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What are Wingtip Boots?

Janis Adams
Janis Adams

A type of dress boot, wingtip boots combines the classic style of wingtip shoes with the traditional Western-shaped boot. This style of boots is made for both men and women and has even become popular for children to wear. Wingtip boots often feature detailed stitching.

What differentiates the wingtip boot design from those of other boots and shoes is the pointed toe cap, which falls in the center of the shoe. From the center, the cap extends out to either side of the shoe in a shape that is somewhat reminiscent of a pair of wings, for which the style was aptly named. This style originated as a men's shoes design. This feature is now seen not only in men's shoes, however, but in men's boots and is now found in women's and children's boots and shoes as well.

Many people pair a Western belt buckle with wingtip boots.
Many people pair a Western belt buckle with wingtip boots.

The wingtip, though now considered a dressy style, was first known to be a crafted shoe for country or outside work. Originally this design was not considered to be appropriate wear for events or important occasions or business transactions. The style has now evolved to largely be considered a more dressy one.

Cowboy boots or Western-styled boots were once simply a boot worn on the range to protect the feet and legs of the person wearing them. With the additional style of the wingtip shoe added to the boot, wingtip boots have now become iconic. Theses stylized creations are rarely worn as a boot pulled on when heading outside to do work, but instead have become highly fashionable footwear.

The wingtip shoe and the cowboy boot have evolved from work footwear to dress wear. As the two have come together in wingtip boots, the style has become popular. The styles for these type of boots differ from designer to designer.

Often the wingtip boot will feature leather in two hues. The multiple pieces that form the wingtip will often be worked in contrasting colors. The stitch work will be set in a thread that stands out against the leather. This contrasting stitching is very popular, even when leather is in only one tone.

The decorative perforations so common in the wingtip style also may take the form of a peek-a-boo look. This occurs when the leather evident under the perforation is a different color from the piece of leather on top of it. The wingtip boot is not only a popular boot, but it also can be a work of art in leather work and stitchery.

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@wavy58 - If you want to wear wingtips that rival your sister’s boots, do a little online searching. You might be surprised at what you could find out there.

My brother has a colorful taste in clothing and shoes, and I found the perfect pair of wingtip boots to fit his personality online. They have a base of black leather, but the toes are made to look like fire.

The wingtip is designed to resemble flames. The toes are orange and yellow with black burn marks. The colors fade into each other seamlessly, making them look even more like fire.

This design is repeated on the heel. The upper part of the boot has red and yellow stitching in the shape of what could be seen as either wings or shells.

One thing is for certain; when we go out together, his boots grab more attention than any shoe I own. I like having a fashionable brother.


@kylee07drg - I’ve seen a lot of flowery wingtip boots made for women. I guess that’s a fashion trend. It sure makes us guys look plain!

My sister has a pair of black wingtip boots that have flowery designs all over them. The wingtip itself is different from any I have seen. Though it can still be defined as a wingtip, it takes several unexpected curves and twists that make it look like a blossom.

Her boots also have purple stitching and tiny rhinestones, adding to the femininity and flair. If I go anywhere with her while she’s wearing them, I won’t wear my plain brown ones, because she makes me look bad!


Wingtip boots for women tend to be more decorative and colorful than those made for men. Generally, we pay more attention to our wardrobe, but I think part of the reason may be that we can wear skirts with them, and since more of the boot will be showing, it needs to be visually interesting.

I have a pair of wingtip boots that are absolutely gorgeous. The leather is a light, sandy color. The toes are made of slightly darker leather, but a lighter color is airbrushed onto them about midway up the piece. Fancy dark embroidery stands out more on the airbrushed area.

Further up the leg of the boot are embroidered hearts and flowers in an intricate purple and turquoise design. They leather looks rugged like cowboy boots, but the stitching is beautiful, and the combination is outstanding.


I always notice what shoes people are wearing, and I saw that my boss had on wingtip boots at the office Christmas party. The perforations on the toe and heel reminded me of lace. They were super shiny, and I imagine they cost him a good bit of money.

His boots were shiny and black. When I admired them, he showed me that they were pull-ons, and they are what I would consider low top boots. His pants were long enough to hide this fact, but I think that most wingtip boots are about that same height.

The stack heels had a shiny metal plate featuring the logo. I thought this was a neat place to put the brand.


@ceilingcat - I've seen wingtip boots at some business affairs myself. They seem to be rather popular among businessmen in Texas and other parts of the Southwest.

Anyway, when I heard the word "wingtip" I always think of gangsters from the early 1900s. I feel like every gangster movie set in the Prohibition era features characters wearing wingtip shoes and boots. And of course, a pin striped suit.

It kind of makes sense though. I imaging the wingtip makes the toe of the shoe extra sturdy. This could be great for work, or for kicking a door down gangster-style!


I think it's so interesting that wingtip boots started out as a work shoe and weren't appropriate for business! I know wingtip boots are considered pretty dressy these days. I've definitely seen them in a business setting before. It's so funny how fashions evolve, even when it comes to mens shoes!

Of course fashion evolves in other areas. For example, I know jeans used to be considered very casual. Now, we have dressy jeans that are appropriate for work, at least on casual Friday!

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    • Many people pair a Western belt buckle with wingtip boots.
      By: Nejron Photo
      Many people pair a Western belt buckle with wingtip boots.