida. He said he didn’t think I have that and I didn't. I researched Candida and so many symptoms I have match up. I get tired fast after an hour of shopping. My doctors say I'm dizzy from anxiety and stress but the dizziness is what caused all the anxiety. They told me to see a psychiatrist.

I also started getting pains in my hands and the doctor shrugged that off. My acid in my stomach has been worse ever since I took the antibiotics. I saw a chiropractor for four months, but it got too expensive, so I stopped going.

This also causes me to get skipped heartbeats. I was so healthy before the antibiotics. It took something from me and I feel like it might not ever come back in my system. My mom bought me so many herbal pills, aloe vera and nothing is working. I just pray and am trying to keep faith I will be healed one day.

I don’t know when, but it's Gods plan for me. There's a reason for everything. I just hope I can find the solution. I’m still thinking Candida so maybe I might go on a strict diet.


I was 17 years old two weeks ago. When I get up, I feel dizziness and I blacked out and my vision became blurry. I don't know why. Can you help me?


@msippigurl: There is a rare syndrome called Mal de debarquement syndrome. Your symptoms sound like they are consistent with this condition.

I remember seeing a woman who had this on the TV show "Mystery Diagnosis." She had been on a flight to Hawaii and when she got off the plane, had very similar symptoms to the ones you describe. It's not common and not many doctors know about it -- and there are no specific tests for it. If I remember correctly, the woman finally got treatment at Vanderbilt in Nashville, from an ear, nose and throat specialist there.

Check it out and good luck.


I'm 66 years old and have had dizziness for the past 30-plus years. I've been to every kind of doctor and had every kind of test there is, but the tests reveal nothing.

The dizziness seems to have a domino effect causing blurred vision, stomach discomfort, chest uneasiness, and unstable balance and depending on the severity, sometimes causes panic attacks.

It's the most awful feeling in the world to have no pain associated with it. I feel really weird at times, unexplainable. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


I'm 23 years old and I had a brain tumor seven years ago. I just want to tell the teenagers if you are experiencing vertigo, you'd better have a scan. I was misdiagnosed and only took a scan when things got really bad. My tumor was already the size of a golf ball Luckily the tumor wasn't cancerous so I didn't die.


This is in response to almost everybody: maybe it is our smart meters or wi-fi or both! The new smart meters that we are forced to have on our homes by utility companies emit radiation that is very controversial. More controversial than wi-fi but who knows? Look up smart meter and dizziness or smart meter is causing illness.


Simply, dizziness is caused by the liquids in your cochlea getting shaken up.


People who have dizziness normally do not have enough water in their bodies, and sometimes when you eat calories you will gain energy but if you do not drink water, the calories will not be able to move. So, try to drink water.

If you do not like the taste of normal water, then put lemon juice in the water or make hot water through the coffee pot with no coffee in the basket. There will be caffeine added to the water if you put the water through the coffee pot all by itself with no coffee beans.

Also, try drinking the flavored vitamin water. It could just be that you aren't getting enough vitamins, such as potassium and magnesium. If these two are low, you could get sick, get dizzy and even have a seizure. To get your vitamins, you can go to Wal-mart and get over the counter gummy vitamins.


@Anon3790: That is called the flu -- very popular in winter. My mom and I got it on Christmas Eve and Christmas. The one thing that you can do for that is to drink water, but not gulp it, and take some liquid tylenol flu and fever. It tastes nasty but it works wonders. Also, when you drink water, mix lemon in the water, and if you do not want to get sick, try and breathe through your nose every time you feel like you are going to get sick. I tried that and it helped. Good luck.


I'm 27, and I've been getting dizzy lately. Sometimes I feel like vomiting every time I'm facing the computer. It's like I'm having a slight headache. I don't know what's going on with me. I don't know if it has something to do with my eye. I can't concentrate on my work because of it. Can someone help me figure it out?


I have been feeling dizzy over the last few days, since Wednesday, and have never felt like this. It only happens now and again and I was feeling sick on Friday, but only for an hour and it went then. I'm only feeling dizzy now. I've been fine all day since Friday. Anybody have any tips on what could be happening with me? I'm diagnosed with 22q11, which is a rare genetic disorder. Could this have anything to do with it? I've never had this problem until now.


I am 27 years old and an athlete and I have lately been having dizzy spells -- two this week -- while lying down. I also have blurred vision and feel as if I am going to pass out followed by having anxiety.

My RH is 58 and blood pressure is 118/78. I feel very healthy and I eat very clean. Here is where I am wondering if this could have an effect: I went cold turkey on my anxiety medicine one month ago.


I'm from Allentown Pa. Months ago, there was an article in The Morning Call about a woman who had a problem with dizziness. She wore some type of black glasses for treatment. It had something to do with Good Shepherd.

I suffer from dizziness and thought the treatment might help me, but I can't find the article. I contacted The Morning Call but they couldn't help. If anyone knows anything about this treatment, please let me know.


I am 15 years old and I get dizzy a lot. I am also skinny and my parents told me that I don't have energy. But after eating, when I have lot of energy, I still get dizzy.

I asked my nurse at my school and she said that I was not hydrated, and needed to drink water. But I had the same problem after that. I've also tried vitamins, but still no luck. I guess I have heart failure so I am going to die.


I'm 14 years old and feel a little young to be on this topic, but whenever I get out of the shower then stretch, I get light headed and even sometimes I will fall and won't get up for a good 10 seconds. I have no idea why I experience this. Can you help?


I'm 16. Normally, teenagers like me hang out with our friends, but how can I do that if dizziness sometimes strikes?

For the past month I've been experiencing some panic episodes which made me feel like I was losing my mind and it seems like I'm going insane. Maybe it's because of the coffee I had at dinner, which was normal coffee and had caffeine in it and I'm blaming that for my panic disorder.

After experiencing some panic episodes for about a month, recently I just had this vertigo.


I am 25 years old and have been feeling dizzy and fatigued for two years, losing weight and becoming sicker day by day.

At first, my doctor suggested I lack vitamin D, but after using medicines for six months, I am not recovered.

Suddenly, one day it was severe and I was admitted to the emergency room and the doctor did several tests and he said everything was normal, but suggested I have vertigo.

When I went to the ENT, he said I don't have vertigo and he recommended a neurologist and he also said everything is normal.

I am feeling very bad and I can't describe it. My insurance also does not covering pre-existing conditions.

Can anyone help me, please?


My exams are drawing near and I am feeling very dizzy. The whole day I feel all right, but I don't know why, I just began to feel dizzy at any time.

Because of my dizziness, I can't concentrate on my studies. Please help to get me out of this feeling. It feels like I am on a flying carpet like aladdin had.


I have been having dizziness for the last two days. Whenever I move my head, e.g., look up, down, back or forward, my head starts spinning for a moment, especially when I change direction on my bed lying down. Does anyone know anything about this?


I bought a new mobile samsung phone and the day I got it, I felt ill. Does anyone know why? Tell me how could I get rid of this without breaking my phone.


I had my panic attack for more than four years. Now it's more like a living hell every day. I have dizziness most of the day and my neck and shoulder are cracking from time to time.

I have imbalance while walking, my face is flushed, I feel very hot and it is difficult to breathe. My heart races when everything comes at once. I become more anxious and fearful. I have a fear of dying. I am feeling hopeless. My work and my love life are messed up.


I have had dizzy spells for the past seven years. I am 68 years old. If I lie flat on the bed and turn my head to the left, my head starts spinning around, and it's very frightening. This has happened a couple times at the chiropractor. In the seven years, this has happened to me about seven times. Does anyone have a solution?


Hoping to get an answer here. I would just like to ask regarding what I feel for the past year. I am a student and I am on my third year of study. I often experience dizziness and headache especially during class days. My blood pressure ranges from 90/60 which is low, so I take ferrous sulfate then it goes in the normal range of 120/80. My menstrual cycle is regular now, but still, my headache and dizziness are still there. What do you think? Hope to hear from you guys soon.


Has anyone received any answers regarding the dizziness?? I get really tired easily and I find it hard to look at stripes/patterns. My neck is always tight no matter what I do and I have half the energy I use to. This all happened overnight.


Is dizziness related to cancer?


My friend is complaining of double vision and when wearing his glasses to see normal he has to wear the glasses crooked? He complains of pain in his neck sometimes too and pain in his ear sometimes. He has also complained of dizziness. Some days are worse than others. Some days he is fine. The vision is the big factor.


This is in response to 243: if you are not having regular bowel movements you need to see a doctor! My grandmother died from that. She was misdiagnosed with heart issues (Full bowels can cause those symptoms) but because they didn't find the source in time they couldn't clean her out so it is what killed her.

Go to a gastrologist and have your intestines checked out and proceed from there but do not ignore it!


If you have frequent dizzy spells, and your doctor does not know what to do, it could possibly be your gall bladder, gallstones, gallstones in a bile duct, etc.

For some reason, doctors seem to overlook this, or too quickly dismiss this.


I work as a documentation agent at this agency, and yesterday while I was sending the E-docs, I felt like I was working slower than usual (no apparent reason I could find). Then, my right hand started to feel heavy and I had a hard time moving the mouse with it. Then, I started to have pain in my hand, all through it. Then, I started to feel extremely dizzy and disoriented. I could not work for the rest of the day.

I felt dizzy, and could barely talk. I could barely drive home with my right hand, because at the wrist, it was hurting too much, and I was really dizzy. Then, I got home, and felt dizzy all evening, and then it was accompanied with the sharp headache.

What was it? Yesterday in the morning, I just ate a bit of yogurt and in the daytime, just some sweet treat from the vending machine. However, after I ate in the evening at about 6 p.m., the dizziness did not go away, and I felt very sick the whole evening. What was it? Please, help me.


I have been suffering from this for several months now. I have had balance problems at one point or another, but thankfully I found the vertigo killer program, then just added Eply Maneuver which worked perfectly hand in hand.

I do hope in the near future we get a permanent fix to this. --Anthony


I have been off balance now for eight days straight. I live in Los Angeles and have been under a lot of stress lately. It was a really bad the first few days. I'm tired a lot and its only when I open my eyes, my vision seems to be impaired, and things seems way off. I can't seem to focus on objects or look at anyone and focus. It's very odd. I'm going to eye doctor tomorrow.

I noticed this after I had botox injected under around the eye area two weeks ago. A week later this happened, I called the office and talked to the MD who injected me cause she's a plastic surgeon and she said it's not from the botox, so I'm wondering how the heck I got this.

You're telling me all of a sudden I have vertigo. I've never had anything like this in my life. Does anyone have any thoughts. Thanks.


I've had dizziness problems for over a year now. I've been to nine doctors trying to figure it out. MRIs, MRAs, and CAT scans have been done, and a whole bunch of other things, including the basics everyone will mention. I'm not going through eye testing, to see if it could be something with my eyes. The initial exam was fine, though my eyesight is worse than it used to be, but the pressure, and alignment, and shape, and all those things seem to be fine. I'm now going in for a visual field test.

I have had this symptom, I wonder if anyone else has had, that would be able to tell me, if they got it diagnosed, and treated. The symptom is, basically, that say I'm watching the road, in a car, as a passenger, as I'm currently unable to drive because of this, and it's all moving towards you, and the lines are flying by, as you drive, and when you slow down and stop, everything looks like it's still moving, and your vision blurs, and things get all twisted looking, kind of like when you look into the heat of a fire, and get those waves of heat moving around. That's the best I can do to describe it. Was hoping someone else might have had that issue, and can help me. Thanks!


For the past few years every now and again the world seems to go into fast forward. I have no control over it and it really freaks me out. Everything I do and everything around me moves faster than normal and I can feel my breath become more and more rapid and no matter how hard I try i can't calm myself down. I just become more anxious and scared that I have no control over it. What could it be?


Can anybody help me? I have been getting dizzy spells for years now, they usually last two weeks. If i look up or lie flat it starts, my joints usually ache and i have no energy and want to sleep all the time and have bad wind.

I have had my blood pressure checked and ears which were fine. I have also seen an ENT specialist and they informed me i had positional vertigo, but i don't have it all the time, maybe six times a year.

This is causing major problems with my job as i work in the emergency services. Can anybody help as it's getting me down like you would not believe. --John


A few minutes ago I got a haircut from one of my neighbors, and everything was fine. Then she asked me to stand up, and I did. After a while, my head felt like it had grains of sand rushing through it, and I collapsed without remembering what just happened, lying on the ground. Of course, this freaked her out, and I said that I was tired because of finals, and that we did lots of hurdles in PE.

