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What are Wireless Outdoor Speakers?

Ken Black
Ken Black

Wireless outdoor speakers are speakers that have a built-in receiver or some other receiver that is connected to the speaker. This receiver takes the place of wires and allows for easier installation and movement. Wireless outdoor speakers also may have other features, such as facades and weather resistant materials.

The speakers are especially impressive for those who do a lot of outdoor entertaining. In most cases, guests may expect a portable sound system, but few will be expecting a fully operational sound system outside. The sound can further be enhanced by omni-directional speakers, which project the sound in all directions, for those who want to cover the entire area.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

The most common place for wireless outdoor speakers may be a patio, where there is still some protection from the elements but likely not enough to fully protect indoor speakers. Also, wireless outdoor speakers work well on patios where there may not be any place to conceal wires. In patios detached from the house, running wires for patio speakers can be even a more difficult task.

Wireless outdoor speakers have two main power sources. Batteries are often the first choice. However, the speakers can drain batteries quickly if they are put to frequent use. Some speakers also will come with the option of a power supply. This may not be a convenient choice for outdoor speakers, but does offer another option if they are to be used frequently.

One of the more unique features of wireless outdoor speakers is how they are often to made to look like natural surroundings, most commonly rocks. These rock speakers are commonly made in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to fit with a number of different landscapes. Some companies even offer custom colors for those who want a perfect match.

One of the biggest considerations when purchasing any speakers, but especially wireless outdoor speakers, is the quality. Choosing an inexpensive set of speakers could lead to inferior sound quality. This is an especially important consideration with wireless speakers as it is not only the reproduction of sound that is critical, but the transmission of that sound as well.

There are many options for outdoor wireless speakers. They can be bought in singles, pairs and multiple speaker sets. Prices range from $50 US Dollars for starter models to $1,000 USD or more for higher end sets. It is also possible to purchase woofers and subwoofers capable of receiving transmissions.

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Discussion Comments


@GiraffeEars- Interference from phones and other wireless devices can be annoying, even a mood killer in certain settings. The best wireless outdoor speakers are shielded to prevent this interference. These speakers will not have problems with interference.

A simple fix for solving this problem on traditional wired speakers is to install a ferrite ring on the speaker wire as close to the speaker as possible. These rings will absorb the magnetic field and prevent interference from other electronic devices. Simply slide the rings over the speaker wire (buy them at radio shack or similar) and tape them in place near the speaker cabinet.


Do other radio waves or frequencies interfere with wireless indoor and outdoor speakers? My phone will interfere with some of the speakers in my house. I want to buy wireless speakers to replace the rear monitors in my surround sound system, but not if it will create an annoying buzzing every time I get a call or send a text.

Can anyone give me more information about interference and wireless speakers? Does anyone have any recommendations as for what brand is best for its price? I am looking to spend less than $300 on the two speakers. Thanks to anyone who can answer my questions.


@Cougars- you should be able to integrate your wireless outdoor speaker system with your indoor system without any problems. I have a seven speaker system with two speakers outside near my pool. My indoor speakers are wired through the walls, and my outdoor speakers are wireless. The power supply is run under the pool deck and plugs into the outside wall.

I did not set up the system, but my Audio/Video girl said adjustments could be made through the receiver to correct any sound delay. The sound is amazing, and I was able to save the expense of running speaker wire through the walls and underground. I can also move the speakers as needed, so I can have music in the yard when the pool is not in use.


I am interested in purchasing a few wireless outdoor stereo speakers to add to my surround sound system. I would like to have music playing both indoors and outdoors at the same time while I am having pool parties.

My biggest concern is the delay. Will there be a delay between my indoor speakers and my outdoor speakers? I have heard that the farther a speaker is away from the receiver, the more noticeable the delay is. Will I be able to integrate the speakers to my home theater system, or will I need a new stereo system for my outdoor speakers?

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips