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What Can I Make with French Fried Onions?

T. Carrier
T. Carrier

Onions are a bulbous type of food that can be either sliced or chopped, and French fried onions result from specific preparations and cooking methods. They are a popular accompaniment to many foods, ranging from hamburgers to hearty soups. As such, French fried onions may be substituted for regular onions in many of these dishes. They can also serve as an appetizer in their own right, especially when in onion ring form. These onions also possess a crunchy texture that is complementary to a number of dishes, including casseroles, salads, and various types of meat.

French fried onions differ from traditional types of onions because they are deep-fried. Before frying, the onions are either covered in a batter or covered in an egg-milk mixture. Different tastes might dictate the style of preferred batter. A combination of beer and bread crumbs can serve as one type of batter. In addition, buttermilk and flour can combine with various spices. These products may be made from scratch or purchased canned in a grocery store.


Freshly made French fried onions can function as a companion to any food that is traditionally topped with onions. For a typical taste with a twist, individuals might place strips of the onions on hamburgers, for example. Baked and toasted sandwiches are another popular option for French fried onion toppings. Sweet onions may serve as the base if you prefer contrasting flavors in your foods.

French fried onion rings may be served as an appetizer.
French fried onion rings may be served as an appetizer.

The crispy nature of French fried onions makes them complementary to many dishes. Numerous types of casserole dishes capitalize on the crunchiness and compatibility of French fried onions, from green bean casseroles to tuna casseroles. A casserole dish typically entails combining several ingredients like the onions, broths, and the base mixture together and then baking in a casserole dish for a specified length of time.

Nearly any type of meat product works well palate-wise with onion accompaniments. Fish, chicken, and steak are some of the more prolific outlets for French onion partnership In addition, many salad consumers like a bit of crispy crunch in their meal, and French fried onions can fulfill this need nicely.

For basic use, onion lovers may prefer consuming the onions in as they are. Strips are one common form for the fried edibles, so individuals might simply eat these strips like fries. Further, French fried onions can be fashioned into onion rings: another versatile side dish. These edibles are a popular fixture on many appetizer dishes as well.

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    • Onions.
    • French fried onion rings may be served as an appetizer.
      By: JJAVA
      French fried onion rings may be served as an appetizer.