After convincing her that it was my knees, I walked home. I don't know how long I was on the ground or anything, but I do remember that before it happened, my vision was fuzzy, and everything was spinning. I didn't feel my fall to the ground either. This was the first time anything like that happened to me, and I'm wondering if it's serious. Please reply if you can help. --k


this is in response to post 255. If you are experiencing eye pain when these incidents occur, it is very possible that it is what is called ocular migraines. With ocular migraines you may notice your eyes feel weak, vision is blurred, and you may feel off balance. I have heard many patients say that lights look unusual and they feel like they have tunnel vision.

I would suggest that you go back to your doctor and ask for them to check your blood sugar and your heart also. Fluctuating blood sugar and irregular heart beats can cause very similar symptoms. It could also be vertigo. There's way too many things that could cause those symptoms and your doctor should listen to you and do further testing, especially if this has occurred more than one time. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you get medical attention to resolve the issue.


Can anyone explain why when electrolytes are unbalanced you feel dizzy.


i am 12 years old and i have had a chronic neck problem for over 1 year. I have told my doctor about it but he doesn't mention anything that can help me. i feel i am caught cracking it a lot but that is because it hurts.I don't know what to do. Please help.


Im 13 years old. When I get a headache I get really dizzy and feel light headed. For some reason my eyesight gets blurry and I can't even see sometimes. I went to a doctor and he said nothing is wrong with me. But, it happens all the time. Usually I would take Advil to relieve my headache but the blurriness is still there any help?


you should check out heavy metals and blood pressure.


I wonder if anyone can help me. I am 27 years old and generally quite healthy, although prone to periods of feeling very low in energy. At the beginning of the year, I started to notice trembling in my hands, went to the doc about it and was told everything is OK. The problem stopped so I thought maybe I was being over anxious. More recently I have felt periods of dizziness and like there is something blocking in my ears, particularly my right ear. I assumed I had wax in my ear, booked an app to get my ears drained and was told that there was no much wax in them. I have started exercising at the gym and feel extremely unbalanced when I get off the machines.

Today I used the steam room (which I love and have used loads of times) but I actually caught my head spinning in circles so I had to get out fast. I noticed about six months ago, that I seem to not be able to ride a two wheeler bike anymore, (even though I rode one for years) I have no balance and keep falling off. This is slowly making me a bit nervous but average GPs tell me that my ears look OK. Also, would you recommend me seeing a neurologist or an ENT? Thanks sorry for the long spiel!


A lot of you people should really go see a doctor about your worries. Reading something online will only help that uneasy feeling that makes you think "maybe something is wrong with me". Go see a real doctor in real life, because consulting an online doctor isn't going to do you much help if you need tests done. Your life is a little more important than whatever it is you might be doing that is enabling you to make a doctor's appointment.


Sometimes my heart beats really fast and i can feel blood rushing to my head very often i can't see out of my eyes too and its hard to breath also my body feels like its really heavy! i don't know if i should be worried about this! it's been happening for years.


I have been suffering from dizziness for two years. I am trembling like a leaf now. Please if any doctor is online help me.


to those who is experienced dizziness, this is not something to play with. go see a doctor if it gets worse. Lie down, stop whatever you are doing that day and take a break and take a nap or just rest. if it still gets worse go to the ER. you may either have something wrong or maybe you might have chronic dizzy spells.


For the past four or five days I have been having random dizzy spells every two or three minutes. Some are to the point where I almost fall over and some make my eyes roll around my head. I am really scared and I have no clue what the cause is. Please help.


Sometimes when I have been sat down for a while or have been sleeping and I stand up, I start to feel really dizzy and I start to feel a headache and I can't see very well. Is that normal?


I noticed that I get dizzy when I am typing in my cell phone for about 5 minutes. Why?


I am only 12 years old. A few months ago, I passed out at the dentist because I stood up too fast. My eyes went all black and fuzzy and I didn't know what I was doing. Next thing I know, I was lying down knees up on the chair. About 10 minutes ago, the same thing happened. I was in the same room as my dad when I stood up and said I felt dizzy. I stood there for I don't know how long, heard a bash, then next thing i know my name is being called out and my Dad is running over to me, and it turns out i fell onto a table and hit my back on it.

It has been happening a long time, but only recently has it started resulted in falling on the floor. I loose my memory of that moment when it happens, unsure if I was actually asleep or not. Usually it happens when I start walking. I was told it's because i don't drink enough water, but I'm not sure about that. Thanks.


I have low blood pressure and usually feel light headed, which the doc has told me is normal. But sometimes I do get dizzy suddenly and experience like a swooping/falling sensation. Is that normal?


I feel dizzy at times. Sometimes I will almost pass out. My head will ache. Trouble with bowel movements, slow if any at all; sometimes not for two days. Ribs hurt when touch. Stomach is constantly bloated. Feel like I am sore from doing ab crunches.


I've been experiencing dizziness for the last three days. The first day was very ugly. I vomited and stayed in bed all day. The second day it only happened to me in the morning and the third day only in the morning. I haven't seen a doctor yet but I'm about to go see him because i have no explanation for this dizziness. Is there any doctor online who can tell me what to do?


I have been feeling really dizzy lately. I also felt really nauseated and couldn't stand up because i just felt like dropping to the ground. And I can't eat much because I don't know why. i just feel nauseated whenever i eat something. What should i do?


I am a 22 year old female and I get bad headaches frequently. Sometimes every day, sometimes to the point where I need lights off a few 400 mg advil and quiet.

I also often get a very hot feeling and my boyfriend hates it because he needs to put a winter coat on in the house because I open the windows to get cooled down. I also get chest paints sometimes on the left side but my mom thinks this could just be muscle pains. I feel dizzy sometimes, even without a headache. I do have a heart condition, RBBB (Right Branch Bundle Block) but the doctor says that alone it isn't fatal, just uncomfortable.

What could be causing my hot flashes and dizzy spells? My thyroid is fine. I had that checked, and when I get blood work, it says I'm all good. My heart rate is a little bit low but it's fine they say. So why do I feel crappy? I eat well, I exercise most of the time, and I quite smoking over a year ago. I hardly drink ever and don't use drugs. I weigh 126 lbs. and am working towards weighing 117 -120 lbs. So why do I feel crappy all the time?


I woke up today to take my daughter to school when my dizziness started. I started swaying as my head spins around, feeling very light pain in my right ear. I lie down and get chills. This is the first time this had happened. What should I do?


i have been suffering from severe dizziness for two days and had to be sent home from work today because i felt like i was going to faint on numerous occasions.

I work in a factory and on a production line with a belt that moves very fast and I am wondering if that could have anything to do with it, although i have worked there for over a year so I doubt this would be the case. However, i do get neck and back pain which can be really painful at times, and also both of my ears tend to get a slight crust in them from time to time. Also i was a heavy cannabis user for nine years and stopped smoking it a week ago today without cutting down gradually. i just stopped it suddenly. Do you think this could have anything to do with it?

Although i have not been to the doctor i am sure i suffer from anxiety, stress, have panic attacks, shortness of breath. All of my problems have just built up to the point where I have difficulty thinking, concentrating and memory loss, and my head goes blank. It just happened now -- I can't remember what i was just going to say!

Can anyone help me and give your thoughts and opinions on what i should do because all of my problems are getting me down and think i may have severe depression. Thanks. --Tony Y.


So I've been getting really dizzy lately and when I do I lose hearing in my right ear! Does anyone know what can cause this? It's really freaking me out already!


I have known people who share these symptoms who were treated for migraines and finally had relief. Also, some people respond that way to allergens and artificial perfumes (like laundry soap, fabric softener) and carbon monoxide poisoning. Acupuncture, homeopathy, environmental assessment and so on may help some.


Someone give me some freaking answers. I've seen two doctors and no one knows what's wrong. I'm 19. I had vertigo last may. Then in July, I got a bad dizzy spell. I couldn't eat, walk, stand, or sit. It lasted for two weeks. I got better on August 1. Then August 22, it happened again. I got better on September 1.

Now, I don't get bad spells, only for a few hours or a day. Everything feels like it's moving. I'm having the same problem right now. I'm on the couch, dizzy as all hell. Please help me.


@223: Come on are you kidding. she is 13. why would you ask her if she was dabbling in occult things? Every symptom she mentioned is a symptom of gluten intolerance! Including fever and chills! Please be more considerate! This is a child!


218: Please get checked for Gluten intolerance or AKA Celiac disease. You may have allergies to certain foods. I had all your symptoms growing up and was diagnosed by a biopsy of having celiac a wheat, rye and barley allergy in foods. It's as simple as going gluten free and you'd feel so much better.


I am 22 years old and i have been feeling faint (like i almost feel like falling over). i feel tired, i have anxiety and i have been getting pains in my lower back and my sides right near my hip bone and tightness across my forehead. And if i do too much the tops of both my legs hurt and if i try to massage them they hurt worse. i have been feeling this way for tjree months now. Please help me figure this out.

so far i have had an ekg, systolicts test, cbc, anemia tests done and nothing.


anon4334, ask your doctor about vasovagal syncope or Autonomic Nervous system disorder. My daughter was diagnosed with this a few years ago and she passes out or gets dizzy often. It is caused by the nervous system malfunctioning. They have meds that can help this from happening. Try asking about this they can do a tilt table test to see if this is what you have.


I'm 21 years old, my periods are regular but the last periods i got, they were three days late and they still only lasted two days, like one and a half days and after that I was feeling weird things like feeling nauseated, but it is not all day. i feel this, and pain in my back and headache, and some left side pain.

when i want to eat something, I feel like I'm going to vomit, but I don't. Am i pregnant? Please help.


I'm only 14 years old and passing out at least five times a day. it happens when I've been sitting down for a while then stand up, and the next minute I'm on the floor. It's like waking up again. please can anything help me? because i could have killed myself yesterday. i collapsed and missed the edge of a table.


I am 33 and I have been experiencing dizziness that at times comes with headache or rotation/spinning of the head. I was diagnosed as having left Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. I have been on anti-epileptics for almost a year now. However, there is a very great change in me now compared to the time I used to suffer from this illness daily. Now I can stay for over a week or two before getting an episode.

My request can somebody help properly diagnose and treat my condition completely? Just today an English football player Richards died because of similar complaints I'm exhibiting.


@218: Have you recently been dabbling with any occult things? If so - go see a baptist or pentecostal church pastor and ask for prayer and tell him/ her what's happening.


@210: maybe your bout began the puberty stage of your life. because as i remember when i was becoming a woman they say i was getting dizzy and light headed too.


My step dad is 48 and has suffered from a stroke and something is wrong with his heart. today i was sleeping and i heard something drop and it was him. he walked dead into the wall like it wasn't there and all i kept saying to myself was is he drunk.

he said he was OK so i walked to my room to call my mom he falls again in the hallway and busted his chin. i don't know how this happened. all he can say I'm hot. take my jacket off. also he said he was dizzy. what can we do to help him stop falling when dizzy?


This is my problem. I am 27 and need a fusion on my L2-L3, but when the pain gets so bad I sit down with the heating pad. I have been sitting here for two hours now and suddenly I feel like I'm going to pass out and just really dizzy. Why is this, or what is this?


I feel tired all the time and whenever I stand up I feel like my body is really heavy and my heart beats faster.

i get hot, palms get sweaty and my feet get cold and clammy. i get soaked with sweat from head to toe. i used to pass out when i was young around 4th grade. i don't pass out anymore but i come very close to it.

i have SVT but doubt this is a symptom. i take beta blockers to control the svt. it scares me into a full blown panic attack when my heart skips and flutters. help please.


i have many things wrong with me but can't quite figure it out. No one can. I'm 13, i have NF1 and fibromyalgia. i have pain like you wouldn't believe, and i cry all the time because of it. since september i have been having terrible headaches all the time. also when i get up and walk my eyes go black and i see nothing, i get this sharp stabbing pain through my for head and i have to stop and chill until it goes away. but it had just started with a few black dots and is now worse! i have also lost quite a bit of weight and hair.

i can't eat either. if i eat i get loose stools and i throw up. (I'm not anorexic or bulimic, promise, i can't even make myself throw up). i am very weak now, some days i have more energy then others. i only eat once a day and it isn't even a full meal, and I'll eat crackers throughout the day.

i never have a fever, i do have chills. my skin is normally cold and clammy. i turn either a light purple or get a net looking discoloration on my legs that are a purplish color. my throat is pretty red now, it's sore sometimes not all the time, but it stays red.

i also twitch really bad. please help.


I'm 14 and last night I became really dizzy, like vertigo. I get dizzy often but this was worse than usual.

At about the same time I started having a bit of a stomach ache. This morning I woke up still dizzy and my stomach hurts. I have a bit of body aches and a headache. I don't have diarrhea.


My dad is 68, and has had Rheumatoid arthritis since the age of 43, he has been on horrific medication, as he is server. Now lately, he has this terrible continuous dizziness in his head, he feels like the front of the head is numb, and just generally feeling awful. Can anyone suggest what might be going on, as he has been to doctors, and no joy. Thanks, have a great day.


if you pass out with dizziness, you'd better see a doc be cause the oxygen is being cut off from your brain.

And something as simple as an inner ear infection or even sinus infection doesn't do that.


i am 40 years old. i woke up this morning and i passed out on the floor. after five minutes i catch myself. i didn't even know where i was. what is the cause of that?


Just a thought but if you are feeling dizzy you might need to have your blood pressure and heart rate checked. Dysautonomia is a very misdiagnosed chronic illness but will effect many parts of the body. Just look up dysautonomia and you will find many sites that explain it and explain just how many symptoms it can cause. Hope that helps.


Early this morning i woke up, and as i got up i nearly collapsed to my knees. Feeling dizzy. Later on that day, at random times, I get this weird sensation feeling in my head and then i get real dizzy, and even when i sit it, it feels like I'm spinning. But this only lasts for a minute or less. And it has been happening all day. Please tell me what's wrong.


I'm 47, and started having dizzy and a disconnected, fuzzy, foggy feeling in my head about a year ago. Since I read and study every health book and article that I come across, I decided to investigate every cause I could assume.

I don't trust doctors; I've had too many family members whose health was destroyed by tons of medications they try to impose on you. It all goes back to money. If I find an honest one really concerned about your health, and knows side effects of dangerous medications, then I may go. Kevin Trudeau's book first opened my eyes to this. You should go to make sure it's not your heart or if you have symptoms of a stroke, always. I went to a walk-in clinic because I thought my blood pressure was dropping. It was fine, she said I had vertigo, but it's much more than this. I had the worst symptoms of being in a foggy, dizzy trance when we were at a water park, indoor and also at a Christmas place that brings out tons of old decorations and trees. Mold, cold and damp. I took a photo and the photo is blurry. I have a front load washer that smells like mold no matter what you do.

Secondly, I had symptoms of candida, like most women. I don't have yeast infections, so I never gave it a thought. The book, “The Yeast Connection” and some other very good ones really opened my eyes. Yes, it is inner ear also, and any little wax lodged will make you dizzy, but the peroxide made it worse. I removed a memory foam pad off my bed, and just read about the chemicals in foam and mattresses. When I lay down at night, my heart would pound and I could feel the blood through my veins; that stopped when it was removed. I will get an organic or plant latex mattress soon.

I was using products that are labeled organic that have very serious chemicals in them. I bought a goat's milk soap, pure, was completely dizzy and disoriented the next day. It contains a form of formaldehyde. Research on Skin Deep cosmetics, and many other good sites. Anything on your skin is absorbed into your body, passing all defenses.

Water filters are so important. I was never ill until we bought a new house, new carpet and paint. The salt in items you would never expect, is unreal. I noticed the dizziness started right after eating something like this. Just research chemicals and toxins. They are everywhere. I keep my bedroom window open at night even in the winter. I am also getting all of my leaking, mercury fillings out, two a year. This I assumed was the problem at first, but it is a mixture of all these things.

The Epley Maneuver for dizziness and vertigo really works, look online. It's very simple, sometimes you have to do it every now and then, but results are instant. Vitamins, mild detoxing herbs, and vitamin D, from the sun if possible. All of my symptoms start in October every year, except when we had new carpet and paint in May. I know how horrible this feels, so that's why I am just trying to throw some ideas around from what I found. Mold and yeast do cause vertigo. Sorry this is so long. I hope some of these ideas can help someone.


I'm 12, and lately I've had issues with lightheadedness. It's very weird and I've never had it before. When I'm inside a club I get it, probably because it's crowded. Now I even got it at school. I was sitting in my English lesson and I turned my head and it popped up. It's very strange, I react late too. When I close my eyes it seems a bit normal but when I open them again I feel dizzy. I feel like I'm about to faint. Anyone know what it might be?


I am a 35 year old man. i have been having neck stiffness for a long time. i have a heavy working schedule which involves working on the desk for long hours. i also get vertigo. can this neck stiffness be the cause for the vertigo i get? what should i do?


yes i think it might be an ear infection but here's my story.

I wake up like a few minutes after i sleep then i wake up feeling weird and it just doesn't feel normal i feel scared and not like normal once i thought my name was Two or Six or a Twelve and i couldn't remember it but i am writing to you guys in this state right now and i have school in the morning and i can't sleep with it still on.


when i eat, i get dizzy. i can concentrate but slightly. a wave of dizziness will hit me. i am dizzy when i pass out on the couch and bed. i see disgusting pictures in my brain when i go to the washroom. I am dizzy all the time. i can't enjoy a time without being dizzy.


I took a prozac because i was feeling depressed but my doctor didn't suggest that i take one and I'm under 18 years of age. and after i took it, i searched prozac up. and you cannot take it if you're under 18. and the only way you can is if the doctor gives you a prescription. and i didn't have one!

and it said that i would get all drowsy and dizzy.

I'm really dizzy at the moment. i almost feel drunk and drowsy. Oh yes, and i just want to know: am i going to be okay?


My aunt has been suffering for the past two months from severe head spin as well as vomiting after every intake of food.

She is 60 years old and takes her blood pressure tabs regularly which is always under control. She had a uterus operation in the year 2009.

Whenever she stands, her head spins and she falls without her knowledge. Please advise as we have had an MRI and CT scan for her head, however the results are negative.

Please advise whom we are suppose to meet (like Neurologist, etc.) and the possible reason for the above.


The computer and other electricity are causing my lightheadedness and dizziness. The doctors have me taking some medicine for this, and sleeping pills.


my husband is 57 years old and has a problem with his balance and shaky hands. he is also losing his hearing. I am worried about him. can you please help.


I suffer from fibromyalgia and became addicted to Hydrocodone. Back when I was addicted there was no suboxone so the only thing I could do was get on Methadone which helped the pain and withdrawal.

It's been six years and about a year ago I was robbed at the clinic. I was also having a very hard time keeping the liquid dose down without vomiting.

Anyway, things got worse and worse now any time I go to the clinic I'm very sick and once I get there after a minute I start vomiting. This last time I was sick for five days and have barely been able to start eating/drinking again.

I may have to go cold turkey. They think it's psychosis from the robbery but I think it's a phobia because I kept getting sick.

I'm also dizzy all the time now. I've suffered from motion sickness my whole life and I don't know what to do. I can't keep going to the clinic and getting this sick but just coming off cold turkey isn't that fun either.

These last five days were literal hell. Has anyone heard of anything like this? Is it medical, mental? etc? I've never felt very well on methadone either. Maybe the fibromyalgia makes me different, I don't know. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I don't drink, do any other drugs or take any other medications. I'm a good person who's trying to get better in life and want to come down low enough to get on suboxone and free myself from this addiction once and for all. Thank you.


i am 13 and i have problems whenever i get up. my sight goes all black i lose awareness and i tend to wake up with a sore neck or shoulder. and when i am out and about my head starts to hurt and i sweat and get very dizzy. what the heck is wrong with me?


I am 44 years old. I had been suffering from dizziness for tow months. I'm still very anxious with it. At night O still wouldn't sleep well, so I went to see a doc and also chinese medicine. I had headache problem on and off, and gastric problems too. I'm worried my body has a problem. Can someone help me?


If you feel dizzy when you're out in the wind and cold, you could be low in iron.


You should ask for a ct scan as well, because the ct scan is for bones. Another possible examination is functional neck ct and mri, where they scan your neck at different positions. dwi mri is another thing, where they can see parts where there is no enough blood. (cannot be seen in in mri angio).

My suggestion is to take b vitamins a lot, as that what builds neurons, which is what you need for your balance organ. If there is a joint problem, you could get steroid injections, and the rest of your neck.

If it is a muscle problem, you should do lots of exercises, take magnesium and antioxidants like selenium. If it is not ear originated, you should try as well hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


If you feel spinning, most commonly it is ear related and you should see an otoneurologist, or vein related and you should go and check a neurologist and ask for another type of mri, called an mri-angio. It does scan the vein system of your brain. It is also recommended to do a neck angio as well, because the problem could come from down there.

It is worth to see a normal neck mri though, because an mri is good for seeing the soft parts like joints and things.

So here comes the third possible reason to be dizzy: rheumatology. It could be a small injury between the discs in the joint or other soft parts in the first four discs.

In the upper neck everything is so tight, if there is a small problem, it could cause great symptoms. There is the balance organ around the line of the second neck disc, it could injured too. Or there could be an inflammation of these organs. And the worst part: 60 percent of these diseases cannot be recognized by mri. The doctor have to find out. So your should have a great doctor.

You should ask for a ct scan as well, as something that not be seen on the mri is bones. Another possible examination is functional neck ct and mri.


I am only 18 years old, and the last couple of days i have felt dizzy all the time! almost to the point where I've been passing out. I run into the walls, i can't walk or see straight sometimes. i just feel very light headed. I've been trying to drink lots of fluids, and eat regularly and still doesn't help. What do i do?


I am a 39 year old lady. For the last week i have dizziness and i feel like my head is pounding. i cannot sleep on my left side. i have acidity also. please help me. what is the cause of this? --anon367


I am a 44 year old male, 5 ft seven. at 195 a bit overweight. I am very anxious and a borderline hypochondriac.

I have two dogs and I am allergic to pet dander, mold, mildew, down feathers, have a deviated septum and multiple sinus infections, also dizzy too, at times. I just took three rounds of avelox after amoxicillin and prednisone. It didn’t work to clear up the infection. My ENT helped me through it, scoping me after each visit and giving me the medicines (for free), but I still have residual discomfort and sinus congestion.

I also used a nasal spray called veramyst to decrease inflammation in the sinuses and he told me to take mucinex too. He also gave me singulair which sucked and I refuse to take it. Sinus problems can be chronic and surgery sometimes doesn’t correct it. my ENT said my deviated septum was a 5 or 6 on a scale of one to ten -- enough, I guess, for me to have years of problems.

I also spend days on end on the laptop with no glasses and I have astigmatismm slightly raised blood pressure and high cholesterol 244 and the bad LDL 187.


For the last two days, I had bad headaches, which made me dizzy. It always happens at night, while I'm on the computer.

I wasn't too concerned about it, until today. When I walked home, the ground suddenly turned uneven, and I had a feeling I was going to vomit. I held on to a rail until it got better. I then walked straight on, but I always go to the left. Can anyone tell me what's happening to me?


early morning i woke up and i sat up immediately then was very dizzy. i went back to bed. when i woke up later on i was still feeling dizzy, but not so much. the room wasn't spinning like crazy anymore. i walked downstairs slowly and drank juice. what could have caused the dizziness? was it because i sat up too quickly or have high blood pressure or drank a lot of soda? i do feel a lot better now though.


I feel tired all the time and whenever I stand up I feel like my body is really heavy and my heart beats faster. Whenever that happens i have to hold something next to me, trying not to fall.

Sometimes i have terrible headaches and I always end up crying. Can anyone please tell me if this is serious?


For the last 10 days my head is also spinning. I am afraid it could be inner ear infection. When i consulted ENT specialist he gave vertin and i am using it. I still have problems coming and going. What's the solution?


I am 30 and always a very healthy woman. Six months ago I was watching Tv (4:00 pm) and all of the sudden I had to go to sleep immediately (I never sleep during the day, and I was tired). I just fell in the bed and woke up two hours later. I just disconnected. Fifteen days ago I was at the supermarket and I felt the same. I almost landed in the floor. I was worried because I had my kids with me, so I controlled my mind and the feeling went away. I'm scared it will happen while driving, anyone knows something please?


If you're feeling dizzy or have a balance disorder, you should look into Vestibular Rehabilitation. Call LifeStyle Physical Therapy & Balance Center if you're in the Chicago area to make an appointment.


Any one who has severe episodes of fainting upon standing or exercise please research the disease/ condition dysautonomia. Anybody seriously concerned with their health should see a doctor and be completely honest about any and all habits and your lifestyle.

If they can't help keep documentation of any and all health stuff such as meds, blood sugar, blood pressure, pulse (active and passive) type of food intake, H20 intake, when and the reaction that occurs and start to be vigilant about finding a correlation between these incidents.

If you suspect a parasite, try out some homeopathic remedies.


I had a prostate operation. Recovery went well. The doc gave me iron tablets to improve hemoglobin and told me to drink lots of water. The iron caused loose motions and loss of body salts plus more salts were probably lost due to lots of urination.

I drank lots of water with ORS (oral rehydration salt) and the dizziness away. Then it would occasionally come back but more rounds of water plus ORS helped it go away.


for a few weeks now when driving, walking or even standing if i look left or right then straight ahead again my vision goes and i get dizzy as heck. even after my vision comes back, i still feel dizzy for a few seconds. and every now and again i get this high-pitched kind of hiss in my ears like I'm clenching my jaw tight but i am not. my friends are worried because they can see it happening. do i need to see a doctor?


Every day i always feel very lightheaded and dizzy. i can't hear or walk. Help me!


For four years I've been having problems. At first they say it was anxiety but it's been years and I'm still having problems. whenever i walk into a store i have a heat sensation and it feels like my legs are giving out, along with a weird feeling of dizziness, plus my eyes have a slight movement.

I don't know whats going on it very very scary. i start college soon and I'm hoping to get help. many tests. still no hope.


First let me say I totally sympathize with each and every one of you having these problems.

My own dizziness issues began about 16 years ago. I came down with the worst case of the flu I ever had and was violently ill for a couple days. Ever since that time I have experienced random bouts of both the vertigo and non-vertigo types of dizziness. If I have not been getting enough sleep it is worsened.

I went to several doctors and specialists (ENT and something else) but all the tests returned normal, including CAT/MRI. I basically just put up with it for years since there was no point in seeing the doctors anymore.

After moving to a new state I drove past a place called the Balance, Dizziness, and Mobility Center. I decided to try again and made an appointment. They said that dizziness is not just related to the inner ear (which is what all the previous doctors said) but also the feet and eyes were responsible. After a couple of visits they determined mine was primarily related to my eyes and began a regimen of physical therapy for the eyes (eye exercises) over the next few weeks. This really helped me and served to reduce both the number of dizziness bouts and the severity.

I still have some issues, and there may be other factors as some have mentioned such as blood sugar/diet etc. but I wanted to let you all know that it could be your eyes, and an eye doctor isn't necessarily familiar with ways to help. The Balance, Dizziness and Mobility Center is in Charleston, SC Contact them and see if they can recommend someone near your location. God bless you all!


For those who are experiencing dizzy spells and have had tests but still don't know what is going on, I suggest looking at your hydration.

For weeks, I was dizzy every day, throwing up and finally discovered that I was getting dehydrated in the middle of the night, so I started keeping a bottle of water next to my bed for when I wake up during the night, a couple of small sips and the dizziness hasn't been back.


I went to mexico one day i woke up and felt dizzy. i went down the stairs and i felt as if i was going to faint my family said that i might not be eating right so i started eating correctly: milk, yogurt, veggies. it kept happening. i would turn my head move my eyes and i would feel as if the whole room would turn and i would to but i also feel that my stomach turns and i feel as if i want to vomit. it's not every day, only some days. once i woke up dizzier and then some days i didn't want to eat anything. everything smelled disgusting to me. i felt like i wanted to vomit.

i looked on the internet and it said that that could happen if you get up too fast.

blood doesn't go to your brain and it causes headache and dizziness when you move so try to sit five minutes in your bed before getting up. never rush and if you're still dizzy, try to rest and close your eyes.

ask a doctor because in rare cases it can be a brain tumor.


I had flu for about six days and suddenly last week I started feeling dizzy. I thought my blood level was low but no it wasn't the case, the doctors said it must be flu side effects. the flu is gone but dizziness is still there and it's been five days now. I really don't know how to deal with this am even afraid to do exercise because I can't stand for a while I must sit down most of the time.

I don't know, can somebody help me because i just started a new job and can't afford to be sick with something. I don't know what is the cause and will have to fly in a week's time.


This is to hopefully help some of the posters who are feeling dizzy, disconnected and unaware at times.

First, talk to someone you trust: a doctor, a family member, a teacher, anyone who will listen and take you seriously. Be calm and carefully express the symptoms. Try to not be emotional.

Second, see a doctor. General practitioners work. If you feel what they're telling you is off, don't hesitate to get a second opinion. Try to be calm and clear about the main issues and try to word things clearly (instead of 'I'm frustrated and have trouble remembering things' try 'I have trouble remembering things and that has been frustrating'). If your doctor refers you, go where he referred you. If he wants you to see a psychiatrist than do so. Some illnesses that are only treated by psychiatrists are chemical imbalances and just as much a physical problem as anything else. You're not crazy.

Third, follow through. Drink lots of water, make healthy meal choices, get exercise, etc. Follow your doctor's orders. If you feel you're going in circles, try a new doc. Tell them what you've tried. Be calm and logical. You'll get diagnosed faster and feel better sooner.

This is my story.

I've been dealing with these problems for about five years, and finally found a doctor who diagnosed me correctly so I can be treated. The steps I suggest above are what got me feeling better. My family wouldn't listen (my parents said I just wanted attention), doctors didn't follow through, and my life was barely a life at all.

I had been told I might be having seizures in my brain or that I was just crazy. I had blood work done as well as other tests and began self medicating. When a co-worker referred me to a doctor she trusted, I was diagnosed with ADD.

Most people would say that ADD doesn't cause dizziness. What it can cause is a severe inability to focus to the point where you're disconnected and just 'don't get it.' It feels like your head is filled with static and you can only use a part of your brain. My head would feel numb at times in certain places, and when the symptoms got bad I would get dizzy and feel as though I had to throw up or use the bathroom.

The inability to focus is what caused the anxiety and stress enough to create the other symptoms, which masked the real issue. Not to mention, ADD makes it easier to feel overwhelmed.

Now when I'm dizzy it is related to blood sugar due to my meds suppressing my appetite. In all honesty, finding out my condition was not super serious and pretty common was a blessing, but it drove me crazy too. Why hadn't I been diagnosed earlier? Hopefully someone will learn from my frustration (doctor, patient, or even parent) and a cry for help won't go unheard.


For the past year and a half I have experienced periods of dizziness, headaches, and general feelings of 'disconnectedness'. I have gone through every test imaginable from blood tests to CT scans.

I have visited ENT's and neurologists and chiropractors and all of them tell me nothing is wrong except maybe stress headaches.

I don't care how much education they have, they are wrong! Something is wrong with me! The only thing left to try is the dentist. I have neglected my dental health because of the cost of my other medical bills and my husband being laid off from work.

I am praying that there is a dental problem that will cure my issues. I'm tired of not feeling well. I want to encourage all of you. Don't give up! Don't take the 'There's nothing wrong with you' answer.


I have been feeling very dizzy since for the past three days. I am not sure why i am feeling this way. I am also experiencing headaches, body temperature changes and constant sleepiness.

I haven't gone to the doctor because i do not want to drive all the way out there if it isn't anything serious. My parents know about the situation but it just hasn't stopped. I have taken advil and nothing works.

I did feel okay two days ago, but that afternoon i got extremely dizzy and i had to sit down. I am actually extremely dizzy at this moment while typing.

I was wondering what could it be that is causing all of this? I am 18 and i would like to know if it will ever go away? Please let me know something ASAP. Thank you.


I've been having dizziness ever since two years ago. The first time it happened, I was running and then my vision turned white and I felt so light headed like I was going to faint, but as soon as I sat down and rested, it disappeared. It's been happening a few times over the years, and every time it happens, I have to just sit down, wherever I am and just rest for a while. I'm 14 now, but I've never gone to see a doctor.


I had a fever that lasted a day and I've stayed sick with a sore throat cough and phlegm in my chest for almost two weeks. My eyes were very red for the first week until i stopped taking medicine.

I'd say I'm like 95 percent recovered, but two days ago i was hit with room spinning dizziness that lasted for a few seconds and my head was pounding a bit after. i haven't been to the docs (i have no insurance or job). my mom told me to stay away from sugars or sweets. i did and i believed it worked but i just got hit again today. Could it be because i drank a soda last night? Please tell me if i have a problem. i want to get rid of this, plus i never had this dizzy feeling before. much appreciated.


When i woke up my eyes started rolling around my head and then i got an immediate sick feeling. what is it?


OK what seems to be happening to most people here is the fact that they are going through a change in their lives. So for most, it's best to see a doctor and explain the symptoms. So keep fighting because you need to all your life. Things get worse when you're 39 years old. Things can go good then when you exercise.


I just keep getting dizzy randomly and sometimes it comes with eye pain or a headache. What do you think is up?


I got dizzy and light headed all of a sudden today, and it wouldn't go away. It's not because I'm tired (I've been dead exhausted before and nothing like this has happened before) and I'm not taking any meds.

My sister was hospitalized once with these and a few other symptoms, so could it be family related? I've found that I black out quickly in some situations (got a needle once to remove a hematoma in my hand; after an HPV shot; after my braces removal).


I had constant dizziness for nearly two years and saw every specialist imaginable (38 doctor visits). I had numerous medical tests (over 10K) with the final answer from my doctor..."we don't know. It must be caused by stress." I wasn't stressed, except for not understanding what was wrong.

I thought I'd post here to tell you I eventually discovered what it was: a tooth infection. Although a lower molar had been repaired by a dentist, over several years, an infection set in and into my jaw. My tooth wasn't even bothering me much! The day they pulled the tooth the dizziness disappeared and I've been perfect ever since. Get your teeth checked out! And never do a root canal. Just get it pulled! There is a nerve that runs along your jaw and into your ear.


I am 13 years old and school is starting soon, and i have been getting dizzy a lot. The room doesn't spin it; just pops out of nowhere. i get hot and cold and my feet and palms get sweaty and I'm scared i will pass out at school or anywhere. is there medication or anything i can take to stop it other than eat right and all that other stuff? please help.


My mother suffered from severe vertigo for over six months and had to take leave of absence from work. She couldn't drive and went through physical therapy for the dizziness.

Then, she figured out that she was getting worse after sleeping in her bedroom. There were some scented soaps in her dresser drawer. After their removal, the vertigo dissipated only to return when exposed to certain smells. My mother has always been very sensitive to smells and many of them make her physically ill.


i have been feeling dizziness for the past four months, and i have seen about six doctors for that and they all saying i am stressed and have balancing problems.

I also have taken so many tablets for that, but i am still having this problem.

Can someone please help me and show me the right way? i am very, very tensed now because of it.


my head has been getting very hot and it feels terrible then it goes away. but lately i have stayed nauseous and thrown up.


I have been suffering with vertigo for nearly three months. The first few days I had it, I would black out and need to have rescue called. It did dissipate for a few days, but now it's back.

I felt horribly light headed when I would stand up, and went to the doc for it. My blood pressure was very low. I want to the ER and received an IV. It brought my blood pressure back up, but I still feel terrible. I have a non-stop ringing in my ear, and am exhausted.

I have been prescribed so many different drugs in the last few weeks, it's ridiculous! I'm thinking I was dehydrated for the diuretic I was taking, but I only took one dose so not sure if that's it.

It is so bad, that I am pretty much unable to function. I have severe panic attacks now, since I never know just how dizzy I'm going to get. This is just agony!


I have recently started having these dizzy spells. I have just stopped dieting and not sure if that's the problem, I get it when I stand up, and when it's really bad, even if I move my head swiftly, I feel like am going to black out. I also feel sick in the stomach and get a dry mouth.


For the past few weeks I've been waking up dizzy in the morning. The whole world spins. I try to get out of my bed and fall back down as though someone pushed me back down. What is this type of dizziness and how do I cure it?


After reading so many post in regards to dizziness and blacking out, my heart felt so heavy for all of you as you are all dealing with low blood sugar. As a certified Nutritional Consultant with over 20 years of research in these symptoms I am highly recommending all of you to get the book “The Low Blood Sugar Handbook! Going hours without eating, a diet of sugary foods and drinks and getting dehydrated will indeed cause all of the many brain and dizzy symptoms I read above. Low blood sugar affects the brain dramatically.

Please also begin reading any book about hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar disorder. It is all about your diet! Eat small meals, snacks off and on during your day. Eat real food and not packaged food and stop eating so much sugary foods and sugary drinks. If the body is malnourished so is the brain! Snack often throughout your entire day. The brain needs constant fuel called glucose and that comes from food!

