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What are Tower Fans?

C. Daw
C. Daw

Tower fans are very similar to the basic fan that most people are familiar with except for the fact that the actual fan is tall and narrow. Most tower fans oscillate from left to right to maximize the cooling and circulating effects that they are designed for. There are many different types and styles of these fans that can be purchased throughout the world. Some of them are designed to sit on the floor, while others are designed to sit in windows and on countertops or tables.

This type of fan is a home cooling option that has become very popular for use in homes and businesses because many floor models are powerful enough to cool a large area in a room. People who work behind grills and cook stoves have found that they are ideal because they cool the chefs effectively while requiring little counter space. The tower fan, as a cooling option that uses very little power compared to air conditioning units, is easy to maneuver because they are lightweight. This allows them to be carried from room to room without having to move a larger, more bulky unit.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Some units have built in heating elements as well. These types of tower fans can easily warm a small area, such as a bathroom. Since they are so mobile, they can be placed in position to keep a person warm while showering and drying off. The most beneficial aspect of tower fans is that since they are tall, heat is blown at various different heights, rather than just at one level like the majority of smaller fans.

Tower fans are very versatile units that can accomplish most cooling tasks, as well as heating in some models. They are tall and compact and offer many different styles that are built to rotate, which will increase the effectiveness of the air that is being circulated throughout the area to either cool or heat the user. The tower fan is easy to move and adjust, and the variable speed controls can be set to the most comfortable level for each individual person. Many newer models are also built with remote control devices, so they can easily be adjusted, turned on, and turned off, without having to move from any given spot.

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The science behind it is simple. You are 98.6°F. Your skin surface might even be hotter at times. The air is hopefully cooler than your skin. Air rushing past your skin more efficiently removes body heat into the air. It also makes your perspiration more effectively cool you. Fans work much better pointed at an actual human being. Window fans are overrated. Fans not in a window and not pointed at someone are next to useless and would be better positioned elsewhere, with the exception of kitchen fans that are dispersing concentrated heat.


@Soulfox -- the science behind it is pretty simple. Having a tower fan oscillating will cause air to circulate in a room. That air moving across your skin will create a "wind chill effect" and you will actually be cooler.

Some studies have shown that a good fan can contribute significantly to energy savings. The wind chill effect means you can actually raise the temperature on your thermostat up to four degrees without increasing your discomfort.

Since a good tower fan is relatively inexpensive and draws little power, it can be much more efficient to run one and seek that wind chill effect than it is to power an energy sucking air conditioner at a lower setting.


These things are actually great during the summer when used in conjunction with air conditioning. For some reason, keeping cool air circulating will actually make a house feel cooler even though the temperature hasn't dropped a single degree.

I don't understand the science behind it, but it works.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip