What can I Expect from a Campus Tour?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Hoover Tower at Stanford University.
Hoover Tower at Stanford University.

A campus tour will give you an idea of the facilities and services available to students who matriculate at a certain educational institution. The tour guide will be a student or staff member of the school, and they will guide you around the campus, usually in some sort of logical progression, to show off the campus's best attributes. A campus tour is a good time to ask questions about services and facilities, as well as about daily student life and activities. A potential student can expect to hear a significant amount of information in the course of the hour or so that the tour will run, so it is important to think of specific things to look for during the tour.

If the campus tour is run by a student, you should be sure to take advantage of the access to a person who lives and works at the school. Be ready to ask questions about the pros and cons of living and working on campus, what the strengths of the campus are, and what the weaknesses and shortcomings are. Do not be afraid to ask questions, as this is the perfect time to find out more information about a school you are considering spending a significant amount of time and money at.

The campus tour guide will probably bring the tour group to a typical dormitory, which will give you a glimpse into what your daily life will be like living on campus. Be sure to note the proximity of the closest dining hall, athletic and recreation facilities, and other buildings you might be likely to use when you are a student. Ask about any public transportation options on campus, as well as the best way to navigate the campus from the dormitories. If the campus is particularly large, this may be an important issue, especially for students who will not have a car available to them.

At the end of a campus tour, you may have the opportunity to sit down with an admissions representative to ask more about daily college life, tuition and fees, and the application process. This may be a good time to take an application and ask for guidance as to how to fill it out appropriately. It may also be a good time to inquire about scholarships and other financial aid that will help you finance your education. Remember that a campus tour is more than just a sightseeing trip; it is an opportunity to find out more about a school and ask questions about your own future.

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    • Hoover Tower at Stanford University.
      Hoover Tower at Stanford University.