Snack on more raw foods fruits, veggies. You must also eat protein like turkey, chicken or fish. Change your diet and eat often, drastically lower your sugary foods and your dizziness will subside dramatically! Read those books!


I was sitting on the edge of the bed this morning and raised my arms above my head to stretch and I blacked out momentarily. My whole body experienced a weird feeling like swirling and I was lightheaded. I also became very nauseated.

I do take medication for Restless Leg Syndrome and I have Fibromyalgia. I have had a lot of pain with the fibro the last couple of days but this blacking out is a first for me.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Have all these people taken cyclobenzapr generic for Flexeril 10mg tab? If so, that could be your problem because now it's mine.


I have been dizzy for four months now and please do not tell me to see a doctor because I am sick and tired of being told it's because of stress. I was not stressed when it started. I am starting to get stressed now because it's like none of the doctors will allow me to go back to work because I keep falling and can't even keep my balance with a cane but they do not seem to want to help me.

if anyone knows what this is, could they please help me? I get headaches all the time. The cat scan was fine and the blood work so far have all been fine. The ent said I was faking and the er doctors are all full of crap saying it's because I am diabetic but yet I have been tested 12 times in the last four months and all sugar levels are fine.

I can't take this anymore. I am at the point of wanting to end it all because soon I will be out on the street. see my Ei ran out and I can't get disability or welfare because the doctors do not know what is wrong and I cannot pay rent. somebody please help.


i am 14 years old and i was at school and then i started to fidget and started to get hot, sweating, blackout, and i couldn't hear anything and then the next minute i was out side of my classroom, but i don't remember coming out but my friends said i just walked out. This happens only when i am ill. i don't know what to do and what i have. i need some answers.


After several years of suffering with bouts of dizziness and nausea, especially during the late morning hours, like between 9 a.m. and lunch time I bought a book call the "Low Blood Handbook" by Patricia Kimmel. I modified my diet to nearly eliminate caffeine, refined flour, refined sugar, alcohol, etc., and increased my protein intake. It made a huge difference and I'm feeling much better.

I knew I was borderline hypoglycemic but I wasn't sure how to treat it and sorry, the medical profession wasn't helpful. Most think it's just in your head. I assure you, it wasn't.

Good luck all. I know it's no fun being on a roller coaster.


i have been feeling dizzy and lightheaded for the last couple of weeks.sometimes i feel it continuously for days. I consulted a doctor, my diabetes and EKG were perfectly normal. Also there are no infections in my ear. could anyone know what could be the reason?


Oh yes, when I sit down like I always did at school, crossing my legs for too long, my leg will feel numb. Grrr.


I have felt dizzy since the June holidays this year. I am feeling dizzy for 24 hours for days, and I am feeling dizzy now. So then what should I do?


i had my last period in May, then about a week ago, i made love to my partner without protection. we skipped a day and performed the pregnancy test which came back negative. it's been 10 days now and for the past few days i've been feeling dizzy,and sometimes i feel like i could throw up and a bit tired and sleepy at times. am i pregnant?


Since I was five, I have been getting dizzy. Every time I get up or even if I'm lying in bed it feels like the world is spinning.

when I was in school or just walking around with my friends I would fall down for no reason and everything would go black for about one minute. Sometimes my whole leg would fall asleep, like it would go numb and I would almost fall over.

Now I'm 19 and it still goes on and yes I have been to the doctor and they say I drink too much soda so I stopped for a bit, but that didn't help.

One day I went to subway and i was standing and about to tell the worker what I wanted, then everything started to spin and i couldn't hear anything. So I decided to go to the restroom and when i was walking, everything went black. I couldn't see two feet in front of me. I had to grab on to a wall. for about five minutes, I couldn't speak or even see or hear, but the bad thing was when I lost my sight. it was during the day about 5 p.m. on a sunny day.

I really don't know what's wrong with me. I just need too know if anyone knows what this is. I've had it too long and I'm deathly scared of it.

Please help, I just want to know what it is.


I get dizzy every night when I lay down and can't get to sleep and then when i try to get up i get dizzy a lot. Nothing else is wrong with me. Any suggestions because I am worried about it but don't have insurance. Thank you.


I am really confused. for the past several days i have had random states of dizziness, like when i wake up and stuff. What do i do?


I am 25 years old and had really bad Mono three months ago. This whole month I have been feeling very dizzy and there have been many weeks where I was so nauseated after every meal, I just didn't know what to do.

I started eating gluten and dairy free, and it seemed to be helping with the nausea.

Today, I suddenly felt as if someone was putting pressure on my brain. It was slightly painful, but mostly scary, as if I were going to fall down or something. It only lasted a couple of seconds (but they were long seconds) and afterward I felt very nauseated and dizzy/unbalanced. I still don't feel that great and had to lie down.

Does anyone know what could be the cause of this?


For most of you, it sounds like you have vertigo which is likely caused by Labyrinthitis. Most of you also complain about anxiety, which may be contributing to these effects.


I've been getting light headed/dizzy for the last four months. I was taking medication for acid reflux and that seemed to help but today it is back.

I feel light headed today. I don't know if I am causing myself to feel this way because I am constantly worried about it happening. All my blood work and EKG came back good. The only thing that might be causing this is mold in my house. Does anyone know if mold can make you feel this way? Ugh.


I get dizzy usually in the morning; the doctors cannot find anything wrong with me. Sometimes it comes back in the afternoon. My blood pressure and diabetes are stable. It is very scary. -- Bill M.


Anxiety, low blood sugar, high blood pressure, lyme disease, panic attacks, thyroid issues, stress, inner ear infections, diabetes, bad diet, ms, cell phones, mold... The list of of things that can cause a person to become dizzy cannot be diagnosed on the internet by telling someone your symptoms. You should be seen by a doctor.


I have gone to emergency, doctors, neurologists, therapy, and they do attempt to diagnose, but so far nothing has helped me.

It's been over a year and I still don't know when it is coming or how long it will last. This time its been four days and no relief. I feel that unless someone is suffering with this, they have no idea that it is as bad as we say and just brush it off with some medical talk.

I am now trying to get some relief with natural treatments.

Some people blame it on alcohol and then they find that a person doesn't drink and still has it.

I eat healthy -- my own homegrown and organically grown veggies and meat. I don't consume a lot of sugar or all the things they say to avoid. It doesn't help. I do take otc supplements. I feel better physically, but the dizziness is still with me. Everybody just says well maybe it will go away.

We (all of us suffering with this) need someone to study it and find out what is causing this.

I am not holding out much hope.


i don't have an inner ear infection, but i do have abnormal pressure in both my ears. i also think i have agoraphobia.

I have all three types of dizziness: the vertigo, synapse, and the non vertigo and non synapse. i also get frequent headaches from being dizzy, and it sometimes makes me nauseous.

i also get dizzy when I'm lying still and it gets worse if i move or roll over. I've been to the er about it a few times and they never say anything to me, so it's a waste of time.


I am surprised that being tested for Multiple Sclerosis has not come up. My son's wife woke up dizzy, could not see well, and she thought it was nothing. It turned out to be MS.


Post 120: A side effect of lisinopril is dizziness; read the bottle. You may want your MD to give you something else that does not have the dizziness side effect. You too young to be on BP medicine.


every one of you asking what to do needs to see a doctor if it's that serious. if it lasts longer than a day see a doctor!


Dizziness can be caused by a lot of things. I would suggest consulting a neurologist and/or event that specializes in these problems.

They can help identify possible cause of the dizziness and refer possible treatments including physical therapy if it is a vestibular, benign positional vertigo problems or gaze instability problems, since a physical therapist that specializes in these can work with you on exercises that would help.


lately i feel dizzy out of nowhere. maybe i need glasses. but also i feel this thing, like if my blood is not running the right way. i just feel weird.


I'm 14 and for the last couple of months or days i put curling things in my hair and leave them in but when i twist them in my hair they make me feel sick and light headed/dizzy but when I'm in the shower or out the shower i seem to feel like I'm spinning. is this normal for me?

when i get up from the morning when i stand up i feel like I'm really dizzy too, so i end up having to sit down again. do you know what causes this?


I am 46 and just recently have I experienced dizziness and lightheadedness. I feel as though the room was spinning, and sometimes I feel so weak that I just have to collapse where I am.

My eyes don't work together at all when I experience these episodes. I have had a hysterectomy years ago. I am taking Metoprolol for high blood pressure and am on the border of becoming diabetic. So I don't know which one of these could be the monster?

I have had eye laser surgery from a retina becoming detached, so I don't think that is the case. I am really worried about this spells, they are becoming more and more and as time progresses, I feel faint almost during these.

I fear that there is mold where I live and I even wonder since most of these dizzy spells happen at home, could mold be the cause? Please advise if you know anything?


My name is Kimberly Marie. I'll be eighteen years old in May. Since last Sunday, I've been feeling light headed.

I normally have nothing to complain about when this sort of thing happens. Meds never really were my thing. However the feeling started getting worse by Wednesday. I went to the clinic in town and the doctor said i had congestion. It is now friday and I've been taking the medication he gave me regularly.

Light-headed has turned into unexplainable dizziness. I have sharp pains at the side of my eyes. My fingers are starting to twitch, I'm so tired and I don't feel like eating anymore, my head feels heavy, and my eyes are moving side to side very rapidly.

I know for a fact this isn't congestion, water in my ears, nor is it from anxiety. Help!


I'm 17 years old and I'm on some meds: Adderall, celexa and lisinpriol, and i keep getting dizzy when i stand up. even when i get up slowly, i still do. i feel like I'm going to fall over? what is going on.


I'm 12 and for the last two years I've been getting dizzy a lot of times. It usually happens when I'm in the shower or finish showering and sometimes it comes suddenly and i don't really know what to do in school!


when i spin around i get dizzy. why is this?


i am 16 and for the last three years i have been getting dizzy and loss of hearing and sight. i fall over and can't get up. i have no idea what it is.


I'm only 13. I was at a under 16's nightclub last night. I came back to my friend's house after and stayed over. My ear had the buzzing thing when the music is too loud.

We were going to sleep but I could get to sleep, I was really warm and the room was spinning. I threw up twice, and the room was still spinning. In the morning i was feeling light headed. The room wasn't spinning any more, but I can't walk in a straight line and when I turn my head round to the side, I stumble and trip.

I'm going to a concert tomorrow night, but if I'm still lightheaded I'm not going to be able to go. What should I do?


How about 11 years of dizziness! it came on, out of the blue and has been with me ever since! i have been to every doctor, therapists, you name it. i pray and wish and hope but nothing helps. my happiness is gone. No, i am not suicidal, quite the opposite, i am afraid to die! Anybody else feel like this? i hope not. it stinks.


I'm 25 years old and I've been getting symptoms of dizziness since I was 17 years old so this has been going on for seven years now.

As I'm getting older, they're getting worse. I've been to every doctor and they have said it's anxiety-related feelings.

When i think after i start feeling the dizziness, i give myself anxiety from it and my heart goes fast. i get cold, then hot, and my t-shirt is wet now. They said my blood pressure is not staying 120-80. It keeps moving around so they want to put me on pills for that. Maybe it will help.

I have no clue, but years ago when this started, my pressure was fine. Everyone says it's different things, but come on people -- something is making this happen.

I'm scared to even leave my house because of this and when i do it's not far. It's stopping me from doing so much at my age.


I'm 16 and when i was a small kid years back i had caught a pretty bad case of pneumonia and bronchitis.

it started when i was in my parents' room trying to balance myself on to a ball when all of a sudden i became dizzy. i thought maybe i just played too much so my parents laid me down because i had gotten a fever.

i started to dream about strange things, such as a man who would talk to me wearing a robe who told me of things unheard of like things of the future. i told my parents but they just became more concerned. i had a severe fever -- one that should have killed me. i needed to see a doctor because apparently i was hallucinating. A couple of days had gone by and i ended up in a hospital for those two sicknesses earlier.

i had recovered after one last week of suffering and everything "seemed" back to normal. i started getting light-headed dizziness and loss of vision when i stood up but in seconds it would go away.

sometimes when i lie down i can feel my heart to pump faster, yet my breathing is the same but at the same time it feels like, if you've ever been to the beach you'd know this feeling, like when you're sitting on the shore and the water tugs you like it's going to pull you in but in my mind i always see red tiger stripes or ripples of blood.

since the day i got sick I've had strange dreams and now it seems unbelievable but i can control them and i can sort of see in the future. i have at least or four instances of deja vu a day! I've asked what the world will look like when it ends and i think i have seen it and possibly the face of God.

so I'm thinking of seeing a doctor and a psychiatrist to see if there are previous cases like this before because i cannot find any answers online. this dizziness seems to be connected to my dreams. if anybody has answers please post and thanks for your help.


I don't know whether mine is dizziness or being light-headed but it seems to me as if the light in my head keeps switching off and on.

I feel this strange thing once or twice in a minute and I am getting worried every day.

This problem started with me last week a day after my return from Africa. This is so bad that whether I am sitting, walking or driving it keeps coming at me and I don't know what to do. anon007


I was just wondering why have i been feeling dizzy every day, and faint, with funny vision, and constant headaches and my eyes hurt. i thought i needed glasses but i can see perfectly fine?


I've been feeling dizzy for past 2 years. I Feel dizzy whenever I stretch and sometimes even faint for a few minutes. I went to a doc but he said I didn't have any problem. Can you help me out please..!!!


Pardon me if i have horrible grammar but based on what I have read on the comments it sounds somewhat consistent that it is early teens and slowly aging adults experiencing this. I have some weird thing going on it's just the room spinning no nausea (knock on wood) but it's description is slowly looking out of the corner of my eyes going back to the center of my vision and going back. However I read that it's from people with glasses, anxiety issues, or they were on the computer when it first started so as an assumption it's either from hormones, worsening eyes, or the computer monitor clarity plus a self diagnosis makes it seem unbearable if it is just anxiety


my dizziness started in a week ago and it,s getting worse as we speak now I'm sitting and still feel I'm falling from the chair especially when I'm out walking or driving my vision gets blurry and i feel like i want to puke. please help me do i have pain tumor?


I'm trying to find out what is wrong with me. I have an appointment with the doctor to see what is wrong with me and why I'm doing this.

I was driving in my 1997 mustang that I have had for a couple of years now and it was just my daughter and me, and we were just going across town.

All of a sudden I got really dizzy, like everything was spinning outside and I couldn't think very well, so I pulled off in a neighborhood and was not sure what to do at this time so I kept driving and made it back home but i still was very dizzy and I was so scared.

I tried to go around every stop light by only hitting green lights and if it wasn't green I would go through a neighborhood.

At this time I was having a panic attack from being scared. I take methadone and have taken it for around seven years now. Last year, the doctor put me on 180 mgs a day and that is a lot of methadone to take in a day.

I know that, so I'm going to talk to them about coming down to around 100mgs a day. It will take a little time but i can do it if I try. I thought My car had a leak and had fumes coming from it but I had that checked Monday and they said the car is fine so if anyone has ever had these happen please let me know what it may be.

It felt as if I was dying and no one could help me and I felt lost and very dizzy. This had happened around two months ago but it stopped after I got out of the car -- that's why then I went into a panic attack.

Now I'm scared to drive my mustang because I thought it was going to kill me if I didn't get some help and it lasted about two hours or so. I called 911 and they told me my blood pressure was up like it was an anxiety issue or something.

Now I'm not sure what to do about not being able to get in the mustang. we have an s-10 that's my husband's, but I still have that fear of having it happen again when driving and when I drive and think about it I make myself have a panic attack. So does anyone know what I can do about this problem? Please let me know if you have had the same thing happen or know something I can do to make it stop.

I have always driven everywhere and I hate riding with someone else. I drive every day. I love just getting in my car and driving just for no reason at all. So please help!


i'm 11 and i have this because, i just start moving and boom my vision is gone and when it's back, i'm on the floor.


I am nearsighted, I wear glasses alternately with contact lenses. Very often I use a computer. My dizziness seems happening almost every day.

Though it's not a heavy or hard spell, it disturbs me. I have my multivitamins as a daily supplement, and I eat healthy foods as well. I regularly have eye check ups. I don't understand why I still feel dizzy. Please help!


I am 24 years old and I have dizziness. I have nausea and felt in the ears of the left coronary and heart rate increase and felt a twinge in the back under the neck with the knowledge I've worked my ear and planning appeared to be intact. Can you help me?


i'd like to help everyone here. first of all you have to go to a doctor immediately because you may have allergy in the blood and this can make your heart to get irregular beats, with dizziness, swelling in the mouth and throat and many other signs, You should before it get medical treatments for allergy. this will help you to get a better, healthy life. I myself experience all of this.


"Why are people saying go and see a doctor. Some people like myself don't like doctors. If you are not going to say anything constructive then shut up!

I have been dizzy for the last three weeks. Especially after smoking and after changing my fish oil tablets. So i have stopped the fish oil tablets and smoking, here's hoping the dizzy spells stop."

Telling you to see a professional, medically trained about your symptoms is constructive criticism. It is very hard to get professional and reliable information about medical conditions online, especially about dizziness, seeing as it can be a symptom of practically anything, from a low blood sugar level to a brain tumor.


i have this strange feeling as if i am drunk. my balance is not stable my head hurts and my eyes are spinning.


I'm 14 this year and every time I stand up..I have blurred vision. Last year, I fainted once and for 3 times I felt like vomitting -> blurred vision -> I can't see anything after that -> I can't hear anything -> I started sweating like a waterfall -> my lips changed color (my friend who was sitting beside me told me) -> my hands become cold -> I feel super dizzy.... Three months have passed but I've never sought medical attention..and now..I'm having difficulty in breathing...Can anyone help me with my problems?


This is Platense, in response to - anon64594.

I got dizzy every day for eight months. My vertigo however would change: sometimes I felt things were moving, sometimes I felt I was moving, sometimes it seemed the floor and the walls were crooked.

It was worst when I was not moving; like when I sat for a long time or stood. My neck muscles were very stiff (they still sort of are). If I press on the base of my shoulders and both sides of the base of my neck I have painful knots.

I still feel a little off balance, but not as bad. My neck muscles were having spasms that were making me dizzy. Ever since I took the Ibuprofen (800) and Valium I have felt much better. I felt the best while taking the medicine, after I stopped I felt a little sick again but definitely better than before I took them.

I just can't take that medicine forever and I think that in time my muscles will continue to heal. I try to exercise and do neck stretching exercises, I also ice it.

I hope you feel better soon, just make sure you check with your doctor that it is not an ear thing, but it really does sound like neck problems. This site won't allow me to post a web site but research repetitive strain injury dizziness and tight-neck.


this past year, i had to visit the hospital with a lot of the same symptoms of some of the others: light headed dizziness and also a little weakness and slight chills. the hospital really didn't say what was causing it, but it is very annoying.

i feel as if I'm abut to go crazy. And yes, I'm a diabetic and high blood pressure, but everything was OK when i went to the er. Can i please get some other advice?


I'm 14 years old and for some reason every single time i stand up my vision disappears and i can barely walk. this also happens when i step out of the shower. i am getting very worried. someone please help me with this problem. it has been happening for a while. please help!


Question for PLATNSE. I have been dealing with constant vertigo that has not stopped for two weeks now. My neck muscles are all tense and stiff as well and have been for some time. Was your dizziness a constant dizziness and everyday or a come and go type?


I suffer from dizziness just about everyday. yes i am worried. No one out there can help me with this. it is attacking my vision. i need help.


Well, I get dizzy spells most times of the day with slight headache. I will be seeing someone more qualified instead of numerous silly replies one reads here. I think seeing a doctor is more constructive than this.


I'm 15, healthy for all i know. I've been getting extremely dizzy and when this happens my vision goes away.

Just about two hours ago i got out of the shower and as soon as i stepped out, i sat down since my balance was off. This happens about eight times a day.

I tell my mom but she just thinks it's from me moving too fast. I drink plenty of water and i don't have headaches. I try my best not to stand up too quickly but it still happens.

I also get this dizziness feeling when i have to run at gym on sunny days. I would really like know what's wrong with me.

I do have fainting issues but when everything goes black i still can hear and move. It sounds pretty normal to be dizzy at some point but i have been getting dizzy way to much in a day sometimes in class and teachers think I'm kidding.

ugh. help=/


I get dizzy every December, for a whole month. I went to an ENT/audiology specialist and they told me it was a form of migraines. Each time it happens, it is unique and the same medications that worked the time before will not work again.

But I thought I would pass on what I have tried. My doctor said to take magnesium. That worked for me once. She also told me to take dimenhydrinate/Dramamine.

That worked for me once. Also, she prescribed Amitriptyline. It worked for me once, also. The last time it happened, I went to my primary care doctor because I couldn't get an appointment right away with my ENT specialist and that doctor told me it was likely caused by a artificial sweeteners and MSG and recommended I eat organic. That didn't really help.

But I do have some print outs from my ENT specialist about the vertigo migraines.


my dad keeps blacking out. it's only for a few seconds. there is no schedule -- it happens randomly. it has happened three times now. We have gone to the doctors and done a few tests. should i be worried?


Yes not drinking enough water and low electrolytes can cause dizziness. Drink plenty of Gatorade.


Try having your thyroid checked. it can cause related symptoms like heart palpitations and the feeling of being off balance. You will feel like you're crazy and you can't really pinpoint it. hyperthyroidism can do all of the above even mess with your eyes and you lose weight. you feel really unsteady.


I am only 22 years old and for some reason I woke up extremely dizzy, as if the whole room was spinning so I called out to my husband and he told me I was probably too tired.

So I just woke up from a three hour nap and still fell dizzy like my body is drunk I feel that my body is leaning to the left. I just want this to go away does anybody know what is wrong with me? help


This is the second day I am feeling dizzy. It all happens at around 3 p.m. or most evenings. it happens when I am looking at the computer (of course I am working in a cyber cafe!)

This condition is making me get worried very much. What could be the cause? Can anyone help me get out of this situation?


I wrote posts 75 and 77. After eight months of dizziness and extensive medical tests, the 800 mg ibuprofen and 5mg valium (both taken three times a day) seem to be working miracles on me. I have been completely symptom free for one week now, exactly when I started the medication. I just hope it won't come back when I finish the dose in one more week! Right now I am the happiest person on Earth!


I am feeling dizzy mostly after showers, or if i get on the phone. it started like something light but I am scared now. I take iron tabs. could this be the reason?


On Dec 29 I woke up and turned on my left side, and it seemed like the bedroom ceiling was spinning around! It was scary! I yelled and my husband woke up.

He told me to lie there and see if I feel better. A little later I sat up and again I was dizzy. About a half hour later my husband helped me to the toilet and I got dizzy while sitting on the toilet. I started sweating, I think I was just nervous.

Since I take meds for high blood pressure my husband called the doc and they suggested I should go to the ER to get checked out. We went. They did an EKG on me right away. The test came out OK. Then they did a bunch of blood tests, and also some urine tests. All came out negative. The ER doc did an extensive neurological exam, he also looked into my eyes for maybe five minutes. it seemed like forever! He said they wanted to rule out a stroke especially since my Mom died of a stroke. All tests were negative.

They thought maybe it was my sinuses, and prescribed some medicine for dizziness. The meds helped a little but not a lot. My husband got me some Ocean nasal spray and it seemed after that I got a lot better. Today is the first day that I am not dizzy. It is a scary thing, that is for sure!


I have been dizzy for 17 years now. It started small and now rules my life. i get 'drop attacks' where i have to go to the floor because my balance goes and i feel a force on my head, i can't lie on my right side, i don't go to the shops. I've been seen by loads of doctors, they say i have bppv and agoraphobia, I've had enough.


This is Platense from post 75, for some reason this website would not let me log in.

All my blood work came back normal, but the doctor said that my neck muscles are very tight and swollen. I did a job for seven months that caused me neck strain. He thinks that this probably is causing the dizziness and plugged ears. Because it is the muscles rather than the neck bones, a chiro would not be much help.

Also, since I have been so stressed, my muscles haven't softened up even a month after quitting my job. He prescribed Ibuprofen 800 3x a day plus Valium for two weeks to help w/muscle inflammation and stiffness. Hope this will work.


Why are people saying go and see a doctor. Some people like myself don't like doctors. If you are not going to say anything constructive then shut up!

I have been dizzy for the last three weeks. Especially after smoking and after changing my fish oil tablets. So i have stopped the fish oil tablets and smoking, here's hoping the dizzy spells stop.


I have been dizzy for eight months now. It started one morning when I woke up and the room was spinning. After that, the vertigo evolved into dizziness, my ears plugged up. Sometimes experienced neck stiffness.

The ENT found no problems with my ears, the MRI came back normal, the chiro said it was my neck and went to four sessions, but the dizziness continued. Trying NUCCA doctor now, but I am skeptical. I am now waiting on blood work. Dizziness has changed with time. Now is not so much of a balance problem (I used to rock back and forth if I closed my eyes and stood still). Now I get mostly dizzy if I sit in a crowded place. My eyes seem to be making me dizzy now, whereas before that did not happen.

I have spent lots of money on doctors and I am becoming very depressed and beginning to experience generalized anxiety. I don't know what else to do.


It's worth researching symptoms of stroke. Often dizziness is a early sign of a stroke. Seek immediate medical assistance for your individual circumstances.


i need help. Sometimes when i'm talking or sitting on the chair, i feel dizziness and i feel like I might go down. Otherwise, my health is okay.

i am 23 years old. i have been to the doctor and he said my health is fine, but i still feel like this every day and every time! what is this problem?


Well, I am a pretty healthy 10 year old, and i don't feel that good either. For the past two days I have been feeling dizzy, but the room is not spinning.

I get it and it doesn't go away. When I tried to close my eyes and go to sleep, about two minutes later "AH!" I am up do to a faint feeling blah kind of thing.

I have headaches and sometimes feel like throwing up. Sometimes even my breathing gets a little difficult. Please help! And really one last thing, why would you guys ask people that don't know anything about this crap? if there are any doctors online, please help me. thanks!


I'm a healthy 15 year old girl. I was sleeping in a chair one night and i got woken up. I was not dizzy or anything. then i was standing in the door way and next thing i know is I'm on the floor shaking. My grandparents told me that i was shaking and everything. but i have no idea what caused it. can anyone help me?


I am a healthy, active, 16 year old girl. Often when i go from a lying position to standing up, my vision suddenly goes black, my body shakes uncontrollably, my blood pressure goes up and my heart beats very hard (to the point where i can feel it beating in my abdomen). Afterwards i sometimes don't remember it; it usually lasts about 10 seconds.

I've been to the doctor and he checked for a brain tumor. I didn't have one (i did have a pineal cyst though), but after that they stopped doing any sort of tests. I know something is wrong. But they think I'm fine. What should i do?


I agree with anon51199. People who put their health and possibly their life in some bloggers' hands who have no medical training are incredibly brainless. Go to a doctor!


dizziness can be a symptom of anemia, because there is not enough oxygen in your blood.

eat iron rich foods.


For the past, say, three days I've had shallow breathing and a little bit of a headache now and then. But I've also been feeling dizzy. What's wrong? I'm not sure if it's anything serious. I'm 15, by the way. I have asthma as well, but it only comes on if I have a cold or flu or something.


ive been feeling dizzy for about six weeks, it comes on reaaly bad when i'm at work where i feel like i am going to black out and it really scares me.


hi i am 50 years old my dizziness started two years ago. since then i have suffered every day basically. i have a bad neck but i also have chronic sinus infections and a deviated septum. doctors cannot help me and i have had every test for this problem. no medications help me. does anyone else have my problem? also i have constant ringing in my ears.


To santana 783: It sounds like your electrolytes are low. You should see a doctor about taking electrolyte supplements, or you can just try (seriously) drinking Gatorade or any sports drink. Research it a bit because it sounds like you are perfectly describing low electrolytes.


are you people serious? Go see a doctor! this is a serious problem. most of you may not realize but why in good the hell are you taking advice from people who have no medical experience to give you answers for things they don't fully understand? this is why it makes us doctors' lives so much more difficult in treating you guys. You are willing to take some random advice over a person who has put in eight-plus years in studying the human physiology, pathophysiology, pathology etc. to be able to help patients and yet day in and day out, I have to deal with people who keep telling me, "oh but my friend said that this is why i feel this or that way." sweet jesus! If you don't feel well, for your own sake go see a doctor. I don't know, but maybe, just maybe, he/she may save you from some serious ailment that people on this board can't possibly diagnose correctly. Dizziness is serious! It can be an early sign of a stroke, carotid occlusion, etc. Good God! do yourself a favor and stop consulting people who have no clue about your illness and get some real help!


i need help. Since about August i had this strange feeling (not my normal self) in the late afternoon. I had nausea and vomiting and terrible pounding (cracking headaches). I saw a doctor and he tested my BP - that was high at this stage. Hence he prescribed Pur Bloka 40mg. After usage i felt very fine. Am i suffering from hypertension or BP? Just to mention I also started to exercise in June. I don't feel my usual old self. Please help. Chicken


Three years ago I ended up in the emergency room due to the room spinning and me bouncing off the walls while losing my balance. this was after waking with a hangover. The problems continue after I slowed my drinking greatly, a glass of wine before going to bed. Eating right, reducing the intake of wine and exercise has really helped.


TO- anon39117 (13 years old and healthy) Your symptoms sound like the effects of intracranial hypertension. There are many causes, but you should research PTC: pseudo tumor cerebri. You need to see a doctor regarding vision loss immediately.


I am 60 years old and started having issues with the dizziness in my 30's. Back then they attributed it to anxiety after everything else was eliminiated. Last year I was diagnosed with Meniere's disease. The vertigo, dizziness, and staggering when I walk comes and goes. Following up with a good doctor is the key thing.


This is not for the people who get dizzy when they stand up. That's something to do with your blood sugar or blood pressure. For ongoing out of the blue getting dizzy for long periods of time and not being able to lay your head down with out being dizzy please check with your doctor about being tested for Meniere's disease, which is an inner ear problem that causes dizziness and nausea. It's similar to vertigo, and often misdiagnosed. The only thing I have found to help alleviate the dizziness and nausea is Meclizine. But warning it does make you tired until your body adjusts to it. Once diagnosed you can control it by learning the symptoms and listening to your body, and taking meclizine before you are fully hit by a wave of the dizziness and nausea hits you. The more often you prevent a full onset, the better. Meniere's disease can cause permanent damage if you don't control it.


I've been feeling dizzy for about a month now. I would describe it as a lightheaded type dizzy feeling; it is persistent. It's always there, and never goes away. My surroundings are not moving around me, but I feel dizzy. I've been to two doctors, and they did tests and found nothing. I am a long distance runner who runs a lot. I've training for a marathon in October. I've been able to continue running, but I feel a bit dizzy on my runs. Does anyone know what this could be? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


i don't know what it is but i got this today and i have had it before. my vision went blurry and i could not hear for about 10 minutes. i felt like i was going to vomit and i felt like i was going to faint. i have no idea what it is but i don't know if it is deadly or not! what is it?


I am 14 years old and for the past three years, i have suddenly started to get dizzy. it usually lasts about 10 seconds and occurs sometimes five times a day but some days it would be like once. After the dizziness i would recall everything that happened but i would feel this feeling like i have been lost for a secone and now i don't know what happened. Help, can someone help me figure out what this could be. And what i should do?


I have found acupressure helps with dizziness related to sinus problems. If you have facial pains with dizziness it seems to have to do with sinuses. Many sites are available to show how to apply acupressure yourself. Good luck!


I have been dizzy for two years now. I am 20 years old. I feel it every single day no matter what I do. It used to just be when I sat for long periods, but now it is standing for long times and walking a lot too. It is very frustrating. I've gotten an MRI, been to loads of doctors, but it isn't doing anything.

I can't drive anymore. I don't go to church. I get nervous because i am afraid I will pass out. And I don't get headaches. What to do now?


I had dizziness for 7 years at least once a month last october. it went away. now 10 months later it is back again. I cannot figure out why. I have had some stress in my life the last few months and find that smells from things bother me like perfume, car fumes and different products, but for the ten months i tried to stay away as much as i could from all these things. i even changed brands of soap and cleaning products to natural products. It is driving me crazy trying to figure out why this has come back again. If people don't have this and you tell them what you have they just don't understand how awful you feel when you get this. sleeping is awful because you don't know which way to lie on your pillow so the dizzy feeling will not be there when you lie down.


When i get headaches, I get dizzy and then this pain at the back of my head comes which makes my head feel heavy and I need to just get away from what i am doing. What kind of headaches are these? Anyone feel the same?


Parasitism is not generally accepted by the medical community as a cause of many ailments and diseases. Before you start down the long path of prescription drugs, give yourself 3 months to sort out a corrective diet of no red meat and no flour based foods. At the same time, look into killing the parasites infesting and poisoning you. I have seen the results of a herbalist approach to this, in both blood tests and healthiness. I used the PhD Dr Hulda Clark (biologist, not medicinist - get it?) protocols for cleaning out parasites and built-up toxins in my liver and kidneys, colon and bowel.


Hello everyone. i'm 30 years old and i have the same problem. My doctor told me it was sinus disease and he gave a strong antibiotic. it helped. you could have fluid in your inner ear.


Hi, I am 13 years old and I am healthy. But a few months ago I noticed that standing up after being on the couch for long periods of time, causes me to lose my vision and see all black. This doesn't happen too often and it only happens for a few seconds (1-3). I am worried because today after getting up from my bed, I lost my vision for about 5 seconds, and it didn't seem to go away until I ran to the living room (which had better lighting and made it go away slowly). I have vision problems and I wear glasses, but it has nothing to do with seeing black or someting like that. My heart doesn't beat when this happens, my body temperature remains the same, I do not lose my balance, and I feel no pain. Also it starts to get all black on the edges of my eyes and then it goes away slowly the same way. Should I be worried about this at all? Thank you for everything in advance!=D


dear sister and brothers please read this and answer. The right side of my head just starting between eye and ear is like so much tired, heavy, streched, and sweat pain every day. even when i touch this area with my hand it feels like pain by touching. I also have dizziness when i stand up for some minutes or when i feel like tirednes. During a walk when i feel tiredness i feel like depression on my right side, and sometimes on the left side, and then i go to bed and rest my brain until it is better. I am 28 years old and i got ECT's 8 times. Do you know what is the cause of this right side feelings? my CT scan is clear. thanks every body


Hey, anon14488. I've been having problems with dizziness for almost two years. First I was told I had anxiety problems, which I won't deny, I do have *sometimes*. But mainly I get anxious because I start to feel so dizzy and like I have no control of myself, which I think any sane person would become frightened of. Recently I admitted that I was having problems daily and that I seriously doubted it was all anxiety related. I've been to a cardiologists more times this past two months than all my other doctors appointments of any kind combined throughout my life. Luckily its not my heart, but unfortunately I still have no idea what the problem is. But anyway, your problem is simple. When you sit down your blood pressure drops. If you stand up suddenly, your veins and arteries take a minute to distribute blood throughout your body. That's why you get all dizzy and feel like you're going to pass out. To fix this I suggest that while you're sitting you wiggle your feet and legs because this causes your veins to continue pumping blood up to your head so that it's not as big of a shock when you stand up. Also, you may consider taking salt tablets because that helps to keep your blood pressure more evened out. Consult a doctor before taking salt tablets though. Hope this helps.


I have experienced all of these- I even ended up in the hospital over a month ago. There answer, was the typical bandaid approach, "take an anti-depressent"....that's not to say that it hasn't helped many...but, how about we *fix* the issue. You with me? Now, listen up, this is crucial if you want to alleviate insomnia, dizziness, panic attacks, anxiety...the list goes on. Completely remove caffeine, sugar and alcohol from your diet. Small meals- 5 to 6 a day. You need protien (especially fish from sea) and your veggies/vitamin C (green and leafy preferably). You also need Vit B5 (Pantothenic Acid), vit b complex and chromium. Meditate, Pray...reduce stress in your know how to do so- so just do whatever it takes. You will be amazed the difference...your life has been waiting. Without your health you have nothing. I wish you well and look forward to questions or comments.


I have feelings similar to that of

a previous poster 'yasminsigrid'

My left side feels as though it is numb and I have upper neck pain at times.

I have had tinnitus for a couple of years!

Just wondering if 'yasminsigrid'got ton the bottom of her problem.granth29


I have had the prolonged dizziness as well. It's been going on for many months. I have neck and upper back pain accompanied with tension headaches and therefore all of this leading to anxiety related feelings.

I did have ear problems as a kid. Earaches all the time, ear surgery (tubes), swimmer's ear and so on.

In the last couple months even my face has been having tension and pain in it. A medical professional/friend of mine checked out the tension in my back and said I was just one big stress ball. My muscles were so tense they were pulling on the vertebrae in my upper spine. I think the tension from everyday stress can cause a domino effect of tensed muscles leading to tightness or possible pinching of nerves that run from your neck up into your head which will cause all of the above that I have mentioned and most of the people on here have.

I feel better if someone massages my upper back and neck muscles. I was also told by my professional friend to rotate my shoulders in a circle forward a few times slowly and then backward. Also hold out your right arm in an upright muscle making way and then put your left arm behind it. Once in that position push with your right arm for about 10 seconds...your left arm should be giving resistance. Always do slowly and for about 10 seconds. Switch arms and do again. The other exercise I learned was stand up straight with arms to side and feet shoulder length apart. Have one hand slightly pushing towards ground then lean neck to the opposite side of the arm pushing. That should stretch out your neck muscle which can apparently cause tension headaches. Do that for both arms.

I just started with these exercises about 4 days ago and I do think it helps. Also, definitely find a good multivitamin or at least a good B vitamin. Magnesium, Vit B, and Potassium are supposed to help with all the symptoms I listed above that I had.

This has been my research so far and I just started these practices. I do feel a little bit of a difference, but I think improving my diet and losing some weight would help out even more.

Hope this helps someone.


I am diabetic and hypertensive and I have been having a sensation that I am going to fall. It is quite bothersome as it affects my ability to perform my job effectively. It has gotten so bad that I ended up in the Emergency room recently. My blood pressure had skyrocketed and my diabetes too. I was told that I was having an anxiety attack. Am going to do dome blood tests this weekend and yes I do suffer from palpitations.


I just found this website. I have been dizzy nonstop for over a month now. I have not changed my lifestyle in any way and have no history of trauma. I am an athlete who (before I started being dizzy) did 1-2 hours a day of aerobic exercise. My blood pressure is low, but not too low. like 120/70. I live in Arizona and therefore I am careful to always stay well hydrated.

My dizziness is characterized as a constant feeling of being "buzzed" or low-level drunkenness. I also have tightness in my back and neck similar to what I have after a hard workout - this may not be related, but I find it suspect that this has happened at the same time. The dizziness is sometimes accompanied by a mild headache, which seems to be in the "center" of my head, deep behind my eyes.

Before, I used to feel lightheaded at times when I stand up too quickly, but this is a much lower-level version of that and it happens *all the time*. I have been to my GP and a neurologist. I have made an appointment with a dizziness specialist but it's 2 months from now. I don't want to be dizzy for another 2 months. does anyone have any ideas?


I've had dizziness along with numb limbs, heavy limbs, pins and needles here and there... I cut out all artificial sweeteners after reading they make some people experience MS type symptoms. I also began to eat better and drink more water. I'm also on Zoloft (for anxiety). I use to have terrible anxiety attacks which I'm seeing a lot of in these posts.

Symptom free for two years.. with just one bad dizzy spell yesterday. Figured it out myself... a day of too much alcohol and sun and no water left me mildly dehydrated. I immediately drank water and took my B vitamins.

Keep a food and thought journal. *Many* people could be symptom free if they learn what their bodies need. Stay away or limit caffeine and alcohol. Eat something every couple of hours.. fruit is best. Take your vitamins. Then post your results.

Yes, there can be other causes of dizziness. If you see a doctor then they'll need to know what you eat, how you're feeling, the stress you're under etc. So start your journal. And start eating right.. no diet colas.. they are *poison!*


im a 24 year old law student. i started feeling dizzy like 2 months ago when my last semester in school ended. i drastically changed my lifestyle-- slept early (no more 3 am sleep habits), quit smoking and basically, made myself less active in reading as before.

suddenly, i felt dizzy, like see-saw and things around me are spinning, specially in small rooms like restrooms and cubicles. doctors diagnosed me with vertigo, but didn't really know the cause. today, i still feel dizzy though the see-saw effect lessened.

before, i used to feel lightheaded at times, and i feel like i'm going to pass out, and i get very panicky. i am also not a water drinker.

could i be feeling dizzy due to my lifestyle change? or dehydration? please respond. i've been to 4 doctors, and all they said that i am just stressed. how do i stop this?

lastly, i also have headaches, back ache and neck muscle pain due to reading with my chin down. what can i do to alleviate the dizziness?


I woke up one morning and felt like everything was spinning. i made sure i wasn't having a stroke, did the 3 methods but i did have really bad allergies these last two weeks. my doctor gave me a shot and it helped. only if i move my head real fast i feel dizzy. will this go away?


Dear anon27551,

It sounds to me that you have some anxiety issues and might possibly be having mild panic attacks.


i have the same symptoms as anon27551 and do not know what to do, can someone tell me?

i am only 13 years old and have no idea what is happening ?

thanks, Dillon, Singapore.


i always get dizzy every day. am i lacking something? doesn't matter when or where i am when i get dizzy. what can i do?


I left the message before this one about the second of Dizziness, I have just seen I have the same symptoms at "BlueBunny" .. If your reading this could you please tell me did you find out what what wrong? Why you were getting this random dizziness?



Please can you inform me of what I am experiencing as I cannot find any explanation of it on the internet?

It's hard to explain, but basically: Now and then I will get half a second of dizziness where my head feels like its falling, and feels like my brain is shaking for a second and then it's gone and I'm back to normal. I might be at work on the phone, or on the computer, at home, in the pub and it even happened when I was driving once.

It happens once a week, maybe more and at different times of day.

Does anyone have an explanation for this?



my symptoms have began 6 months ago.. it started as a shortage of breath, tahicardia, sweating, a light headedness, feeling like a fear i`m going to faint with some odd feeling in my stomach. After all check-ups i was diagnosed with hypertireodism and was given Propranolol and PTU tablets.

I`m better now, but now for a week i`ve been having again some sort of dizziness, without spinning, just this feeling of fear that i`m going to faint, something like upper-mentioned lightheadedness.. anyone got similar symptoms, and could this all be due to hypertireodism or should i check with cardiologist, or some other doctors. Thanks.


To yasminsigrid-I am surprised to see I am having similar symptoms. Undiagnosed as well. Have you gotten your results back?


Hey, I am 13 year old, is deaf too.. and I was sitting on computer, playing. I was all inconnect, all of suddenly, I got dizzy, like room is spinning, I have no idea what is going on so, thank you for making this article.


anon9286 i would go to your doctors asap as soon as you can.


My heart doctor gets dizzy sometimes. He told me the worst thing you can do is close your eyes. What he does is focus on a small object until the dizziness passes. That is because the body has three ways to maintain balance; the ear, the body and the eye. Focusing on an object forces the brain to use the eye as the method of maintaining balance and plays down the other signals from the ear and the body.

Good luck everybody, and if works for you spread the word.


I was diagnosed with vertigo because of my both ears infection and has no eardrums both and both has a big hole, I was attacking my dizziness anytime, anywhere. Is this disability for long term and I'm taken meclizine for dizziness that's only my doctor prescribe to me,I can't work normally because of vertigo attacks me anytime.


I was in a motor vehicle accident 5 days ago. I was belted and air bags were not deployed when I struck an 8 point - 200 pound deer. There was a lot of damage to the truck and I felt that the truck took the beating more than me. I had a stiff neck for 4 days after and suddenly, while driving down the road I experience this gush of blood to the back of my head and felt like I was spinning uncontrollably. It passed in after 10 minutes or so. I was not nauseous- but I still don't feel right. Could this be due to the accident?


i have been having a problem here with dizziness, i have never felt that in my life before.


#1 -- It is important to remember that there is more than one cause of dizziness.

#2 -- Also, it is important to remember that it is possible to have more than one cause simultaneously.

#3 -- And, while retaining your previous causes, it is possible to acquire additional causes.

Earliest cause = low blood pressure.

So doctors assumed that low blood pressure was the only cause.

Later cause = Menier's Disease

So doctors assumed that low blood pressure and Menier's Disease were the only causes.

Latest cause = detaching retina.

While MDs were (unsuccessfully) treating patient's low blood pressure and Menier's Disease -- while not checking for additional causes -- the retina detached resulting in blindness. Blind for life because MDs did not realize that there could be an additional cause of dizziness (yes, detaching retinas can cause dizziness).


i have been feeling dizzy for the last 3 years. i feel dizzy almost every day. aside from that i feel a pressure on the left part of my head as well as on my left ear, and i feel like i am falling or i am swimming! i had tests before but all they say is that it's due to stress but i doubt it because i feel dizzy and i feel the pressure almost every day. i just had my ears tested couple of days ago and i'm waiting for the result. and what bothers me as well is that i have heart palpitations every time i feel dizzy and i feel like i'm going to vomit and pass out.also the left side of my face, left hand and left leg feel numb at times and my vision goes blurred. any idea what's happening to me? please help!


Everyone, regardless of insurance make sure you go to the nearest health dept. or your primary care physician. You only have one life to live. Make sure to take care of your own selves.


Hi, I am 13 years old and I was just searching for things like this as I have an earache sometimes, it sort makes a crackling sound when I eat sometimes. I've tried ear drops, they worked for a while but now, even when I'm not standing up or haven't stood up too quickly, everything seems to start fading to black and I feel like something's pushing in on my head. Anyone had this feeling before?


sometimes when i stand up everything goes blackish and i can't really see and i also feel really light headed and dizzy. i have to lean on the wall and close my eyes so i don't fall over.


When you stand up and feel dizzy, do a quick crouch and then stand again. It will go away immediately. Have been using this method as long as I remember.


About 3 months ago I ended up in the emergency room because I felt like the room was spinning around me. I felt like I was on one of those flat escalators at the airport. I felt like I was going to die. Treated with Meclazine and Propranalol. Kind of works. I haven't taken either until tonight. I am sick with Bronchitis and severe sore throat. Every time I close my eyes the room spins, makes me nervous that I am going to pass out. I haven't went to bed due to this feeling. Why all of a sudden does Vertigo come back?


you must go to your own GP and talk to him/her about your problem.


sometimes when i stand up i get really dizzy and almost black out but it's real quick. normally i just close my eyes and hold on to something but its been happening for a couple weeks now and i was starting to wonder why this is happening.


have you had your blood pressure tested, it could have something to do with your problem.


The past couple of days I have felt dizzy not like the room is spinning, but more like I am going to pass out. I have not changed my diet and it happens when I am sitting or standing. Any ideas on what this could be? And no I am not pregnant or have had any flu symptoms.


For almost a year, I've been getting suddenly dizzy at random times of the day. When I take a shower, when im sitting on the couch, even when Im laying down.

I talked to my doctor about it, and I don't have vertigo, my vision doesn't go grey, so no heart related illness, it never happens when I get up suddenly... etc.

She said it was none of the 5 disorders/problems that she's seen.

Are there any illnesses related to it?


I have been dizzy for over a year now. I haven't gone to a hospital because I don't have a health insurance but I did go to a clinic but they really couldn't find anything.

I get dizzy when I eat. I get dizzy when my heart suddenly beats not normally.

my blood pressure is normal.

what can i do?


I have been feeling dizzy for a couple of days now and i can't see very well what can be the cause of this?


can short of blood in ones body cause dizziness?


I have had a cold, dizzy sensation in the back of my head now for nearly two months. The doctor thinks i am stressed though i believe that i could be ill in another way. Any suggestions?


it sounds like you are suffering from alcohol withdrawal, my advice is to drink plenty of water. sip the water, don't gulp this will make you vomit.


can you get dizzy from an inner ear problem or ear infection? i think i may have a sinus infection, and have had several instances of dizziness today. i'm not on any medication, but just feeling stuffy and sick makes me feel a little strange.


I used to pass out for no reason. I would be standing up and everything would sort of go black around the edges and close in on me until I would pass out. It has happened ever since I was 5 years old. Sometimes it happens when I stand up too quickly but sometimes it just happens for no reason.


For the past couple days I have had fever, aches, and chills, heart palpations and diarrhea along with dizziness what do I do?

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    • Riding a roller coaster causes dizziness in many people.
      Riding a roller coaster causes dizziness in many people.
    • An inner ear infection can cause imbalance and dizziness.
      By: 9nong
      An inner ear infection can cause imbalance and dizziness.
    • Resting may help relieve feelings of dizziness.
      By: lightwavemedia
      Resting may help relieve feelings of dizziness.
    • Certain heart conditions may lead to constant dizziness.
      By: Doreen Salcher
      Certain heart conditions may lead to constant dizziness.
    • The loss of equilibrium caused by intoxication might result in dizziness.
      By: William Casey
      The loss of equilibrium caused by intoxication might result in dizziness.
    • Agoraphobia can cause dizziness, nervousness and even panic attacks when a person is in crowded places or vast, open spaces.
      By: connel_design
      Agoraphobia can cause dizziness, nervousness and even panic attacks when a person is in crowded places or vast, open spaces.
    • Dizziness might be experienced during a panic attack.
      By: Astrid Gast
      Dizziness might be experienced during a panic attack.